Meeting our old friends!!

November 29th, 2008

These couples get together to celebrate their birthdays, it’s going to be nice and hot and they are going to exchange their wives just for the fun of it…

We have known George and Madlen for years; we have celebrated different holidays together. This time we all gathered together to celebrate George’s birthday.

We were having a very good time, drinking and having fun, and late in the day, when everybody was drunk, Madlen decided to clean the table leaving only drinks and some salads only. George and my Catarina went out to the balcony to have a smoke, and I decided to help Madlen with the cleaning: she looked so tired. Thus, standing in the kitchen and wiping the dishes and talking things I suddenly realized that George and Catarina retarded over smoking out there, I had to confess Catarina catching George’s look recently. When I tried to talk to her sincerely, she assured me of her faithfulness saying that she would never cheat on me and she loved me very much. Catarina never gave me any reason for being jealous of her, she had always been sincere with me, saying that she was truly pleased with me. But she was capable of unbelievable things when being drunk and this wild energy of hers made me alert over her behavior. She became loose and was able to do anything. In her late 34 my wife Catarina looked sexy and gorgeous, with round nice ass and big tits, black hair and long legs. I sympathized with all those men paying attention to her, while Madlen, in her turn was of medium height, round hipped, blonde and sexy as well. Anyway, so washing the plates I was admiring Madlen’s sexy ass, thinking of what was going on at the balcony at the moment. I was suspected of any available and admissible reasons of their being so late now. At this time Madlen came into the hall in order to get some empty glasses, but then she stopped stupefied staring at the balcony. She seemed seeing what she didn’t want to see. The point was that George and Catarina turned the light off when going out there, and the balcony was illuminated by the kitchen’s light, so it was visible entirely. I put the towel on the shoulder and approached her, devoured by anxiety. I was astonished to see them kissing each other in a Catarinaer of a very romantic story. They paid no attention on anything, fully engaged in this pastime; Catarina threw her hands round George’s neck whereas he was smothering her face, neck and shoulders with hot kisses. That was something to lose your speech and the only question in my mind was what the hell to do about this situation!

“What are we supposed to do?” Madlen asked me in a low voice. I said that at first, she would put the glasses on the table and she obeyed, and then I moved behind her, put my palms onto her hips, approached my face to her ear and whispered:

“We have only 3 ways out! First, we go to the balcony, you seize my wife by hair and I kick your hubby’s ass and then we all go home. Second, they have fun, so why don’t we have fun also? Just the same shit they are doing right there. And the last one: we come to the balcony and join them! ”

“But it’s gonna be a gang bang!” her voice trembled. I sensed her excitement, spreading over the body with my hands.

“Fuck it!” I was firm in my decision. She pondered all pros and cons a bit, and after a pause gave me a vacant stare. She said: “I think we would use the number 2!”. I was truly amazed! At this moment, she threw herself on my neck like a pussycat, and kissed me hot on my lips. She was kissing me very passionately and expertly, putting her tongue deep in my mouth, the whole situation seemed to turn her on much! I caressed her back, sliding my palm down, and when I put it down there, it was hot and wet. Pushing away her slightly, I sat on the sofa and clang to her tits, whereupon she moaned and her nipple erected. Shoving my hand under her skirt I groped her wet pussy and half open pussy lips, I flicked them a bit, making her breath hard. At this moment George and Catarina had already stopped kissing and now they remained on the balcony in hugs. Madlen looked at me with such a sluttish way and….

“That’s enough, guys! Come on, let’s dance! Join us…” exclaimed Madlen opening the balcony door. Then she took me by the hand and stepped to the middle of the room. So did Catarina and George, they followed us with joined hands, the music was on, I began pouring the wine into the glasses, while Madlen gave my wife a hug and put her head onto her husband’s chest. They all looked so great, that I found myself on admiring them that way. Gradually, Madlen passed her hand over Catarina’s breast, my wife was still excited, and Madlen’s fingers touched her erect nipple very soon. She set to fondling Catarina’s nipple by stealth, Catarina appeared to be enjoying it also, and she put her head on George’s chest with half closed eyes. In a while Madlen whispered to George by so that we could hear

“Your wife has got so gorgeous tits! Look, much bigger that I have! Take them now!”

“Don’t’ you mind?” George seemed surprised giving me a puzzled look.

“Sure, go ahead!” Madlen replied instead of me and put his hand onto her girlfriend’s boobs. “And you, honey, give my husband something he needs and loves!” my wife addressed herself to Madlen.

After that Catarina removed her blouse and kissed George deep on lips. Madlen came up to me and undressed not only her top, but a bra as well, and a wonderful view of her tits appeared to my eyes. Without further ado I took up kissing her hot, everything excited me mad, I glimpsed at George with a corner of my eye and saw my wife, almost nude, in strings only, undoing his jeans and looking rapaciously at his bulge on the pants. The same happened to Madlen, she soon became totally naked, and when she managed to undid my underwear, there was my cock hard on to her view. Putting me on the sofa she passed her tongue over cock’s tip, then her mouth closed upon my cock and she started sucking it hot. Catarina was engaged in a blow job; George was standing on his feet and impaling Catarina’s head onto his dick. Then Madlen rose, settled herself on my cock, and the fuck began! Here a real hot race began, I was kneading her tits with my palms, slapping her ass, and spreading her buttocks aside while she impaled her pussy deep on my rod. George put my wife next to me and got down to fucking her hard, it happened some way that I and Catarina began kissing. Madlen settled herself on my cock like a crazy as George continued fucking my wife’s pussy violently, whereas I was holding Madlen by hips kissing my Catarina at the same time. Deciding to stimulate Madlen as well I set to flicking her clit, the effect rose immediately, she started and convulsed in an exploding orgasm! There a wild and tumultuous orgasm ensued, accompanied with hard snatches on my shoulders. Watching mi wife I noticed her being on the verge, she was close to come, so was George, continuing fucking her hard and fast! When he came, Madlen jumped to Catarina, lying on the sofa, and started licking her husband’s cum from my wife’s crotch, and poking out her ass! I couldn’t help fucking her from behind. She was now on all her fours with her ass facing me, so I just fucked her doggy style! Now I was banging Madlen who was licking my wife’s cunt. Catarina was confused first, but then she threw her head back on the sofa and relaxed as if waiting for something. Madlen used her tongue very well; she did marvelous things with Catarina’s clit. Catarina soon arched her back; a loud moan escaped her lips, and reached her first orgasm, my God, she was so beautiful at the moment. The sight like that always drove me mad, so I sped up fucking Madlen’s cunt tempestuously, and in a few minutes blasted a load of thick cum right in there. We all fell on the floor, tired and kissing our wives, as for them, they looked happy as never before. Then we had a shower by two, and after that went on having our party all together, drinking wine, talking jokes. When we were going to bed my wife confessed having the best day in her life ever. The noises of moans resounded from the next door room. We exchanged glances and kissed.

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