Two couples are having a nice time together, they are viewing their wives erotic photos, the husbands get hot and can no more handle their excitement and start fucking each other’s wives. That was a nice photo session and a nice fuck.

I got up and went to answer the on-door speaker phone. Nancy jumped up from her seat, smoothed her dress and went to the kitchen. George was standing motionless. He didn’t expect such things to happen – we were too busy with our things and totally forgot about Mary.

-Well, let’s continue all together, four of us, – I told him.

-It’s difficult to say what’s gonna be now, – was his reply.

He turned off the camera and put it on the shelf. Nancy was doing something in the kitchen, trying to focus her attention on something else and get rid of her arousal, I guess. George and I took whisky and lit cigarettes. George was silent. It’s difficult to say what scared him most – whether it was the action in the living room, or his wife’s coming – I don’t know.

Nancy opened the door, greeted Mary and went to the bathroom, saying she needed to powder her nose.

-Guys, why are so sad? You’re not drunk enough, right? – Mary said, smiling.

-We didn’t hurry for you not to miss the most interesting part, – said her husband.

Here is some personal information about Mary. She was of our age. She was a bit taller than Nancy. Her breasts were big and gorgeous. She always tried to show them to public. She surely had something to be proud of! Her butt wasn’t large. Her legs were slender. She was beautiful!!! Mary liked to wear sexy, provoking clothes that exposed her body. I must confess I was even jealous of George sometimes.

That night she came right from some party and was very well dressed. She had almost seethrough button blouse. She wasn’t buttoned up showing two big breasts in a red bra. She was also wearing a very short pleated suede skirt, black stockings. I could see all of them at full length when she sat down.

So, we were sitting at table, all four of us. We were drinking, eating, we were having fun. Seemed we three didn’t remember about the thing that had happened not so long ago. Suddenly Mary stood up from her chair, she seemed to be interested in something.

-Nancy, did guys take your pictures?

-Yes, some. They said I looked fine and wanted to shoot me that way, – my wife was trying to justify herself, – how did you know?

-Well, there are so many table lamps here. George usually brings them for shooting. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about! You do look great today! Your dress is just gorgeous. – Mary said laughing.

-Mary, honey, I almost forget! I have something for you… – George suddenly broke off their conversation.

It was right in time, as Nancy was all red-faced not knowing what else to say.

George ran out of the room. In about a minute he presented Mary some parcel. As we found out later it was lingerie, and judging by the wrapping, it was expensive.

In two more shots Mary was rather tipsy. Guess she’d already drunk enough during the party she came from.

-Nancy, get up and show me your dress.

-It has a deep cleavage, so you’re sure to like it, – my wife made several steps to the center of the room.

Romantic music was on. My wife began dancing. It was as sexy as the last time when she danced with George. She came up to Mary, raising the dress, showing her hips and upper parts of the stockings. She bent backwards, exposing the pit above her butt.

-I don’t get guys how you could control yourself when such a gorgeous woman was right by your side! Nancy you look fabulous without lingerie! – Mary cried out and stood up to join my wife in her dance.

Now there were two of them dancing before our eyes. I took the camera and began shooting them. They were talking about something in a whisper and laughing. Suddenly Mary stopped dancing and went out of the room.

-A nice surprise is waiting for you! – Nancy followed Mary.

We were sitting and waiting. After Nancy’s experience earlier that day and realizing that Mary was a girl with no hang-ups, we could only guess what was about to happen.

As time passed by nothing happened. George offered to drink some more, so we did, lighting up cigarettes. Suddenly the light in the room was put out. Nancy turned on a table lamp and put it on the floor in the center of the room.

We were unable to move. Our girls came out in the center of the room and started dancing. Nothing changed in their appearance, safe for the fact that Mary had no underwear, as well as Nancy. Mary’s seen-through blouse was almost transparent and invisible in the lamp’s light. She pulled the skirt up, and now it hardly covered her petite bare butt.

Their dance was very hot, they tried to show everything they had. But soon the music was over, so they put on the light and sat on the couch. George offered to drink to two sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. Soon it became clear to me that our ladies were tipsy, and I remembered George’s story.

-Mary, baby, show us your pics.

-He told you about them, right? OK, you can learn about it, especially today, – was her answer when she stood up and went out of the room.

Now we all were sitting on the couch, looking through her photos in her laptop. Mary was really a girl with no hang-ups. Her pictures were very lustful, she gave us comments on every single pic we saw. We could see her in all different poses with sex-toys in her pussy and ass. There were also some photos of her fingering and fisting herself. These ones were of great interest for me, as I loved fisting, but Nancy didn’t allow me to do it to her, she thought I would tear her.

While watching, George and I caressed our wives, and they didn’t seem to be resistant.

-Show me what you did today! – said Mary when her “portfolio” was over.

I took the camera and soon we could watch the photos on the screen.

-Mary, your husband shot me naked… – said Nancy carefully.

-So what? Did he try to fuck you or something? – Mary said, laughing.

She liked our photoset. She liked to see Nancy with her petite breasts, her open and wet pussy. While looking through the photos, Mary moved her legs apart, letting George’s hand get to her bosom. Looking at them, I also spread Nancy’s legs, and got to her snatch. Nancy was leaking. Even her dress was wet. She looked at me and kissed me on the cheek, closing her eyes.

-Girls! What about shooting you both?! – George suggested.

-It’s great! Nancy what do you think of a short lesbian show for our boys?! – Mary asked.

I bet Nancy was very happy about the proposal. George and I got ourselves busy with all sorts of preparations for the set. We cleared the couch of unnecessary things, fixed the light. The girls went to the bathroom to get their marvelous bodies ready for the show.

-Well, George, let’s drink some more and continue! – I said.

-Yeah, I’m for it. Now we’re in equal conditions – my wife is also here!

-Is it a problem with you that your wife is going to show me everything now?

-No, it’s not. And it’s surprising for me. Or maybe it’s because I’m used to her behavior. She doesn’t wear much either, as a rule. – He laughed.

In some five-seven minutes our ladies finally left the bathroom. They were just gorgeous!!! Nancy was wearing he best lingerie that we bought in Prague during our Christmas vacation in Europe. It was red with grey patterns. It was almost transparent, exposing her body. The panties had a slit on vagina, pressing her outer lips tight together, making them even more visible. She was wearing black stockings with lacy garter.

Mary was wearing the lingerie that George had just presented her. It was of light green color. The bodice was made of bones that were under her breasts, pushing them up and making them even bigger. Thong was almost transparent too. Thin chain covered her whole body. She was wearing body-color stockings and garter.

The girls went to the couch swaying hips and butts. They looked beautiful!

-Well boys. We’re ready! – Mary said.

George took the camera and began shooting without saying or arranging something around. We were like two hungry wolves among tasty sheep!

Nancy sat on the couch edge raising her leg in the sky. We could see her bosom. Mary sat beside her, and spreading her legs wide apart she drew the panties that hard up that it seemed it was about to cut her twat in two. Mary wanted to do everything herself, but George came up to them telling them what to do.

-Girls, show us your butts! Doggy style! – He ordered.

The girls turned around, leaning their hands on the couch back. George never stopped taking their pictures.

-Daniel, set their panties right, open their asses! – He continued.

I came up to my wife and pulled the panties to a side, caressing her all the way from the anus to the pubis. Nancy arched her back, opening herself for me. Mary was standing with her legs wide apart. I could easily see her pussy and her hole. The thong fit in her twat tight.

-You must be uncomfortable… – I told her, pulling her thong to the side, taking it out of her cunt. My hand slipped from her pubis to her anus. She turned around and looked at me with arousal:

-Thank you, darling.

Several shots and George came up to me saying I should help him lubricate them.

Without saying a word to each other we came up to each other’s wives. George sat behind my Nancy and started licking her butt. I sat behind Mary licking her, trying to part her buttocks as wide as possible. Our wives didn’t see who exactly was fondling each of them, but they were sure to guess. They simply didn’t want to look behind.

Mary’s butt was smaller that my wife’s, but it was more pliant and more worked out, you know.
In some more seconds Mary’s sphincter was no obstacle for my tongue to enter her asshole, it was all wet and relaxed. I added a finger to the asshole, while using the other three of the same hand to finger her pussy.

I heard Nancy moan, and realized that George wasn’t wasting time with my wife either! I looked at them and saw Nancy stick out her butt to George’s tongue. He used four fingers to finger her snatch and a thump to enter her other hole. Nancy was wet with George’s saliva and her own juices. It was bliss to caress the friend’s wife and watch someone else fuck your own! Mary was moaning, whispering something for me to go deeper and not to stop. She was sort of impaling her self on my hand.
I took my hand out of her anus and tried to push the entire fist inside her. She was leaking, really leaking. The lubrication was flowing down her leg and my hand. She never stopped impaling herself on my fist. I used the other hand to fondle her butt, two fingers could already slip inside her. I felt my own hand through the thing wall. It was awesome!

-Guys, fuck us! – Nancy moaned.

I could expect something of the kind from Mary, but not from my wife! George pulled off his pants setting his pecker free. His shaft was longer that mine but it was thinner. It wasn’t difficult for him to enter her pussy almost at full length. Nancy sighed and shut up getting used to a new size. He began ramming my wife, moving faster and faster. Soon he got inside her twat at his full length.

I realized it was time for me to shine too. I undressed and began moving my cock along Mary’s wet pussy and butt. She began to sway her ass as if trying to catch my prick. I didn’t give up rubbing her, trying to make her even hotter. I guess, she could wait no longer, so she pulled her hand between her legs, catching my dick and impaling herself on it. I began fucking her. Though her vagina was well worked out, her muscles squeezed my dick so tight that it was difficult not to cum at once. But I didn’t want hurry. I spit on her butt and began massaging her hole thrusting two and then three fingers in it. She was crying of arousal. Realizing that she was on the verge of cumming, I began to screw her pussy and her asshole more intensively. In hearing her first cry I entered her butt with four fingers at their full length. She cried again and I came together with her.

In a while I looked to the left. George was doing my wife. Nancy was bucking on the couch, she was sweat. The coach under her was also wet with her juices. George was on the verge too, he slapped my wife’s butt with his hand, then got out of her and began frigging.

-Cum into her! – I told him.

-Cum in me! – Nancy cried.

George impaled her with all his might. Nancy cried and they came together.

In about ten minutes of silence the girls stood up and went to the bathroom. George and I lit cigarettes. We couldn’t help admiring our wives. When the girls returned they were already dressed up.

-You’re dressed? I thought we would continue!!! – George said.

-No, we think it’s enough for today. We need time to get it over. – Nancy said.

-Didn’t you like it? We did something wrong? – George was not going to give up.

-No, everything was just perfect! Mary and I are very happy but we need time to think everything over. Besides, you guys also need rest after such a sex and so much alcohol. – She kept on insisting.

We sat at table and spent some more that an hour together. We were talking about our past sex experiences and tried not to talk about the night. Then George called a taxi and they left.
Nancy and I went to bed. Neither of us actually wanted to sleep. I began caressing my wife. Her pussy was still hot and swollen. Lubricating her butt with the cream, I got way to her wonderful anus. Playing with the clit, I owned her tight hole. We came together. We were so much exhausted that couldn’t even go to bathroom. We fell asleep hugging each other.

In the morning when I was going to work I asked Nancy if she liked the previous night.

-Sure baby. It was amazing. I could never even think something like this would happen to us! Were you jealous?

-I don’t know. There was an explosive mixture of jealousy and arousal. I liked it a lot. I want to feel it again. Now I want two knobs enter you at once! – I said embracing my wife.

-Thank you, baby. Well, we’ll see.

I had a call from George that day. They invited us to celebrate Halloween. I knew what he was talking about and I liked it.

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