Me and Veronica!

April 12th, 2008

An 18 year old girl breaks up with her boyfriend and thinks it’s the end of the world, she quickly finds a guy who comforts her…

I was going to go to Princeton for my undergraduate education. I was interested in Arts, I knew that Princeton offered brilliant opportunities in this filed. My head was busy with packing for my first long travel after school when I met this amazing girl. She was just a few months younger than me but looked a bit older. I knew she was about 18. She was beautiful and very sexy. She was raven haired and long legged, her stunning figure was amazing and nice tight ass was awesome.

After high school I was working all summer in a store. We appeared to be working at the same place all summer but I had not seen her before. Once in a morning I was walking to work when I saw her outside, sitting on the park bench and crying. I stopped and asked what was wrong and if I could help. But she told me: “No” As I started walking further she grabbed my arm and told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend about 2 days ago because he was cheating on her. Oh, Lord! Her boyfriend was really stupid to cheat on such a stunning girl.

I offered her a hanky to wipe her eyes and gave her a hug. She was still sobbing and asked me if my name was Tom. I said yes and asked her name. Her name was Veronica. I told her I had to get to work and hoped she was all right. I went to work, when my manager asked me why I was being so late, I told him everything sincerely. After that some of the men there were teasing me about being late because of the hot girl.

Late in the afternoon I was paged for a phone call, it was very strange because nobody called me at work. I answered and it was Veronica, thanking me for stopping and being kind to her. When I was getting to drop the phone, she asked me to come to hers and get my hanky back. I remembered that I left it with her. I told her there was no need but she insisted. She told me she lived about one mile from the work place and she would leave the lights on.

Day passed rather quickly than usual. To be frank, I didn’t want to go, but I had to. So after my work was over, despite guys called me to have some beer in a bar near by, I made my way to hers. When I arrived she came out of house to greet me. She asked me to come in and I followed her into a vast hall. We sat on the sofa and she offered me a juice. Veronica settled close to me. We made small talk for a few minutes when she lend over and gave me a wonderful kiss. I didn’t expect it. There were no prerequisites for such behavior. She began to tell me about her ex-boyfriend Steve and his cheating. He had fucked at least a dozen of chicks she knew and even one of these girls was her girlfriend. She then told me that she had been a virgin until she dated Steve and he was her first man. She didn’t want to be his girlfriend just to have sex with him. Her story was becoming very erotic now.

When Steve fucked her he wore 3 condoms to make sure she did not get pregnant. She told me that it was terrible. I was sitting there with my dick ready to jump out of my pants when she kissed me again. I told her she seemed to get hurt by Steve badly.
She pulled me close and kissed me slowly rubbing my chest and stomach. I nursed her ear and neck making her move straight to my crotch. She was horny and waning to have sex. She sat up taking off her blouse revealing her wonderful boobs. Then she pulled down her shorts showing me no panties but a huge wet spot on her crotch. She was leaking. Her pussy was wet; I could see it because her cunt was neat shaved.

I undid my jeans, took off my t-shirt and licked her perky nipples. I kissed one nipple, then the other, fingering them slightly and moving my tongue slowly up and down. She pulled my head up and kissed me again slamming my finger in her cunt. God, hot wet she was!

I rose up to undo my trunks, when I did Veronica met me with her mouth and kissed the head of my dick telling me how big it was. Actually it was not but I knew she wanted to please me, so I let it go.

She asked me if I had a condom because she didn’t get her contraceptives today. I said it was OK and promised her to pull out when I was ready to cum. When I entered her she asked me to move slowly. She began to buck against me devouring my cock inch by inch. She was getting louder and louder as I pumped her. Finally, with one big push, I was completely inside her tight dripping pussy. I pulled out slowly, and then moved back in again. It repeated for about 2 minutes when I finally started speeding up the pace.

Veronica told me she had never cum before and felt like she was getting ready to explode. Her first orgasm was awesome as she clawed my back and shoulders. I was now ready to fuck her hard and as fast as I could. After about 10 minute wild session, I was on the verge of cumming when she told me to stop. I did and she told me she want to cum in her mouth. As I pulled out she had soaked all over her sofa having her juices all over her legs and still dripping.

She placed my dick in her mouth and licked me clean. She told me that she had never had a dick in her mouth before. I told her to lick it and suck it like it was sweet candy. She was learning fast enjoying her new source of pleasure. I grabbed her hair and began fucking her face and then I dropped my load in her mouth. She swallowed al of my sperm and smiled when I told her she was a good cock sucker. We cleaned and washed ourselves when a phone rang. Veronica told me that was her dad told her to come in within five minutes. She finished dressing kissed me and saw me off smiling and waving. When I was leaving she ran back to me and asked if I was off this weekend. I said yes. She asked if we could go out one night and I agreed.

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