March 2nd, 2010

This chick is only 18 years old, she is a pure teen who already has some naughty fantasies, let’s read and find out whether she can make them cum true…

My name is Anastasia. I’m 18. This summer my parents went to Spain on vacation having left me in the country. I’d passed my exams at college and could have a rest until September.

Once in the morning I was woken up by someone’s shouting:

- Is there anybody at home?..

I pulled my shorts and a top on (I’ve liked sleeping nude) and went to the door to look at the one who’d arrived. Through the glass door I saw a young guy who was on the point of leaving already.

- Can I help you? – I asked.

- I’ m looking for a job, any kind of job actually…

I looked at him more carefully and felt some warmth in the bottom of my belly. The guy was handsome: a pleasant face with big hazel eyes; short hair; sporty figure; neat clothes. In other words he looked well and didn’t look like a gangster. I decided I could open the door.

- Yeah, I think there is something for you to do here. One should chop wood and mow the grass. How much do you want for that? – I asked having made a decision already.

The guy looked at the heap of the wood and the lawn:

- 20 bucks. Isn’t that too much for you?

- No, it’s not. Will you start right now?

- Sure, just tell me where I can find an ax.

- Before you start let’s have some tea.

We went to the kitchen and I poured two cups of tea.

- My name is Anthony. I came to my aunt here, her house is over there. She works as a bookkeeper but I can’t ask for money from her every day for cigarettes and other stuff, you know. That’s why sometimes I do this kind of work.

- Good idea! I also work this way. I translate texts into German, I know this language well.

I made a few sandwiches and Anthony thanked me for them in German. I liked him more and more.

When we finished with the tea Anthony stood up and went out of the house. I followed to show him where the implements were. He found an ax and pulled off his T-shirt exposing his beautiful tanned torso. I again felt pleasure in the bottom of my belly.

I’ve always liked men older than me. I had even been deflowered by our college teacher. But today I wanted to fuck this young guy. He was hardly older than me.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter. I went to the local store to buy something for lunch. When I returned Anthony was already carrying ready woods to the shed.

- I’d recommend you to have a shower. Doctors say it’s not useful for organism to work on such hot days. Let’s have lunch now, soon the heat will disappear, – I said handing Anthony a towel.

He went to the summer shower we had in the kitchen garden and I climbed the attic to watch the guy washing. He looked great! The hunky man resembled an antic god with strong arms, a tight ass and a perfect cock that shrank a bit from the cool water. I regretted forgetting to take my father’s binoculars to be able to see the guy better.

We had lunch and then sat under the tree to smoke. I started the conversation about sex and found out he had problems with talking to girls and he was probably a virgin. This made me excited a lot and I decided to act.

I went to the shower, took off my clothes and washed all my secret spots thoroughly. Standing under the cool streams of water I wondered whether Anthony was looking at me through the translucent walls of the shower cabin or not.

- Antony, I forgot my towel on the bench near the house. Can you bring it, please? – I asked him having turned off the water.

When the guy’s hand appeared inside the cabin holding the towel I’d asked for, I gripped him by the wrist and pulled into the cabin. The man was taken aback. I didn’t allow him to understand what was happening and kissed his lips. My hands pressed his fantastic body to me. I pressed to him and my hands lowered to his buttocks. I felt he was getting aroused.

- Anthony, I want you right here and right now, – I whispered into his ear. – Relax and don’t do anything, I’ll do everything myself.

I kneeled down pulling Anthony’s pants down at the same time. His stiff phallus jumped out and was right in front of my mouth. I pulled back the foreskin and circled my tongue around the head. The cock was getting bigger and bigger. I took it into my mouth and began licking tenderly. My hands were caressing the tender scrotum skin.

I helped Anthony to sit down on the bench which was in the shower cabin and pulled his pants and boxers down. The guy was still shocked. I made him lean against the back of the bench. His beautiful organ was about 7 inches long, just the size I like. It was ready to be used.

I rose over the man and started lowering myself slowly on the cock. As soon as my pussy swallowed the full length of the shaft I began moving my thighs. Anthony was fondling my bust hesitatingly. A minute later he let out a long moan and ejaculated his semen into me.

“A selfish boy!” I thought to myself.

- Don’t get upset, it often happens this way when you do it for the first time in your life. And we have no good conditions here. Why don’t we move to the house, it’s much more comfortable there? – I asked.

I wrapped the towel around me. Anthony put on his pants and we went to the house. My bed wasn’t made since morning.
I pulled my new lover’s pants off and pushed him on the bed. Then I took his cock head into my mouth and felt the dick was getting rigid again. I lay on the guy and helped his cock to enter me.

- But don’t hurry, lie and don’t move, I want to do it myself! – I ordered the boy.
Anthony was exploring my body. His hands were sliding over my thighs, breasts, nipples…

I tried to prolong my pleasure. A young beautiful guy was lying under me and I was impaling on his organ with pleasure. Our lips joined in a passionate kiss and now our tongues were exploring each other.

I hadn’t felt so good for a long time already. My vagina was hot as never before. I knew that a few more movements and I would be on the peak. One, two, three… I climaxed… I gave a scream… I was in the heaven thanks to this young guy.

He put me on my back and kept on drilling into my passage. “Yeah, faster…” I asked him.
Anthony was on the verge. He was whispering something to me. His movements got convulsive and we both climaxed again, simultaneously.

Nobody had ever fucked me this way. Two orgasms, one after the other… I like the feeling of this young body on me and his smell…

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