One Day!

September 13th, 2007

It’s nice to have some good time in the bathhouse isn’t it? These two couples had the time of their life there, they exchanged their wives and fucked in each other’s presence, that is hot!

One day some friends of mine asked us to join them to go pick up mushrooms in the woods. I have remembered this trip for whole my life, I have never had the same later. There were four of us, me, my wife and Michael, with his wife Evie; walking down the forest we soon got tired and halted for a while, and then got back to have some rest and stoke the bathhouse. While we were peeling the mushrooms, the bath was already ready.

- So, let’s go together? asked my wife

- I feel shy… was Evie’s reply

Thus, me and her husband went first, having got some stack of cool beer, climbed up the berth and started luxuriating with hot clouds of steam. Soon we heard someone entered the changing room, then the door opened and there appeared my wife, who settled down the lower berth. Michael splashed some water onto the hot stones so that the whole room was misted over. I noticed my wife gazing on his cock: it was really big. In a while his wife joined us, she was wearing bikini and standing at the door perplexed.

- Are you always so shy? Asked my wife

She went back and removed her attire, then settled on the berth by Michael side. After approximately 10 minutes passed our friends left us pleading the heat. We joined them after a while, my darling kept on staring at his cock, while I was casting looks at Evie, as I had never seen her naked before looked like my wife, but taller, and there was another basic difference: my wife had a shaved pussy unlike Evie’s black beaver. Our friends said it would be enough, having opened the door to the steam room and recovered the breath we soon got back inside to soap.

- Rub my back…. I heard my wife’s voice, when I looked at her I saw my honey standing on her fours at the lower berth while leaning her elbows against the upper one, with an ass poking out and revealing brown wet butthole. Michael placed himself at her ass, rubbing the gel over her back, seeing this his wife asked me to do the same.

When she settled in dog style beside, I noticed a drop of sperm in her pussy hair: you don’t seem to be losing your time, now, do you? I thought and got down the deal. The sight was so excited that my cock rose immediately; Evie started when it touched her ass, she looked at left, so did I. my wife arched her back, showing her ass to my friend, his huge cock disappeared between her buttocks and she was caressing his balls having shoved her arm under the belly. At this moment Evie turned to me and put my cock in her hole, when I set to fucking her some loud squelching noises resounded so that it attracted attention of the next couple. My wife was placed onto the berth and Michael was sliding his tongue in her hole, deep and slight. Turned on with what I saw I came fast, Evie sat next to me to get some rest, when my wife took my already flabby cock in her mouth and made it erect. My friend was banging her from behind, so she was impaled on 2 dicks at the same time. She gave me deepthroating, the blowjob was divine. Michael came first, his sperm steamed over my wife’s back and poured down the tit. She went on sucking me until I came too. My darling rose and rubbed the clots over her face: “wow, we are really drunk”. Totally sweated I rushed into the dressing-room, in a minute Evie joined me. She left the door ajar and we could see my wife stretched out on the berth and Evie’s husband licking her pussy. I closed the door not to disturb them and we began drinking cold beer. After soon my wife came out sat next to me, Michael joined us next and I noticed my wife’s breast full of sperm. “They did it again” was my thought. Evie must have seen it also as she sat on my knees, what switched me on again. She rose a bit and my cock slid into her dripping cunt, Evie started riding me hard, gripping my knees. My wife pressed to Michael and gave him some hand-job; she was jerking him off so hard and violently that his cock turned red. Evie went on riding my shaft, and when I came she rose a bit and her cunt dripped with my cum, licking down. My friend came too blasting his cum onto my wife’s lips. And at last we did what we should have done before: we washed up.

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4 Responses to “One Day!”

  1. Love man Says:

    Never understand those motherfucking swingers, what the hell is to let someone fuck Your woman! Dart!

  2. doug Says:

    you really need to work on your grammatical skills.

  3. Cutie Says:

    That story made me so horny! I was masturbating the whole time! And I came!

  4. Anus Fuck Expert Says:

    Fuck all her holes

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