With a next door girl!

May 2nd, 2008

A guy falls in love with his neighbor – a sexy girl who lives nextdoor, when his parents leave the house for two days, he decides to take the opportunity and taste her tight pussy…

It is always awkward to see any intimate scenes with others around on TV. I was born in West Sussex, Whales, Great Britain. 12 years ago my parents moved to the US as my dad was offered a good position in a holding company. Since I grew up in a family of 12 people, I never had any private time for enjoying sex fantasies or watching adult video. I didn’t have a separate room coz I had to share my own with my junior brothers. There was permanent noise and mess around in our apartment. Someone was always crying, rushing, playing, crawling… Neighbors used to complain about noise coming from our door, but soon they just let it go and didn’t mind.

It was around January when a new neighbor had moved in to the fourth floor apartment, we were living on the third floor. I used to wonder what kind of people they were coz they were only 3 people in the house: a dad, a mom, and a daughter. This girl must have been in her third year of college.

Her parents got in good touch with my dad and mom, and my elders would invite them for barbeque on weekends. So this girl would occasionally come with her parents to ours. I was getting attracted to her and always stared at her when she used to drop in to our house. I think she had noticed me looking at her all the time. After a while I gathered courage and asked her name and whether she studied anywhere. She told me that she was college undergraduate and her name was Jessica. I was also an 18 year-old student and that was enough to take the conversation to the next level. We soon turned to find much in common, she appeared to be a very good listener and talkative. I enjoyed every minute spent with her.

We used to meet often, but nobody in the family was aware of our talking to each other, because they were busy with their own work. If only I was betrayed, my elder bros would certainly play tricks and jokes on me, I knew that. My exams were supposed to be at the same time as hers. Just in that time there happened to be a marriage of our cousin and my entire family had to go out to California. They departed on Saturday night and were supposed to arrive only on Tuesday. I had been preparing for my exams, so I couldn’t take this opportunity to congratulate my cousin on such an occasion! Staying at home alone I had enough time to think of Jessica.

On Sunday morning I noticed that Jessica’s parents were carrying bags going down the lift. Jessica also was with them in the lift and I thought they were also going out. My heart broke, because this was my opportunity to talk to her. Since no one was at home I put on an adult DVD and started to watch porn. I sat deep in an armchair, lowered my pants, took out my cock and got down to stroking it softly watching the action. To my shock, the door bell rang, I didn’t know what to do, I pulled my shorts up, calmed down and went to open the door.

It was shocking to see Jessica in front of the door, she asked for my mother, I told her that no one was at home and I was alone. I noticed she was trying to peep in to my home, and a cynic smile was playing on her lips. I was not aware what was happening, but it suddenly came down to me, that the porn movie was still on, moans were heard and Jessica was trying to see that.

I asked her if she was also home alone. She replied that her parents had also gone out for some wedding and would be back only next morning. This was my chance, I knew she had seen the fragments of porn running. I asked her if she was interested in watching an adult movie, her reaction showed that she was shocked and speechless. She was tall, slim and tanned, her legs were long and slim, all he body was fit, and I think this girl knew how to keep body so that men got attracted to her. She had long hair, good perky tits and sexy sweet ass.

I asked her again, she was staring at me, I took the courage, took her by hand and guided her in front of the TV. I locked the main door and sat next to her. The movie was very hard core and my cock was as hard as a rock, I saw Jessica, she looked nervous and restless. I then turned around to her and asked her if this was her first experience, she replied No but first time with a guy near by. She had noticed that my shaft was erect by a bulge on my pants. I gathered courage and asked her if she would like to experience the same in real life. She did not reply, but I took the answer as yes and pulled myself closer to her. Then my hand placed on her lap and rubbed her thigh. She resisted a bit, but did not react. I rolled my hand from her thighs to her waist and brought it slowly on her breast. She said no and pulled out! I told her I didn’t want to force her, but I would like to have sex with her.
She shook her head, saying No, and started walking towards the door, I went after her, stopped near the door and gave a final try, and I hugged her and gave her a tight kiss on her lips. She seemed to resist at first, but then she slowly started to play with my tongue. I liked this because this was my first time and she told me that this was also her first time.

I kissed her again and asked if she was willing to have a sex, she did not say anything, so I considered this as a good sign. I took her in to my room, pulled down my shorts and my 8 inch solid shaft popped out. She stared at it in amazement, but got over, touched it and squeezed it hard. I then pulled up her top and noticed that she had no bra on breast – her breast was small but firm, her tits were pink and very angelic. I rolled my finger on her tits and stuck my mouth on her nipples slowly. She moaned in pain, but I know she enjoyed it. Gradually we were soon naked in the middle of the room.

I put her on the bed and put my cock in her hole. She screamed a loud with pain, but it was a pleasurable moment for both of us. In a second, like a robotic machine, I was pumping hard in her, and she would cry with comments like: “Fuck me! Fuck me hard, you fucking bastard! Get me there! Fuck my slut cunt!” damn! This girl scalded and cursed like a holo! She knew lots of dirty words and I was astonished to hear so many dirty words escaping her lips. Shortly afterwards we reached climax and I filled her cunt with a load of semen! I collapsed next to her, and she took this time to regain breath and have some rest. After recovering her breath she got up asked if I wanted a blow job, I was amazed because I never expected this from her, then she told me that she had already had sex with her friends and she was very good at blowjob. I decided to let it go coz I wanted her to give me some experience. She put her mouth on my rod and started sucking the tip of my wang, it was the best experience I ever had! Slowly she took the entire cock in her mouth and continued sucking it vehemently. After a while I came again, she ate the entire cum load and again we lay there tired but contended.

She stood up, got dressed and was about to go, I asked her if she would like to have the experience again. She smiled and said that we could have a whale of time later in the night. She came back in the night and we had a gorgeous time.

We were both 18 at that time and it was a great experience that I’ll always remember.

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11 Responses to “With a next door girl!”

  1. kied Says:

    this fool cant even spell wales correctly. me thinks the asshole is a fake

  2. dudee Says:

    omfg u retard goddamn
    he spelled whale correctly
    he meant that they would have a great time
    your so fucking stupid

  3. hornyexeterguy Says:

    dont be a retard dudee, the author meant wales, and in any case, west sussex is not in wales, it is in england, on the south east coast, and if he/she had meant that they had a great time, he/she would have said “wail of a time” so stop being a knob

  4. juisSe Says:

    1st paragraph; it should be Wales…and of course it’s fake, all of this stuff is…

  5. scuba Says:


  6. BIGVAN17 Says:

    Next story: please include a photograph of a nude, sexy Woman!

  7. Faisal Says:

    Hey any girls wanna FUCK then call me on my cell no 9879799807

  8. Commentated Sandwich Says:

    Everything in this is fake and by the way 98799799807 is not an actual phone number

    if only it were truee–.

  9. Colege Girl Says:

    Yo, Faisal,

    Include a real phone number in your comment, and we can think about it…


    All you people are sick-minded.

  10. yashmad Says:

    i want a girl to fuck
    My phone no is8971863567 plz tel me if u know any girl

  11. xdickxloverx Says:

    yay! i want 2 get fucked!

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