My hubby likes watching

June 6th, 2008

It’s so exciting to see your wife getting fucked by someone else, but it’s more exciting if you both want to try swing…

My husband thinks he’s the one who makes decisions. He can’t even imagine it’s me who makes him creative by using my small women’s tricks. I generate all sparkling ideas.

My hubby isn’t the only man I’ve had in my life. He knows it for sure but he doesn’t know how many partners I’d had before I met him. We met when I was 24 and we got married in a year, and I lost virginity at 18. He doesn’t know about it.

I was a real sex freak, I’ve been obsessed with sex since I turned 18 and before I met my hubby I’d had dozens of sex partners. When I got married I made sure we spent all our honey moon in bed having sex 24/7. I was happy for several months, then I just got bored. I wanted some new sensations, something spicy and hot. I had an idea how to make my sex life full, so I decided to act on my own.

When seeing an article about swingers and gang bangs I tried to look surprised saying:

“I can’t believe people do it!”

My hubby stared reading the article not even knowing it was picked intentionally and meant for him to read. In a while, he started talking about swing and gang bangs. I saw it was turning him on. Later he asked me if I could do something of the kind too. I didn’t give him direct answers leaving a lot to his own imagination. It was a great turn on for him. He just fucked me so hard after such conversations. It was awesome sex!

Once he came home earlier holding a bottle of wine in his hand. We had a drink and then he said he would like me to get fucked by some other man, he said it was turning him on. I tried to look surprised and bewildered. He was obsessed with the idea. He said a gang bang could make him love me more, could bring us even closer. He said he liked to jack off imagining me fucking some other guy. (YES! I made it! He wanted a swing!) Well, of course, I had to play my part and not to agree at once, I said I would do it just to make my hubby happy.

He pounced on me and started fucking me really hard repeating how much he wanted a gang bang or threesome. He asked me to say that I wanted it too. My words made him even hotter, they were turning me on too. Well, I’m sure not every woman can confess to her husband she wants a fuck with another man! We almost didn’t sleep that night.

We spent some two weeks looking for an appropriate partner. We were very scrupulous choosing the one to satisfy my lust. There was a guy named Adam. He was our mutual friend and we decided to try him in action.

I told Adam we separated with my hubby, and he lived with his parents. So Adam called on me one night, and … it happened! He brought a bottle of wine, he tried to console me, then he started kissing and caressing me, and then he used his penis to comfort me in full. Adam turned out to be a good lover. His dick wasn’t really big but it could ram my pussy and my mouth really well. My hubby called at 11 pm, I told Adam he had to leave. So before my hubby arrived Adam managed to fuck me twice and cum in my mouth.

When my babe returned home the fist thing he did was to ask me if I had sex with Adam. I said I did and then he just started licking me sperm-filled twat demanding a detailed description of the fuck. I wish I could describe my feelings when he was licking me! I felt like a very horny wanton bitch! Then he started screwing me hard asking me not to stop with my story. After the fuck we went on with relishing fuck details. My hubby managed to cum twice just by jerking his cock and listening to my story. Then we had another bang. And then we finally fell asleep at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Once we started it we couldn’t stop it… Adam became my lover. My hubby was absolutely delighted. But it was getting bored again… I wanted to try something new for a change. I suggested swing. My hubby was simply happy about trying it. We had to spend a lot more time to find the appropriate couple. Their names were Jared and Amy. They were a bit older and had swing experience.

We invited them over to our place. First we were just chatting and sipping drinks, then we started dancing, and then we had a hardcore gang bang. My hubby was staring at me all the time, even when he was ramming Amy. He enjoyed seeing me cum on another man.

We didn’t really like swing. We were both distracted by Amy. I didn’t like her just because she was a woman, and I wasn’t attracted to girls, and my hubby said she didn’t let him enjoy watching me get hardly screwed. He confessed he preferred jerking when he saw me with another man…

All right…. My hubby had a colleague. Randall was a very cute guy. He was tall, muscular, strong, and had a very lovely smile. He seemed a perfect sex partner.

My hubby invited him to visit us some Sunday night. My spouse pretended to be drunk and sleeping. I showed him to the bedroom and then got back to the room to continue chatting with Randall. Then I decided to go to the kitchen and make us some coffee. I was really playful and kind of naughty with Randall. So he just put his hands round my waist and went to the kitchen with me. He pulled me closer and started kissing me. He got his hand under my panties. I didn’t resist. So he just fucked me on the kitchen table.

He didn’t know what to do after the fuck, he thought he had just seduced his fiend’s wife, so he ran away form me in a couple of minutes. When I got in the bedroom I found my hubby and a sperm soaked towel by his side. It turned out he was standing on the staircase while I was fucking in the kitchen. He could hear my moaning and crying, as well as the table squeaking. He came twice during my kitchen fuck.

All my hubby’s more or less cute friends have already fucked me. I slept with some of my friends’ hubbies too (I think my friends are to blame. They often told me what hot lovers their men were). It’s been five years since I got married. I’m happy. I have my hubby that really loves me and I love him truly and madly. He’s my closest friend I can share all my secrets with. I recently got a new job and have already seduced my boss, he’s such a cutie. So, I’m 100% happy with my life!

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  1. tango Says:

    that is great story i really loved it, i wish if i can find me a good couple to share my wife as well with them

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