Summer 2006

September 4th, 2007

That was a really nice summer for these two couples, they met and they thought that it was a good idea to change their spouses for some time, it’s even better when you can see the one you love being fucked by someone else while your dick is being sucked.

Hi, everyone, I’d like to share my summer adventures with you, guys! Thanks to this website I and my husband happened to meet one couple from Miami, with whom we spent the rest of our vacation. We met Marti and Olivia by means of Internet and our virtual chat lasted about 3 months before we really met. In a couple of months they gave us an invitation to the nearest weekend, we accepted it and never regretted. They both appeared to be nice people; we had a whale of time. We decided to spend our next vacation with them, for Marti had already suggested paying the part for the trip. Sometime in July he sent us 2 tickets to Miami, we left for Florida in August 3. Olivia and Marti joined us next day, we were in the same compartment; no sooner had we taken a short rest and before the day was out as Olivia suggested doing some fun. Her suggestion was welcomed. Dan, my husband set to taking the cam from the bag on the upper berth, Olivia winked at me and started undoing his jeans fly. My husband began shooting her while she swallowed his cock. He pointed the cam at her with one hand while used the second one to impale her onto his shaft. Marti kept sitting close to me, and stroking my pussy through the cloth, I noticed the bulge on his pants arousing. I didn’t want to miss a chance and shove my hand under his pants too, fondling his balls and jerking him off. His cock seemed to be bigger than my husband’s. We both watched Olivia’s mouth activity, she took Dan’s shaft in her right or left cheek, moving her tongue fast and doing deepthroating. Dan helped her with his hand and soon from out of her right corner of the mouth a trickle of her saliva dropped down on Olivia’s trunks, top and naked thighs. I took the cam and chased this moment for it, my husband’s face showed full felicity and delight. As for me, I lowered Marti’s pants, and set the cam on the table so that it could shoot the whole place, Marti’s arms saluted me with a strong erection, and I began giving him head. My partner was more than just excited, he seemed to be overexcited. I few minutes he gripped my hair and erupted a load of his cum right on my face, then he pointed the cam onto me and I played up before the camera rubbing the sperm over my face and lips.

At the same time Dan was ramming Olivia’s ass, he had always loved anal sex, he always owned me in my backdoors, and though I never enjoyed such sex, I didn’t mind having it. Thus, he fucked her ass, while she kept moaning: “Fuck my pussy, fuck it…” meanwhile Marti Pointed the cam on them, but what was most interesting that my darling was not going do what she asked as he went on fucking her that way. Finally when Dan came, he just pulled his cock out and covered my face with his cum. And, I should say… I enjoyed it a lot. After that it took me about a minute to pose before the cam, guys put their cloths on and sat down to check the shots while Olivia settled next to me, took some toiletry to remove that sperm mask from my face. While guys chaffed us Olivia managed to clean my right cheek and then she suddenly whispered: “Honey, flick my clit, please” I had already had lesbo experience, I knew that sometime women could please another women much better that men. Olivia went on cleaning my face while I started caressing her clit, she was wet down there, and it didn’t take me long to make her come. My Dan managed to chase this moment on the cam just right when Olivia threw her head back and bit her lips twitching with convulsions. Then it was her turn to pose for the cam licking my fingers. After that we freshened up ourselves, did our cloth, took some food and fell asleep, as there was 2 days way left….

Sorry, guys, but I can’t describe you everything what we had, pointing the most interesting moments. On the way we had some more fun, Marti turned to be very easy-going and nice partner, though I rebuffed his desire to have my ass, as it hurt me a lot when he pushed his dick inside. But as for Olivia, she was the best variant for my Dan; she let him fuck her whenever he wanted and it also surprised me that she could come 4-6 times per one act.

Our arrival was successful, Marti and Olivia put up at a hotel, and we stayed in a private bungalow with all creature comforts, for Marti paid it all. My husband refused joining our friends as he wanted to live close to the beach with mild breeze blowing from the sea. There was a pool with some vast hammock and several beach beds around. We met them every day, spent our time sunbathing, going to the bars and night clubs or having fun. Once, we got some victuals and much drink and settled in the hammock enjoying the freshness of the night. We played cards for an hour, then guys left us and came into the bungalow, but I and Olivia stayed outdoors taking things when it suddenly started raining heavily. I gathered the remnants of the binge quickly; the rain drove faster every minute, then Olivia said that she was gonna do some “pee-pee”. She lowered her trunks and squatted down. I decided to do the same thing, no sooner had I taken my skirt off as she suddenly said: “Ella, wait, could you… could you pee in my mouth?” I got taken aback for some seconds. “Well…” “Please, do it to me, I will enjoy it…” she begged. I smiled in response, undid my panties, approached her, and set my ass above her. However, I couldn’t do it at once; something constrained me, for the situation itself was out of line, but my bladder was full and I had to do it. The trickle poured down on Olivia’s face, eyes and noses, running down the ground, it filled her mouth and every time she spit out it, and then went on filling her mouth with my urine. I seemed she had swallowed the last portion of it, though I was not sure. “Lick it” I ordered her and even frightened by what I said. Olivia smiled and set to licking my pussy, having caught a wave of delight I soon put my panties on, she rose and started gazing on me, her cloth were wet with my urine and the rain.

- Did you enjoy it? She asked

- It was something new…

- Haven’t you ever played with Dan “Golden rain”?

- No, I lied

Actually I had had such experience, and Dan always led this role, but he never peeped in my mouth, only face, shoulders, breast and my fanny. Sometimes he peeped on my pussy, but I had never wanted peep on him. I was thinking of it from that day.

We got back home, took a shower, satisfied our guys and fell asleep. That night I regret missing the cam at that moment, I should have definitely chased it! The most wonderful moment in our video report was when Marti drilled his wife’s asshole and Dan peeped in there, soon after Marti peeped in her mouth so that she swallowed it the wrong way. She then rushed into the shower and their urine poured down out of her ass. I shot that episode myself, we all enjoyed it. After that Marti had to buy some new counterpane, but he didn’t mind.

Marti and Olivia departed at 25 August; her husband had to turn up for work (he worked as some official in district Power) frankly, we were a long time saying goodbye to one another, having agreed to go spend our next vacation on Greece. We still had 5days before the departure, so we had much free time. Once, in some night pub my Dan happened to meet some local slut, Jessica who loved sucking, fucking, licking and even did her best with my pussy. She had drink and food given away with us, o for the last 5 days she almost settled in our bungalow.

One of those interesting days was when I went to some night club where 2 guys tried to pick me up, it took them quite enough time to get me ready, I suggested them going to mine’s and we all made our way to the bungalow. When we arrived I first went to the shower, and after I got back I saw them setting Jessica in a doggy style, one of them placed his dick in her mouth as the second one was undoing her dress and panties. I offered them some beer, they refused. Watching Jessica sucking that guy off I seemed she didn’t care a fig who would fuck her and how, the only thing she wanted was to get fucked hard. One guy (they both were drunk) was busy with unrolling a condom, I decided to help him and put it with my mouth. Then he suddenly looked around and exclaimed: “What the hell!” there was my husband standing at the door and shooting us at the camera: “Go ahead!” I though we would go on doing fun, but guys’ desires faded away, and their soon retired.

At the next day we had a gorgeous time, we drank, had a swim in the pool, then I lied sunbathing, Jessica disappeared into the hammock. My husband came up to me, his one hand started undoing my bikini while another caught the camera. “Lady, wouldn’t you mind having one nice snake in your backdoors, may it com in?” he asked. “With some cream” I replied. He took some cream, set the cam before the beach bed, and rubbed it over my asshole. ”Show begins!” he said and pushed his dick right inside. He owned my ass fro about 10 minutes fucking me hard or slow, but soon after Dan called Jessica who was watching us masturbating. “What are waiting for, slut, come on!” Dan ordered. She laughed; he pulled his shaft and approached it to her face jerking it off at the same time. She swallowed him hard while I was shooting them, in a few minutes he started and came right inside, she couldn’t manage to swallow his cum, it run out of her lips, and finally he rubbed the clots of his sperm over her face with the cock’s end.

After that we had some time taking rest and drinking some red wine, smoking. Dan talked some jokes about president and internal affairs, so we made merry time. “So what, Jessica, let’s go widening your holes?” asked Dan. She was completely drunk: “let’s do it right here, ok?” “All right, Ella, take us on the camera” he said. I gave consent and did a camera man jog for the following 20 minutes. This one turned out very good shot, Dan really enlarged her holes, and it had already passed midnight it was getting too late. Suddenly I had a wild desire; I came up to Dan and asked him to let me pee on Jessica. I though Dan wouldn’t mid humiliating this bitch, though she wouldn’t mind such scenario. Dan seemed to like my idea, he took Jessica out and had a long talk to her, it lasted about half an hour when she agreed, but asked 100$ for it. Dan paid her this money, and then they moved to the yard, I removed my panties and followed them.

They were standing right on the grass, Dan set the cam, Jessica was covered in my bathrobe. “Lay down on the grass, I’m longing for doing it” I sad to her. She settled down on the ground obediently, I squatted right above her face and asked my husband to hurry up with the cam.

When he was ready, I started, my first splashes failed to hit her mouth, it splashed around her breast and face, but then I managed to control the urine and her mouth soon filled with it. When it brimmed and began flowing over her mouth she tried to spit out it, but I gripped her head to keep Jessica from it. Next, don’t know why, I settled right onto her mouth, impaling myself on her tongue. The most enticing thing was that my urine filing her oral cavity and beating against her palate run back to my pussy, pouring through the tiny chinks between my cunt and her lips. Her attempts to evade drinking my urine just turned me on; it seemed I had even managed to come! Though Jessica didn’t enjoy it very much, but I didn’t give a fuck on it, moreover, this wonderful our life’s episode remained on the disc. However, when she saw us off she was very cold and disappointed.

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  1. Bond Says:

    And you know, this is true, I agree that after years of family life you slowly but surely get tired of your wife and her pussy doesn’t make your dick hardon anymore, you get used to everything and when you get a chance to fuck a fresh pussy and when you see that your wife doesn’t mind it, you would be a fool if you disagree! So, with this family, I loved the vac they spent together and they now have lots of things to talk about as they spiced up their sex life. It’s so nice to live without barriers and complexes and let yourself fuck whoever you want irrespective of your marital status.

  2. Sam Says:

    It’s very nice to follow the story with some pics referring to the galleries, imaginations works best! Summer, summer, hot time, hot asses and tons of sperm!!!

  3. hi Says:

    i must aree thats what my wife needs to big stiff on can anyone help her

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