It happened at college…

December 12th, 2008

This hot teen babe really does bad in college, she wants to get a good grade and she’ll have to prove her teacher that she deserves a better grade…

I worked as a college teacher. One day, when I was on the point of leaving for home I met Marnie. She was my student and was going to have a bad grade the semester. I knew she wouldn’t be allowed to pass her exams if she didn’t change the situation. So, I was aware of the reason why she was waiting for me.

- Excuse me, I’d like to talk about my grade… – She said.

- You know, I’m in a hurry… Why don’t we do it tomorrow? Do you remember what task I’d given you?

- Yes, I do, – she nodded. – But can I work on my grade today? I can do that fast… – She looked at me and smiled.

I didn’t want to stay too long, so I offered her:

- Let’s go to the bus stop together, I’ll ask you a few question concerning the material I’ve provided you with. If you answer at least a half of them I’ll correct your grade.

I wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible. To tell you the truth I was a bit afraid of her.

- Ok, – Marnie nodded.

The path from college to the bus stop went through a small grove. While we were walking I asked the girl many questions. She tried to reply. However, she mixed plenty of things and couldn’t answer even one question properly. When we were in the middle of the grove she suddenly asked:

- Have you got a girlfriend?

I didn’t have a girlfriend at that time but I didn’t know how to answer that question. I didn’t understand why she asked that.

- It’s none of your business! – I replied rudely.

Marnie was obviously hurt. She turned red, stopped talking and then suddenly said:

- I just wanted… to say… that if you haven’t got a girlfriend… Well… you’re a man… and you, probably… want… me.

To be frank I was taken aback. I was standing and looking at her with my eyes wide open. I was silent and didn’t know what to say.

I looked at her once again and turned crimson either. I wanted her!!! And my cock was getting stiff…

- I like you, – she whispered. She was going to cry, I saw tears in her eyes. – Sorry!

She wanted to run away from me but I caught her by the arm. She took it as a sign I approved her intentions and pressed to me. Then she embraced me and whispered:

- I want you…

I had a huge lump in my pants. I wanted her and couldn’t deny that. Marnie was an ordinary girl but there was something that attracted me…

- Can we do it here? – She asked.

I nodded.

She took me by the arm and pulled me away from the path. I didn’t have anything to do. She unzipped my pants, took the cock out and started jerking it off, then pulled the condom on it. I turned her with her back to me and pulled her jeans off. She leaned her hands against the tree and a second later I was fucking her fiercely. She was so wet! I was fucking her and stroked her crotch occasionally.

- Do you want to fuck my ass? – She asked.

Now it was me who took it as a sign to act. I started penetrating her butt but the hole was not very well developed and the cock just couldn’t enter it. I stopped my attempts and kept on fucking her vagina until I came. Before I ejaculated I had thrust too deeply and she screamed. I didn’t know whether she did that because it was painful or pleasant. But I liked it.

When I climaxed and pulled off the condom I still had an erection. Marnie squatted in front of me and swallowed it licking the remains of the semen.

- Do you often do that? – I asked her.

- I won’t tell you, – she replied flirtatiously.

When my cock was satisfied Marnie released it.

- I don’t want anyone to know about that, – I asked her.

- Sure, darling, – she said as if we were already a couple, – will you correct my grade?

- No, – I said making a grimace.

Marnie was shocked. She didn’t know whether I was kidding or serious. But a second later she smiled as if asking me “Would you like to fuck me one more time?”

- Ok, ok, – I laughed, – but don’t tell anybody, ok? If you really like me you can sometimes come to me when you graduate. Do you promise?

She promised.

Marnie didn’t graduate. She wasn’t allowed to pass the exams and then she was expelled. Of course, she didn’t come to me… and it was not my fault, probably the fault of female teachers she couldn’t get a deal with…

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