In a country house

September 16th, 2007

Two couples go to the summer house to get away from the hectic pace of the city life. There they find themselves together, no one is around and they decide to get down to pleasing their lust, it all starts so suddenly and now men are willing to share their lively wives with each other.

We were in my old friend’s country house. There were many good friends there. It was pretty cheerful and funny, but as we all got sort of tired of the working week, we couldn’t help going to sleep pretty early.

There were enough rooms for everyone, but my friend Mike went to sleep in his car saying it was too stuffy in the house. His wife, my wife and I made us beds in one room. No matter how I tried I couldn’t get to sleep. In about 30 minutes of turning from one side to the other I went to the garden, the moonlight lit the trees and grass with silver. I saw Mike’s car standing near the house with the doors open. I saw he was smoking. I got on the back seat of his car and we began chatting about all different stuff.

In some 15 minutes Jenn, my wife, went out of the house. She came up to the car and saying she couldn’t fall asleep and it was very boring to be all alone inside the house, she proposed to join us in the car.

I couldn’t help but say:

-When a tomcat has nothing to do it leaks its balls…

-I don’t have any, I’ll have to get down to yours. – My wife replied.

I was taken aback by her words. Mike threw back the plaid showing his dick, saying she could start with him. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think it over. All I felt that moment was great arousal. My knob was rocky hard. Meanwhile, Jenn got to the front seat beside Mike and sucked into his dick up to the balls, which she was caressing gently. The stereo system dim pink light made everything surreal and hot. Mike was shocked looking at me and at Jenn in turn. But seeing that both of us were glad and aroused he relaxed and began moaning silently.

I went out of the car and saw my wife’s butt sticking out of the door. She was undressed. All she was wearing was my T-shirt that exposed her tightly squeezed hips that were fondling her clit. I tried to impale her from the rear but it was very uncomfortable as the car was too small, and I had to stand on my legs half-bent.

-Let’s get back to the house, – I suggested.

They seemed to be unwilling to get apart. But when they finally did we went to the bower. It was warm there. Mike sat on the bench, and Jenn proceeded with blow job. I came up to her from behind and moved her legs apart. The view was very arousing.

Mike’s almost purple dick was in my wife’s mouth, her petite boobs were swaying above his knees, her nipples were rubbing against them. I saw lubrication flow from her cave making her lightly swollen vulva lips wet. I couldn’t look at it anymore and when moving her buttocks apart with my hands, I licked into her pussy, trying to thrust my tongue as deep as I could.
We remained for some five minutes in this position, as all of three of us were so hot that we needed something more. Jenn brought Mike down on the bench, mounting him. His cock rushed into her, she was opened. I began kissing her back and coccyx, pressing her ass to Mike’s pubis with my hand. Mike was feeling up her tits, trying to reach her hard nipples with his lips. Jenn bent down giving him her nipples and breasts. He bit in them making her moan and impale herself harder on his shaft.

Taking the advantage I parted her buttocks and began kissing her anus, licking drops of lubrication from her lips and Mike’s stem. I don’t know what exactly made her asshole pulse and open that much. Maybe that was my caress, maybe that was arousal. Her hole was opened, her legs were trembling.

-You’re so spacious and soft! – Mike whispered stopping caressing her tits moving his pelvis slowly.

-I’m gonna make you tight. – I said getting my thumb in her ass.

She was moaning, kissing Mike deeply. Mike was trying to press his knob against my thumb inside her.

-Tear me! – My wife moaned. It was no problem with me. My dick was so hot I thought it would set itself on fire.

I lubricated my dick with my saliva and directed it in her hole, thrusting it inside carefully. I could feel Mike’s cock through the wall. I could feel it pulsing, Mike was about to cum. Jenn felt it too, impaling herself on my stem. Her thrusts made Mike cum groaning, quivering while spurting the semen. Jenn’s vagina began contracting spasmodically, while my wife was moving even more vigorously on his pecker. Her anus was holding my prick as hard and tight as a fist. In a couple of seconds Jenn and I came together. We all were exhausted.

Jenn was gushing with sperm. In a while she went out to the shower. Mike and I joined her in a minute to soap her body, rub her back, and … The first one we saw when going out of the bathroom was Mike’s wife Ann. Judging by her face expression she saw everything we were doing in the bower. And again, judging by her expression, she liked what she saw there. Maybe she was even envious of us.

Getting that she could control the situation, Ann came up to Jenn, kissed her gently and whispered.

-You were just marvelous. I haven’t seen my Mike so vehement for a long time. I want it too. Will you help?

Who can reject such a request of a smart woman? In a couple of minutes Mike and I were undressing his wife and caressing her with four hands and two tongues. My Jenn returned from the room holding something behind her back.

-I wanna have a shower. Without guys – Ann said sheepishly.

They went there – Jenn and Ann. We decided to spend the time drinking cold tea or something else refreshing. Hearing no water splashing in the shower we opened the door. There was a lot of steam in the bathroom. Somehow we could see Ann lying on the bench while Jenn was rubbing some aromatic oil into her skin. Her hands were sliding along Ann’s body from her shoulders to her heels, not missing such important spots like breast and the crotch. Every time Jenn’s hand hid between the legs, Ann was trembling and bucking, moaning quietly.

Mike got inside the room and sat at Ann’s side. Ann turned her head to her husband and began fondling his hard pecker, laying her head in his lap. She was cupping his hips with her hands sticking out her butt for me. Jenn never stopped massaging her back, shoulders, her ass. I came up to Ann, hesitating. Jenn stopped massaging, got on her knees before me and sucked my dick in several times, making it become rocky hard.

Jenn winked at Mike frisky and moved Ann’s hips wider, helping me enter her wet tight pussy. Standing behind her I could massage Ann’s hips and buttocks with my hands. Keeping sucking her hubby’s cock she caught my hand and used it to caress her own anus. I got her hint and entered her hole with a finger. Her butt was tight and I realized it was her first experience of getting butt-fucked. I tried to be very careful. I was caressing my dick with my finger through a thin wall between the vagina and the anus. I was trying to reach my dickhead.

Feeling new strong sensations Ann was sucking Mike’s cock more and more intensively making him lie on his back. My wife took up the initiative at once. She sat on his face and his tongue found itself in her cave in no time. Jenn was hissing with delight. She bent her head down and began biting Ann’s ear. Ann responded to her actions with a vehement kiss.

The girls began fondling Mike together, holding his stem between their lips and tongues. In a minute Mike moaned he wanted to cum. The girls let him go, and I went out of his wife who lay on Mike, letting him penetrate her hot vagina.

-Take me! – Ann asked me. – I want more.

I tried to get inside her anus, but she resisted saying my knob was too huge. She proposed to join her husband in the pussy. So I did. I impaled her on Mike’s stem, spreading her lips apart with my fingers, and I got inside her snatch up to my balls. I was swaying my hips slowly, enjoying the brand new sensations. My dickhead was sliding along Ann’s vagina, or stumbling on Mike’s head.

Beyond herself with pleasure Ann was bucking and arching her back trying to get her nipple in Mike’s mouth. He caught her tits with his hands, toying with her nipples.

Jenn came up to us from a side, kissing me on my neck, ears, and lips. She put her hand between my belly and Ann’s ass. I felt her thin finger caressing our heads from inside of Ann’s hole. Mike appreciated her stimulations and got his thumb in her ass and his index and middle fingers in her twat. The bathroom was filled with moaning and groaning. We all were unable neither to think, not to speak. All energy of ours was being spent on tumultuous lustful fuck. We were teasing each other for some minutes. Then we were cumming. Convulsions and contractions of one partner made another feel the same, so we all came almost simultaneously.

It took us time to set free from each other. We all went to have a shower. Then we wished each other good night and went to bed. Since that time I always get erection whenever I hear the words “shower” and “country house”.

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  1. AzaMAT-TURE Says:

    Fucking your friend’s wife is so goooooood! I’ve hot a hard on and I gotta give myself a good handjob!

  2. carol Says:

    Hi, Fuck me that story made me and my sister so hot, we read it together and we are ready to lick each other until our hubbies come home to fuck us silly! I love this,,


  3. Dairren Says:

    Fucking hot! I luv it, I wanna lick a hot pussy and drink all of its love juice!!!

  4. jay Says:

    damn thats hot, “carol” what you said was very hot

  5. CHARAN_HDHN Says:


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