Time for new sensations

December 29th, 2007

Two couples decide to spice up their sexual life, they meet and have a really good time, when they exchange partners it gets really hot…

“Here is an old dream coming true. I wonder if they’re also trembling and excited. I guess so. It’s their first time too. Ok, I gotta stop shivering, maybe it won’t work anyway,” Rob was excited just like his wife. “Amy is so sexy today. When she reached for her purse lying on the back seat, I was about to cum seeing her sweet butt in a tight skirt. I guess I even saw her stockings… I wish I could persuade her not to put on panties… I wish I could get under her skirt and fondle her shaven pussy. Well I can do it through her panties, right? But I’d better not. I gotta wait for a while, she’s just too excited now anyway. Man, just 15 minutes left. I wonder what it’s gonna be like…”

The car turned over the corner and pulled up. He could smell the aroma of green vegetation and warm summer breeze. 7 minutes left.

-Well, Amy let’s smoke and get it started.

-Are you ready?

-Yeah, you? Have you changed your mind?

Cigarette smell mixed with the smell of summer breeze.

-No, honey, I haven’t, – Amy whispered. – I do want it.

-Well, then it’s time for new sensations.

The doors flung open. A slim tall guy of about 30 in denim went out of the car. A young woman in a very tight skirt fitting her voluptuous figure and a flesh color blouse came out of the car as well. She had wonderful bust. They were holding hands. They were going to the dolphinarium for a date. When they came up closer they saw a couple standing with their back at them. The couple was discussing something.

They met on the net about a month ago. They decided it would be nice to meet in reality. They didn’t exchange photos thinking they could see each other in the real life anyway. But they said what they looked like so it wasn’t difficult for Rob and Amy to recognize Frank and Caroline. Frank was taller and larger than Rob. Carline was wearing tight black jeans that stressed her round buttocks.

-Hi! Here we are! – Rob told his new friends.

The men shook hands, and the girls exchanged warm friendly smiles. To start with they decided to go and watch the dolphin show.

Dolphins were diving into water and jumping out again, snorting and reaching for fish with their funny noses. One could feel a very positive aura of kindness, trust and spiritual lightness around the pool. They were chatting and in an hour when all four of them were walking along the beach Rob caught himself at thinking it was probably the first time he felt so light talking to strange people. Seemed Amy felt the same. When Frank and Caroline went to a store to buy some water they both admitted the fact that they liked the couple and wanted to go to the rented apartment as soon as possible. When Frank and his wife were back they agreed to go to the apartment, but they said they also rented an apartment on their own. They decided they would pay a visit to Frank and Caroline some other time. They started their cars to go and continue the night in more intimate surroundings.
I can’t say the apartment was really posh, but its selling point was that there was a large sofa over there. There was some snack on a small table, some fruits, and drinks. Guys proposed a toast to love. They decided to dance after some more drinking. Rob gestured to Amy asking her to dance with him. Caroline and Frank were dancing hugging each other and kissing passionately.

-So… – Rob asked his wife putting his hands on her firm butt.

Amy looked at him, he saw her eyes shining lustfully and excitedly.

-May I dance with your lady? – He heard Frank say.

-Then may I dance with yours? – Rob replied at once.

Slow nice music and alcohol affected them. When Caroline’s soft lips parted his and he felt her tongue in his mouth, Rob saw Frank feeling up Amy’s boobs through the blouse, while Amy (!!!) was kissing him deeply. The party was gonna be hot.

-Guys, – Caroline said in a hoarse voice, – we all clearly realize what we’ve come here for. Well I suggest taking a shower and getting naked.

She was the first to go to the bathroom. Soon they saw her wearing Frank’s shirt.

-OK, who’s the next? – She smiled sitting on the couch.

-It’s me, – Amy said. – Rob give me your shirt.

In some 10 minutes Rob saw two hot cats sitting on the couch discussing gardening and choosing best flowers to plant in their gardens. Frank came out of the bathroom wrapped up (!!!) in a towel.

-Don’t start without me! – Rob cried running to the bathroom in his turn.

When they all were sitting at table together they drank to love again and turned off the light and lit candles. They all felt free and at ease. They were drowning in the waves of desire, filling their bodies with lust and passion. It was their night….

Sun beam sneaked through the curtains and crept up to the couch. It licked somebody’s petite leg then crept up to Rob’s cheek to give him a sunny morning kiss.

-Mmm. Where am I? Amy?

She was so beautiful. “It wasn’t a dream, – he thought, – her hand looks so natural lying on Frank’s groin. So he is the guy who was fucking my wife all night long? Yeah, why not?! Yeah, girls made him kneel to lick Caroline’s wet slit while she was sucking on his dick fondling his balls. My Amy spread his buttocks to lick his anus… We were fucking our babes in turn while they were fondling each other lustfully… We’re real bitches… Though I didn’t feel like doing something indecent. All I felt was great desire, great passion, lust… Even when Caroline was licking Frank’s semen off my honey’s crotch, she was doing it so gently… It was definitely a new form of our relations. It was about trust and pleasure. It’s like we’ve renovated and renewed our relationship. No, it wasn’t a new form it was another form, a better one… All right, I guess it’s time to stop thinking philosophically because here they’re lying close to each other. And I want them…”

A sun beam fell off the couch and hid under the curtains. Guess it went to wake up somebody else.

P.S. I know the story might sound too perfect and idealistic. Maybe it might sound boring for some people. But if you ever put yourself in their position, you can leave your reply here. Maybe we’re meant to meet…

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    i will never come back 2 dis site….i pledge.

  2. rohit Says:


    beautiful lips

  3. rohit Says:

    with a pink bra also wear a pink penty on a pink pussy

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