It was her first time!

March 2nd, 2009

This chick knows nothing about sex, but she is about to discover the awesome pleasures with her sister’s friends and boyfriends, her tight teen’s pussy is going to get fucked and you are going to love it…

Candaliza had just turned 18 and was enjoying life. She was a popular girl in school and was a very smart student. But one thing in life she wasn’t sure of her sexuality. Although she was 18, Candaliza had no sexual experience at all, and it was really worrying her much. She knew that once it would happen, and she was upset to comprehend that most of her girlfriend were having sexual life now, but that was about to change one day.

Candaliza had been out with friends and returned home one night. As her parents were away for a few days, she didn’t think anyone would be home. When she entered the house, she heard some strange sounds coming from her sister, Monica’s room. As she approached the door she noticed it was slightly open. To Candaliza’s shock, she found her sister Monica totally naked on her bed with her best friend Britney both rubbing between their legs. Candaliza found this interesting and kept on watching her 21 year old sister and her friend. Gradually the moaning of these 2 girls got louder and louder until they both screamed.

After her sister and friend came to orgasm, Candaliza felt a strange wet feeling between her legs and let out a slight moan. Monica must have heard and said:

“Is that you Candaliza?” Candaliza pretended not to hear but it was too late and Monica exclaimed:

“I know your there Candaliza! It’s OK, come in.”

When she entered she saw Monica’s body close up. Her solid round boobs stood very perky and her clean shaven pussy was glistening. Britney stood up and proudly showed off her big tits and began rubbing her clean shaven pussy again. Monica said:

“Have you played with yourself before?” Candaliza answered:

“No, what are you talking about?” And then Monica said:

“It’s about time you learn! Take your clothes off and jump on the bed”. Candaliza began taking her top off and revealed her also big tits. The sight of her younger sister’s huge tits was enough for Monica and Britney to start rubbing their pussies harder. Candaliza then took her skirt off and pulled down her panties to reveal her hairy pussy. It was not a total mess bush but neatly trimmed trace of hair.
Monica was in awe at how beautiful Candaliza was and told her to get on the bed and spread her legs. Monica then said that Britney and she would show her how to get herself off. There was something in her voice that young Candaliza couldn’t resist. First, Monica began rubbing her pussy slowly and told Candaliza to do the same. Candaliza finally began to touch herself and ran her fingers through her bush and felt her clit for the first time. When Candaliza rubbed her clit for the first time she felt an awesome pleasure. Soon she couldn’t stop rubbing and did it harder and faster. Candaliza’s moaning got louder and louder for she was approaching her first orgasm. Monica and Britney watched in awe how Candaliza began screaming and sprayed her juices all over the bed.

Just after Candaliza came for the first time in her life, sweat pouring down her breast, Monica and Britney’s boyfriends arrived and came in! Perhaps Candaliza didn’t shut the door properly, so they walked in. Within a second, they undid their cloths off and released their big cocks sticking up. That was not the first time Candaliza saw a cock, because she had already seen some kinky porn movies of her sister, but that was sure the first one hen she saw a real cock in full view so close up! Their names were Scotty and Arnold. Monica called over Scotty, who couldn’t take his eyes off Candaliza’s tits! This nasty guy made a comment to Monica joking that her younger sister had bigger tits then she did. This turned Candaliza on and she began rubbing her pussy again. Monica then turned her attention to Scotty’s 7” cock and began sucking on it. Meanwhile Arnold had started eating Britney’s pussy.

Watching this made Candaliza really horny and she screamed when she had her second orgasm when she saw that Scotty sprayed his load in Monica’s mouth! Meanwhile, Britney cried out when she had an orgasm and sprayed in Arnold’s mouth. Then Arnold pulled his 6” cock up. Although it wasn’t as long as Scotty’s, it was much thicker, with massive thick veins all over. He stuck it in Britney’s pussy. Candaliza looked at Monica and asked:

“Are they having sex?” Monica said yes. Scotty grabbed her legs and began eating out her pussy. Meanwhile, Britney was screaming when Arnold’s big cock rammed her. Britney had multiple orgasms before Arnold pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Britney’s tits. His messy white cum was landing right across his girlfriend’s breast! This was too much for Candaliza who had another orgasm.
Then Britney said:

“Well, Candaliza, you want to suck on Arnold’s cock?” Before she could answer, she grabbed the cock and started licking and sucking on it. She couldn’t believe to herself doing all that stuff, but she was and no doubts left that she was enjoying every inch of that magnificent cock! it was the first time she had a male’s flesh in her mouth! As this was happening, Scotty stuck his 7 inches into Monica and she moaned as he banged his cock up to the balls! Candaliza was sucking away and was really get into it when Arnold shot his load in. Candaliza choked, but Britney told her to swallow, and she swallowed with every last drop gone, at least she tried to swallow as much as she could! Scotty then shot his load all over Monica’s mouth and at this moment Monica had another orgasm. They then all laid back down, exhausted.

After a couple of minutes Monica said:

“I think it’s time for Candaliza to have sex. Scotty, eat my sister’s pussy!”

He needed no encouragement to say further and grabbed Candaliza’s legs and began to eat her out! God, it felt so good! This was a new experience for Candaliza and she was having orgasm after orgasm. Monica then said, Candaliza should take tight her huge tits and told Arnold to stick his big cock between Candaliza’s tits. Candaliza grabbed her big tits and held them together when Arnold slid his cock in. he was giving her a good tit-fuck! At the very same time, Britney and Monica began to 69 and soon everyone was getting his attention. Scotty then stopped eating Candaliza out and started rubbing his cock at Candaliza’s pussy lips. Scotty said that that would hurt a bit, but Candaliza didn’t care as she was now at the top of her heat and wanted it badly! And with that he began to push his cock into Candaliza’s virgin pussy. He soon met resistance and rammed it into her as hard as possible! Candaliza yelped as she experienced the pain of her first time. Scotty then began to slowly move his cock in and out of Candaliza’s no longer virgin pussy. It wasn’t long until they were fucking like animals for Arnold continued to bang her tits with his big cock.

Monica and Britney were really getting into eating each other! Then Monica pulled out her double ended dildo of the night stand and stuck into her pussy while Britney jumped on the other end. Soon both Britney and Monica both sprayed their juices over each other. They then turned to watch Candaliza having sex for the first time! Candaliza was moaning and cumming continuously while Scotty and Arnold continued to fuck her, one in the pussy, another one – between those tits. Then, quite unexpectedly and suddenly, Scotty and Arnold reached their climax. Scotty pulled his cock out of Candaliza’s pussy and sprayed his cum all over her tits while Arnold sprayed his load into Candaliza’s mouth.

Everyone then collapsed on the bed and went to sleep, while Candaliza kept lying there awake excited about what she had just experienced.

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  1. raj Says:

    it is very good

  2. death of rats Says:

    spunked reading this, all over my girls face. . . x

  3. a Says:

    ok, kind of quick; work on your english

  4. Otto Says:

    Good story

  5. Noname Says:

    I wish I was there. I want to lick pussy and fuck

  6. fuck Says:

    i wanna fuck!

  7. fuckeroo Says:

    this story made me cum!

  8. horny Says:

    i wanna hv someone fuck me so bad i am a virgin

  9. Dicksucker Says:

    I wanna get fucked so
    hard right now!!!

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