Right to be the first

November 25th, 2007

Two family couples get together and arrange a party, they get totally wasted and the real fun begins, they exchange their wives and open new feelings for themselves…

It was long time ago. I was married, Susan was married too. Our families were really good friends. What was it like? Well, we liked to hang out together, we loved to arrange parties, that’s what our friendship was like, basically.

Susan’s hubby David was a very self-seeking and thrifty guy. It took him quite a lot of time to decide whether to introduce us to his wife or not. He must have second sight, by the way…

As soon as I saw Susan I realized we were meant to be together. She wanted to have fun and get nasty, and I wanted her. She was so unlike my wife: her firm boobs, her slender long legs, lustful look of her black eyes were so arousing… We didn’t even have to say anything; one could easily see the desire in our eyes.

We were wasted that night. Everyone, but David. He was habitually sober. We arranged that party to drink, eat some tasty food and dance. It was gonna be great fun.

We were dancing. Everything was pretty usual. I was dancing with my wife, David was dancing with Susan. I was provoking Ingrid, my wife, and Susan was trying to do the same with David. Ingrid was getting aroused, she was losing control with every single bit of the dance. As for me… Well, I was absorbed in feeling up her small tits, trying to imagine it were Susan’s great bust. As for Susan… She was looking at me, while caressing her husband’s dick through the pants.

Some time later we flung ourselves on the couch, I was lying on my wife, and Susan was mounting her husband.

-We wanna drink! Right now! – The girls cried out.

-As you wish, babes, – we replied and went to the kitchen to fetch something.

I was responsible for cocktails. And I was really serious about my duty… Cocktails were getting to be more and more alcoholic. It was pure vodka with lime that time.

-Drain, drain, drain! – I said.

-Right! – Susan added. – You gotta drink it, – she told David.

-No, I don’t wanna do it. You know, I don’t drink at all.

-I don’t care now. Do it!

David gulped down the drink. Ingrid did the same. I looked at Susan. We sipped some of our cocktails and then poured out our drinks in some flower standing nearby. We started kissing our spouses. I can’t say for Susan, but when I was kissing Ingrid I imagined as if I were kissing her. It lasted for long. My wife was totally drunk. She forgot there were other people around us. She let me undo her blouse and get my hand under her bra to fondle her erect nipples. I looked at our friends. Susan was dressing off too, she was doing it herself. She was pulling off her clothes, it was so lustful and pervert.

I was unzipping my wife’s skirt; Susan was doing the same with David’s pants. When our spouses finally realized what was going on, it was already too late. I was entering Ingrid’s bosom with my rocky-hard dick, while Susan was sucking on her hubby’s shaft.

There was no way back. There was no need to change anything. We were lying so close to each other. I was pleasing my wife, while she was fucking her husband. We were so alike in our lusty desires; no one could stop that orgy of pussy and phallus. I raised my wife’s legs up and pressed her body against mine. That position let me watch Susan and her games.

Meantime, Susan never stopped sucking on David’s stem. She was standing on her fours; her luring butt was sticking out. Her skirt was raised up, her panties were wet. I saw her aroused clit. She was sucking his dick with great pleasure. David was groaning with delight, fucking her mouth, sticking his knob deep in her throat.

I was taking my time drilling my wife. I was reaching her womb; and then getting my penis out of her cave. My cock was all wet with her lubrication. Ingrid was moaning and bucking. David was looking at the orgy, he was amazed and excited.

Susan! You should have seen her sucking! She was touching his dickhead slightly, sucking it like a lolly, or she was really graceful kissing his stem, or lustfully licking his hairy balls. I wished I were in his place! Susan seemed to know what I wanted. She turned her pretty face at me and gave me a wink.

That was too much for me. I stopped doing my gushing wife, I came up to Susan and entered her pussy with my swollen cock. Ooohhh! Her slit was so tight, so hot and wet. She was surely waiting for me, she was impaling herself on my pecker. Just several thrusts and I realized I was on the verge of cumming.

But before doing it I heard Susan’s lusty moaning and saw David and Ingrid looking at me reproachfully. But there was nothing I could do about it. It was my right, my right to be the first that night, to be the first to fuck her… She was the one I could break all possible rules and laws for, the one I could…. I was cumming….

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3 Responses to “Right to be the first”

  1. jhjgv Says:

    shit story

  2. luke Says:

    rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shit

  3. ur mom Says:

    sweeeett… ur a lucky guy

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