Fake professor

March 15th, 2010

This chick is dreaming of becoming of joining a prestigious university, but she fails the exams. There’s always somebody who’ll help out a cute, nice teen, there’s always a way to get her into the university in return for her pussy…

Hi there, I am about 35 years old and here is the story that took place not long ago, I remember everything vividly and I still can’t believe it really happened to me. All my life, I was working as a driver, not a cab driver but driving some big shots. I received decent salary and was happy with my life. What is more, I always has a luxurious car by my side, the better part was that the gasoline and repairs were covered by my employer. So, in short, I could drive wherever I wanted and enjoy the powerful engine and the well-maintained car.

Once, my boss went on business trip and I was left without work for two days. He left on Friday evening, I took him to the airport and promised to come back on Monday. I had two full days until Monday and I decided to use them. I took my Mercedes and drove to a club. I sat at a table and orders some beer. While the waitress was away, I had time to look around and noticed two pretty girls sitting right next to me. They were around 18-19 and from what there were talking about, I got that they just finished high-school and were thinking what to do after that.

“My parents want me to become a lawyer”, the cute blonde said.

“Well, you know how hard it is to get into that university”, her black-haired cute girlfriend told her.

I was sitting right next to them and all of the talk was clearly heard. I don’t know why, but I just got interested, probably because I was bored or something. The waitress finally brought my beer and I started sipping it, half-listening to what they were saying.

“I failed my entrance exams, that means I am totally screwed, it’s not like they are going to give me another chance or something like this”, the girl said in a voice of a lady who was rather upset.

“Come on, Prinstron is not the only university that trains lawyers, there are many others, why not try them?”, her friend was telling to comfort her.

“Yeah, I know, but I also know that Prinston is the one that is really prestigious, that’s one of the best”, she said in a voice that made me feel that she was really sad about failing her exams.

I was going through a third mug of beer, when suddenly something stuck me “fuck me!”, Prinston! And that is the university my boss works at. He is probably a professor or something, I never really asked him. And that chick wants to get into that university!

I looked at a blonde differently, she was now my prey and I was the predator who was planning to attack her. The one thing I knew that I needed to act like a sly and cunning fox, I should find a way to make this girl believe I was going to help her.

I was finishing my third mug of beer and I felt more relaxed, more at ease, I felt like I had nothing to lose, of course I could have just left and never saw that chick again, but I decided to try my luck. I stood up and approached the two girls.

“Excuse me, I couldn’t but overhear what you were saying and it seems like, you are planning to enter the Prinston University?”, I asked trying to sound really sophisticated and exquisite.

“Yes, I am planning, but I failed my exams, why do you ask?”, She said realizing that she answered my question in some kind of trance, she was so absorbed in herself that she didn’t first realize I was a total stranger to her.

“I happen to work there, I am professor, teaching… I made a pause, trying to come up with a name of the subject linked with law or jurisprudence, … forensic anthropology” I finally said and made myself look as if I was really some important professor.

“Really?”, she asked and livened up, it seemed that she was now certain that I was her chance to get her into that university.

“Indeed I am a professor and I can see what I can do to reconsider the results of your exams”, I said and felt that I started to really taking on the role of a university professor”.

“Well, that’s great!”, she said in a lively voice.

“What is your name?”, I asked.

“Melanie”, she answered and now her voice sounded differently, she was living again and her sadness left her.

“But, we have to hurry to get this done on time, we need to see what I can do to really help you”, I said thinking how I could take her out of that café and better without her black-haired friend.

In the next hour I told her a fake story of how I came to work in the university, and when she saw my car, she totally fell for my story and to her I was a real professor, I think, she’d believe that I was a noble prize winner, so naïve and gullible she seemed. I decided that I should find a place to continue with Melanie, my place certainly didn’t count, she’d quickly find out who I really was and to tell the truth my place didn’t look like a place where a professor could live, I don’t have a single book on the shelf, perhaps some adult magazines, scattered around the floor.

We arrived at a hotel and I rented a room, Melanie was like in a dream and she never asked me why I took her here. I decided to be straight with her and I said:

“You understand Melanie, that if I help you out and get you into the university, it’s not something I do for everyone”, I said.

“Sure, I’d be very obliged to you”, Melanie said as if not understanding what I really wanted from her.

“Well, Melanie, I am a man and I need love, my wife left me and I am very upset now, I’ve read somewhere that a man’s sorrow for a woman can be treated by another woman only, do you know what I mean, Melanie?

She certainly did, she was not a silly girl and she understood that nothing in the life comes for free. Without saying anything, she approached me and started taking off my pants, she didn’t try to come off as a naïve girl and asked no stupid questions, in a minute, my cock jumped out and Melanie wrapped her lips around it. I just can’t convey the feelings I was experiencing, I was really flying up high, her moist mouth was working on my cock and she was really good with her tongue.

Her tongue was dancing around my cock, I placed my hand on her head and started guiding the pace and rhythm, soon I got too excited and virtually started impaling her on my cock, she was gagging and I could feel her saliva running down my balls. I didn’t care, I forgot who I was and turned into a beast who wanted his prey one way or another. Melanie probably understood that if she started being a whore, there’s no way she could back out. I went deeper and deeper into her throat and at some point, I could see my cock entirely disappearing in Melanie’s mouth. She was only 18, but she sucked like a real pro and I was really enjoying it, I felt that if this went on for some more time, I’d explode in her mouth. To prevent that, I gave her a sign to stop, I definitely wanted to taste her pussy before I came.

She stopped and rose, I kissed her and felt the salty taste of my own precum on her tongue. I than put her into bed and quickly undressed her, it was summer and she was wearing nothing but a top, a short skirt and a thong. It took me no more than two seconds to take her skirt and her thong off, I fell to her pussy and started licking it, I felt that it was wet, I stuck my finger inside to make sure and when I took it out it was all wet with her love juices, she needed no foreplay, her pussy was begging to be fucked, I teased her clit for some more and than pushed my cock right in. She recoiled and screamed, my cock was too big for an 18 year old teen tight pussy.

Soon, her pussy got used to my cock and I started sliding in and out pretty easily, it was all wet with her love juices and I was really enjoying every second of it. I kept fucking her and at some point I felt that my cock wasn’t feeling her pussy anymore, it got so wide that I no longer experienced the pleasure I felt at the beginning, I definitely needed something tighter.

I took my cock out of her pussy and brought it closer to her asshole, Melanie got tense and said:

“Please, not my ass, I’ve never had it in the ass”

“Come on, sweety, everything happens sometimes for the first time”, I said and pushed my cock slightly into her ass, I was giving her no time to think it over and before she could say anything, my cock already slipped half way into her tight ass. Now, I never thought that a teenage girl’s ass could be so tight, it took me a lot of effort to get my cock all the way in and when I finally did, I stopped to treasure the moment. I then started fucking her ass and my cock was knowing a difference between a teen’s tight pussy and a teen’s even tighter ass, my cock was tightly wrapped and I could feel her ass with every cell of my cock, with every tiny vein I had. You probably understand that this could not go on for a ling time and soon I felt that I was on the verge of cumming. I took my cock out and shouted! “I’m cummminggg!”

She understood me at once and got off the bed, in a second she was kneeling before me with her mouth open. I directed my cock right into her face and started jerking it. Spurt after spurt my cum was shooting out of my cock covering Melanie’s cute face, getting into her mouth and some in her hair. I just couldn’t stop and I sure got a big load off myself. I finally stopped and Melanie immediately grabbed my cock and put it into her mouth, she started sucking it clean and stopped only when it was completely drained, not a single drop of sperm could be spotted on my giant dickhead.

I then collapsed into bed and closed my eyes. Melanie laid beside me, I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her face was all covered in my cum, she smiled and asked: “Have I passed my exam now?”.

If only this chick knew that I was in no way connected to the university, I was simply a driver for a man who worked in that university, as a driver, I couldn’t even dare to ask my boss to pull some strings. This poor, silly girl has just been fucked by me and she was going to get nothing in return. Of course, I just couldn’t say that and break her heart, so I said”

“Remember the club where we met?”

“Sure I do”, Melanie said in a happy voice.

“Let’s meet there tomorrow and attend to this matter, I’m sure we’ll work something out”. I said and again she smiled, I looked at her face covered in my cum.

I never went to that club again.

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5 Responses to “Fake professor”

  1. Cockloverr_XXX Says:

    Sorry to say this, but you are a pig and if you ever did that shit to me…i’d hunt your ass down. good day.

  2. clit tickler Says:

    Very good, i would have banged her twice, cum inside of her pussy, etc…

  3. xdickxloverx Says:

    thats hilarous…and stupid…how could u do that…thats evil…but funny…

  4. roddfigurez Says:

    i have to agree with cocklover m8 your a cunt and i bet that little incident came bak round on you in a terrible way lmao

  5. Maisy Says:

    LMFAO you spelled “Princeton” wrong you poor dumb fuck

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