Seduction of innocent couple! 2

October 16th, 2007

Sex together can bore you sometimes, how about meeting another couple and expanding your sexual horizons? So nice and sweet!

I have already mentioned about that party when we met one couple that made us closer to the world of swing. Since that day we had been dreaming and fancying about having sex with another couple. But all fancies needed to come true, so we started looking around; we had lots of friends, merry and very communicative, but while selecting necessary candidates we soon found that we had no choice. At first, we had no couple to build very close and intimate relations with and that was a minus of American life, second: we had never experienced in swing at all, so didn’t know how to start and where to search. We were afraid of others would get us wrong…. And when I and my lovely Vera came to conclusion that these fancies were not fated to realize, fortune smiled advancing an event I’m gonna tell you about right now.

We are fond of traveling and travel a lot. Almost each weekend was being planned for 2-3 days earlier. We used our car or flight to go somewhere. That time we decided to visit car show in Atlanta, the day had passed in detailed examining of new models of cars. Vera each time kept getting back to the new Lexus off road model that turned her fancy on. She had a nice new Ford, I bought a couple of years ago and we couldn’t afford this car at the moment, but it was really a trouble to take her out of this car.

Vera was wearing her nice dress that more revealed than covered at that, so visible her body shapes were. My wife never wore underwear as well as bra, that’s why it might seem rather strange what she might hide under her dress. I should note about reaction of men passing by and noticing her tits and her pussy with its wonderful bikini design, it turned me really on. When getting out of the car she took my hand and smiled watching men’s eyes fixed on her sexy body. She was in her rove that was one of her on days. She shone like a star, plunging audience into hot hard on. We spent our night in one restaurant, a bottle of red wine and sea delicacies confirmed that we had a plenty of time to enjoy. Tomorrow day proposed seeing places of interest of Atlanta, the day after tomorrow we should depart. Vera was sitting with her back to the hall, by our side, at the neighboring table there we saw one young couple that kept staring at us all the time. She was a bright blonde with big boobs, her partner was tall well built man, and they looked very fresh and happy. Suddenly he fixed his eyes on my wife’s legs, down the table where I couldn’t see, at this time my eyes met this blonde’s close look. I smiled, she responded as well. Her partner gave a hardly perceptible nod. My Vera looked very excited with this interest that seemed to be much heightened.

When we soon left alone, in a while, Vera and I began to discuss this situation and fancy about what we might do together with this coupe if we stayed in a motel for at least one night. But our dreams couldn’t go further than mere words, though I realized that these dreams might come true some day. We finished eating, paid a check, and gone out. It was getting dark. All of sudden, while walking down the street there appeared some group of guys who surrounded us, one of them pointed a gun at me and told me to give him my wallet, money and silver necklace. The situation was getting very dangerous, one had to undertake something. I had not other way than giving him what he wanted, I noticed that the gun man was gazing on my Vera and licked his lips once or twice. The story unfolded then as follows, when I had almost lost my hope to get rid if these armed bustards, from out right there appeared somebody with a gun, and, crying something, he just rushed to us. With lightning speed he managed to disarm that guy, whereas other ran away leaving him alone. My wallet was not taken fortunately; they dropped it on the ground, when I took it back I saw a police car pulled over a road and cops taking that fool inside. After I turned to our rescuer to thank him, he appeared to be… that restaurant man, we got into conversation: his name was Vlad. He was an MP and they came to Atlanta with his wife to see the show. They came here by plan, and rented a car for 3 days to drive around the city. We approached the car near by and he introduced us to his wife, Evie. It found out they saw what happened to us a few minutes ago, and luckily Vlad didn’t forget what he had been trained in Navy, so his help was right on the button. Besides, they had stayed at the same hotel as we.

After a while we were going up the lift having agreed to see our new friends again. I needed some time to get over a shock we had just had. But everything was fortunately OK, it all gone. In half an hour we were at their room’s door. I took some champagne, which was supposed to be split with my wife at first. But plans changed, we had to pay a visit of politeness and gratitude. When we entered the room Vlad and I shook hands, Vera and Evie kissed.

Things passed very well, drinking champagne and talking things we didn’t even notice time was late after midnight. We discussed show, crime rate in Atlanta, level of crime in all Southern States and security measures the federals take to fight the crime. After some time Vlad confessed: he and his wife Evie were swingers and they had discerned a prospective swing couple in us while sitting in the restaurant.

They life in Arkansas was not full of events, living in this city where a woman could not walk down the street wearing some cloth higher her knees, where every low sound was heard at the opposite side of the block, where you might see lots of churches around. Anyway, we managed to find new couples who wanted to extend their sex experience and break ignorance on this issue. No sooner had I got back from lavatory as I saw Vlad’s hand caress my hottie’s knee, when Evie approached me to kiss my lips. My palm worked down her body and groped her pussy, her body was really perfect. Evie got down on her knees to give me some nice blowjob; she worked it so fucking hot that made my eyes close for some jiff. With a corner of my eye I saw Vlad and Vera went onto the bed and settled into 69 position to have fun. For a moment o tore myself from Evie to see my wife getting banged by a stranger, I had never seen her with another man and that was so seducing. Evie realized that our couple had never had real swing experience, so she kept on sucking on my shaft like a robot, licking it hard. At this moment Vera arched her back, I knew she was cumming, Vlad’s skilful tongue made her reach an orgasm faster than she usually did. He was licking her clit rhythmically moving his head steadily. Whether it was a new thing, or she was really turn on, but she didn’t stop moaning and pulsing. At this time Evie, without letting my cock out lay on her back and made me put my shaft in her pussy. Her muscles did very well; she raised me on my top. Though I was trying to prolong the act and keep from coming fast, I couldn’t stand it long, and my shot filled her cunt making her come with me. I felt so fucking good! It was incredible!!! Vlad was already lying on his back and Vera kept on riding his penis like a fallen slut, she was in seventh heaven, I could hear it from her groans. My eyes misted over and I with Evie joined to the second couple.

Evie joined them and began to lick her husband’s cock when it pulled in and out of my wife’s pussy. I came up to Vera letting her suck my flabby cock. Vlad came next, I could see his drops fell cover my wife’s ass. Evie didn’t miss a drop of it; she licked it all over, cleaning my lovely’s buttocks, then she started sucking his dick off. After that I turned to Evie and began to screw this bitch with my hard pecker. As my second shot was on its way I had long time to bang this whore. My penis moved like a pump, I was drilling Evie as if she was my wife, and couldn’t stop. Vlad was drinking champagne, whereas my Vera approached me and got down to licking my anus to make me cum faster. When I pulled out for some second I didn’t see a condom I pit before on my cock, all attempts to find it in Evie’s pussy failed, this situation was awkward, but guys reacted very easily.

Vlad gave applause saying that he ad never seen such a stamina. I replied it was caused by sexy merits of his wife, he noted that my wife was very sexy and paid compliments to her. After that Vlad and Vera took up doing oral sex pleasures, for my darling it had been her first swing experience.

Soon, we returned back to our room, but no sleep! We had lasting long sweet sex all night; only late in the morning our bodies won long-expected rest. At the next day we learnt Vlad and Evie had to move back to Arkansas, business did not to take long to appear….

Since we had met for several times again, for Vlad’s mom lived in our town, and they came to see us 3 times. Then we spent our vacation on Caribbean.

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5 Responses to “Seduction of innocent couple! 2”

  1. Travis Says:

    Is it really possible to share your wife with someone you don’t know? Sounds really bad! I’d never do that and I don’t approve of people who support that kind of thing! It’s nasty!

  2. Bob Says:

    Loved that, cuz it’s nice to fuck your friend’s wife

  3. darmesh patel Says:

    loved it, your so lucky!

  4. skorpyo Says:

    yeah your right. thats why i insist that my wife only go out with someone we both know. in her case an ex boy friend.
    yeah we wouldn’t do it with a stranger. hehe

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Tits or GTFO Mr. Travis!

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