Naughty Cindy’s diary. Part 1

December 25th, 2008

This girl loves to one thing in this life and it’s to work with her mouth, it doesn’t matter whether she is licking her girlfriend’s pussy or sucking on some good cock…

Hi guys! I’m Cindy. I’m 18 and I’m from NY. I’m a pretty party girl. I’m tall with long slender legs, long red hair and big green eyes. I’m bi-sexual. And sex is my major interest in life. I’m still a virgin so the only kind of sex available for me now is oral.

I might be young but I already have some experience in blowjob and pussy eating. My insatiable hot mouth has already tried a lot of dicks at school and college. I just love blowjob! I can suck for hours and hours… I love cocks but girl’s body turns me on a way faster than a guy’s. My close friend Amy is my sex partner, though I often have sex with other girls too.

I love sex chats. I use them to meet new guys and girls for a hook up. If I like somebody I arrange a meeting. If I still like this person after I see him/her I’m open to having oral sex with them.

Shooting sex scenes on camera is my greatest passion. I’ve started my diary the day I turned 18. And it’s all about my sex adventures.

I’ve always had a dream of trying a threesome or group sex. I’ve always wanted it to be F + M + F cuz every time I’m having sex with my girlfriend I miss a dick, and every time I’m sucking a dick I want to eat some tasty wet pussy. But it was only the other day that I had my dream come true.

I met Adam in one of the chats. He was a perfect choice for me and Amy. We like guys older our age, and he was 26.

October 3, Friday

Dear diary, it was FANTASTIC! I met Amy at six and we headed to Adam. When we arrived, there was another guy with him, but he left as soon as we came. We went straight to Adam’s room, had some nice chat to know each other better and started a foreplay. Adam turned on the music, we put him on the bed and started kissing him in turn and kissing each other too. Adam took off his jeans and sat down in the armchair. I dressed off to my panties, while Amy got totally naked. We sat down in front of the armchair and slowly pulled off his pants…

We loved playing with his penis and his balls, tickling them with our tongues and licking. At first it wasn’t really comfortable to suck as there were two tongues and only one cock… but a couple of minutes later we kind of shared the dick with one another, with me sucking the stem and Amy licking the balls for a while, and then switching places. We were so HOT! We were fucking his cock this way for about 25 minutes before he came in Amy’s mouth. Adam was crying when cumming, it was so arousing!

We were 69ing then. He was licking my twat while we were still busy with his cock. His shaft was pretty flab at first but we were so spunky licking and sucking it that it got hard very very soon. I was sucking the shaft, while Amy was sucking the balls. They were soft. Meantime, Adam was eating my pussy and his face was all in my juices. I was gushing! I don’t know for how long it lasted but soon I started sucking faster and deeper as I felt like cumming. I was cumming and his cock was still in my mouth, I was almost chocking on it. Adam came too! There was still a lot of cum though it wasn’t his first orgasm. Amy got some portion of his semen on her pretty face.

We changed the position – this time I was lying between his hips, he was licking Amy and she was licking his prick. Now and then he entered my mouth so deep it made me cough. It lasted for about 20 minutes this time. Amy climaxed on his tongue. We started sucking his cock together and made him cum for the third time in the row. This time he erupted the cumload on the bed.

Next we did the following. I was licking Amy’s pussy, and Adam was licking mine. It lasted for about an hour, I managed to cum trice and Amy came twice. Then Amy sat on his face and we both started sucking his dick again. It was so much fun to share a dick with another girl! I focused all my attention on his balls. Adam was taking his time to cum and finally spurted in Amy’s mouth hitting the bed sheet and my hair. Amy came too.

We decided to take a short break. We were playing with his testicles. We were sucking on his balls, Adam was chuckling saying we looked as if going to tear them off. Our naughty game helped his cock get hard again. I lay in the armchair with my head hanging down the seat, he was fucking my mouth, and Amy was licking my cunt. I was cumming, my mouth was filled with his stem, so it was a bit difficult to breathe.

Adam was too tired to cum. We used our tongues and mouths to get another cumload from his dick. There was even less sperm than the previous time. We repeated everything all over again, making him drain. I mounted him in 69, sucking and fondling his cock very slowly this time. When it got rocky hard we started fucking it till he came in Amy’s mouth. I couldn’t cum as he was licking me too slowly.
Amy and Adam were lying on the bed, and I went to take a shower. Adam said it was the best oral sex in his life. Pleased to hear that.

I felt nauseous of sperm, Amy said her mouth hurt, mine hurt too, by the way.

Dear diary, I’ve never thought threesome could be so much fun. I wanted to see Adam again but he said he was busy and we would meet in week at his party he invited us over to.

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6 Responses to “Naughty Cindy’s diary. Part 1”

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