Our first love session!

November 5th, 2008

This guy is making his first steps in sex with this incredible, hot teen, her pussy is tight and fresh and it seems there can be nothing better…

My story captures a period when I was 18 and had just graduated high school. Johanna was 18 also and had just finished her first year of college. We’d been dating for a while but hadn’t had sex yet. She wanted to wait until she was married. Well, I also wanted to marry Johanna. Johanna was not very experienced when we first were together. I had to teach her how to jerk my cock so that I would cum, because she had no idea how to make me feel good. She didn’t know any good techniques of a well done blow job. Her old boyfriend Will had only sucked her tits and fingered her pussy. I knew him pretty well and he told me once he was going to fuck her anyway, but she broke up with him and that’s why he didn’t make his plan come true. He also told me that he would usually keep her on her knees licking his balls. I think this brutal and tough guy couldn’t find a key to her heart’s doors. I did. And so was I, a lucky guy to date such a gorgeous young babe.

I liked Johanna and we had a lot of fun together sexually. I’d finger her, she’d give me hand jobs, and we’d give each other oral pleasure. Once she even gave me a blowjob while I was driving her back to her parent’s house. We’d mess around in my bedroom a lot of times. I’d position myself above her missionary style and she would jerk me off until I came on her nice sexy sun tanned belly. We would then embrace and both give each other hugs with our stomachs covered with sperm. I always fantasized about coming all over her pretty sexy neatly shaved snatch, but she wasn’t taking the pill, so we decided not to risk anyway.

One day we were in my bedroom fooling around on my bed. We had removed our clothes and were occupied with our usual activities. I was kissing Johanna and embracing her lovely young body. Let me describe my honey sweet girl. She is about 5.5” tall, with large bouncing boobs, thin waist and an ass to die for. I spread her legs and licked her virgin pussy, paying special attention to her clit. I loved everything about her cunt, the taste, the sweet smell, and how great her tender pink pussy lips looked over that slit. I loved the only look of my honey’s pussy lips. In turn, she sucked my cock, taking almost all of it lovingly into her pretty sensual mouth. The warmth of her mouth felt incredible despite I could feel her naughty tooth scraping my skin.

Johanna took her mouth off of my cock and climbed on top of me. We kissed and I sucked on her big rosy nipples. She positioned her pussy over my cock and before I knew it I was halfway inside her. I was taken quite by surprise. She told me she didn’t want to wait anymore, she wanted to have a good fuck. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I wanted to see her sweet ass bouncing up and down on my hard shaft, her round curvy hips jumping on my thighs. More than anything I wanted to shoot a huge, hot load of my young sperm into that young fresh tasty virgin cunt. I wanted to fuck her and I wanted to cum inside her. We both agreed to stop until we got some protection. The last thing we needed was for her to get knocked up. Being a father was not in my plans. Unfortunately, we had no condoms because I thought Johanna wasn’t going to be ready for sex for a quite longer.

Later that week she went to the Health Center where she could get the needed pills. They also gave her some condoms to use in any time she needed. We went to a nearby town and got a cheap motel room. We’d gotten rooms before, but this was special. Special occasion. We couldn’t wait to get in there. Our clothes were removed and dropped on the floor in no time. I fingered her gently while she stroked my cock with her slender fingers. We got on the bed and took a first position 69. I was eating her pussy whereas she was doing the same to my cock. We practiced this position for many times before and usually I would cum when we did this, but not this time. I licked and kissed her love hole and knew that my dick would soon be inside it, that her precious virginity would be taken forever, and that I would be the one who took it. We were both ready. I tore open the condom and put that white latex on erect waiting shaft.

Johanna was on her back on the bed. She spread her beautiful legs slightly, inviting me to mount her for the first time, and that was the first time I could insert something more than just fingers inside her pussy. I got on top of her and guided my cock into her wet pussy. She let out a hardly audible moan, more of pleasure that of pain, when I filled her fresh young cunt. I gently fucked her, wishing that there was no rubber in between us. She rubbed my back and ass while we I thrust my cock in her cunt slightly. We French kissed passionately almost the entire time. I could feel the warmth of her hot vagina through the condom. Our fuck session lasted for about half an hour. I don’t know how I went on so long for I was so excited about being inside Johanna for the first time. Finally her tight pussy worked so great that I finally filled the inside of the condom with my thick, white load. We kissed when I grabbed the base of my cock and removed it from Johanna’s cunt before I started to go soft.
Soon we were able to fuck without condoms because the pills took effect. I filled Johanna with cum many times after that, and she never got knocked up.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    fake as hell. you were half way in but stopped, don’t think so!!!

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