Hot foursome

May 28th, 2008

Two couples get together and have too much to drink, it’s going to be a wild party and the night is going to be even wilder…

Ladies and gentlemen, dear perverts!

I’m gonna tell you a true fuckin story. It happened to me and my beau a few years ago.

We had friends that we used to hang out with. Cause my bf and that girl’s bf were colleagues. So we would always spend weekends and other days off with them and do just the usual go outs and house parties.

So it was another weekend. Just an ordinary winter weekend. Me and Benji were cuddling on the sofa and didn’t know how to entertain ourselves. The phone rang. It was Joel. He asked Benji to bring some papers he needed to look at. He said he would really appreciate it if he could drop them by his place and that it would be cool to hang out over at their house. On the way to their house we got a bottle of cognac. We know Joel and Nicole love to have some from time to time.

So we drank, and started getting kinds drunk. We sang, we danced and acted naughty. Sometimes, when one drinks it is real fun. It’s like being under anesthesia. Everyone was in a good mood and it is fun to talk about intimate stuff.

Soon we realized we didn’t want to go home. But the problem was that their suite in hotel had only one room and we didn’t want to check in and get a new room. Well, they had two couches though. We put them close to each other and it was like a bed, well it seemed that way, the drunken way.

We turned on some soft music to lull us.

Alcohol and a little turn on we felt from the talks we had wouldn’t let us asleep. Benji softly touched my tit. I really liked it and I put his hand on my pussy that was crying from him caressing my tit.

He got inside my panties and touched my pussy. From those moves my pussy became really soft and hot. I took off my panties and he went down on me. He started kissing me there. Oh, how I love it when I get licked! I love the feeling of his tongue. He was teasing my blossom, he sucked it, he gently put his fingers inside me. One by one. Those three fingers.

I was totally into it and started screaming loud. And at one point I was like what the hell. It downed upon me that we weren’t the only ones in that suite. But I wasn’t embarrassed or anything, instead it spiced up sensation so much that I cum. Benji wouldn’t soothe down. He kept on caressing me till the wave of excitement took over me again. I opened my eyes a little and looked at my friends who were lying on the bed three feet away from us. That’s what I saw turned me on so much like nothing ever before. I never thought that seeing Nicole giving Joel a blow job standing on her knees would turn me on so much. She looked beautiful. Her round bum was moving as she moved her head. It looked like she loved sucking cock and she knew how to do it right.

Donnow why, but I wanted to feel her bum. God, I never had any lesbian propensity! Perhaps it was the alcohol. I didn’t care. Attraction for Nicole darkened the rest of what was going on. It seemed so that Benji didn’t know what was going on. He kept on licking me out. I pulled him up. I wanted to feel his cock inside my hot pussy. He entered me… God, it felt so sweet. He started fucking me. His balls were smashing against my bum. But I couldn’t see what our friends were doing and lust was torturing me inside. I changed position to doggy style and made sure that I see Nicole.

She was already riding Joel. She was on top of him and jumped on him like some whore. Benji stopped for a second. He finally saw that we weren’t the only ones who were fucking. He stopped for a few and then started moving inside me so fast and furious. Fuck! He came right on my back and I turned around and licked the leftovers off his dick. I asked him as I touched his dick if he would like to join our friends. I was over turned on. Just as Benji.

His dick got hard again from me licking his dick head. He was watching our friends. Benji said “Fuck, yeah… I dream about it.” I took his hand and said lets go. We weren’t even thinking back than that they would flip us off.

“Hey, guys. Do you mind if we join you?”

“You’re reading our mind…”

Nicole didn’t stop moving her delicious ass for a second. Back and force. She took Benji’s dick and asked him if she could suck it. His dick was deep inside her mouth and my boyfriend moaned. My pussy was burning and I had the opportunity to touch Nicole’s ass. Her bum was amazing! I massage it. I caressed it. I even kissed it. It was torturing me. I wanted to feel Nicole’s pussy. I wanted to feel how it tastes and I dived under her standing on all forth. I kissed her and sucked her pearl. That was something! She smelled so sweet. I couldn’t stop and my turn on was over the top. My pussy needed attention!

Joel who was watching the three of us for the whole time understood my desire. He came closer to me and and shoved his dick in my hungry vagina. I had such an orgasm from the thought that I was getting fucked in front of my boyfriend, and he was getting his dick sucked by some other chick whose pussy I was eating!

I never had a better shag. As I had my orgasm I moved away, but the guys wouldn’t stop. They put Nicole on all fours and her Joel fucked her in the mouth while my Benji fucked her pussy from behind. And I was licking her nipples and fingered her pussy.

Soon she also had an orgasm. I was so happy and felt like seventh heaven.

We took shower one after another one and soon after that we all fell asleep on one big bed.

To be honest the next day we all felt really embarrassed but as we looked each other in the eyes during the breakfast we understood that what happened was fun and that each one of us was glad it happened.

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4 Responses to “Hot foursome”

  1. girly_girl Says:

    awesum fuckin story had a huge orgy :P

  2. manu Says:

    Fine female impressions before hard dicks and wet pussies. if you (boy) never had a dick to suck in front of your beloved, you should do it at once : result : your girlfriend will fuck you more intensively as ever before; show your open mouth with fresh cum and swallow it, just before her open eyes. That’s sex as it should be !

  3. [email protected]€l¡CI¤u$ Says:

    WOW DAT WAS NICE!!! Love it!

  4. manu Says:

    attractive story. Most possible a true story. description of dicks seemingly failing .

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