Close friends. Part two

October 27th, 2007

If friends are close, that means a lot, they are ready to share everything, no moral can stand between them, share a wife? No problem!

It was a wonderful sunny day. It was Friday, 6 pm. It was early July. It was pretty hot outside. We were going to spend the weekend with our good friends Jim and Kelly. We were planning to spend the weekend on the beach with lots of beer at our disposal. The day was very hot, we all were hoping it would get a bit cooler at night, but we were damn wrong about it.

My wife Mirren and I were sitting in out bungalow. It was 8 pm. We heard a knock on the door. It were Jim and Kelly.

-Well, let’s celebrate another weekend in our life! – Jim said cheerfully.

-What would you like to drink? – Mirren asked him, smiling.

-I want vodka, – Kelly said suddenly.

OK… Soon we were rather tipsy. We wanted to have some fun. After a while, someone suggested.

-Why don’t we continue the fun we once started? Let’s massage each other.

The girls told us to get out of the room. They really wanted to massage each other. And we badly needed to smoke.

-I guess we should think up something spicy today, – Jim said, smoking.

-Well, we’ll see. I wonder what our babes are doing out there. Let’s go watch it.

Jim nodded and we crept up to the closed doors of the room. Mirren was lying on her belly, Kelly was sitting on her back, massaging my wife. They both were totally naked. It was definitely a very hot erotic massage. Kelly’s hands were roaming over my wife’s back, touching her hands and buttocks. Kelly’s hands were getting lower to the asshole. Mirren was breathing heavily, sticking out her butt. I don’t know if it was the massage that made her so hot, or she simply noticed us watching them. Kelly’s hands were caressing my honey between the hips. Mirren stared moaning, and then turned to her back. Kelly was mounting her again. She kept on massaging her, but she was using her tongue and lips that time. She started with the neck. Her tongue was sliding downwards to Mirren’s nipples, fondling each of them in turn. We were standing behind the door, watching that incredibly hot show. It was so exciting and arousing that it was painful to stand – my dick was rocky hard that time. Kelly was getting closer and closer to my wife’s pussy. And here we go. It was the culmination of the show. Mirren spread her hips wide, raising them and bending the knees. Kelly started licking hr wet cave. Mirren was moaning. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I was about to rush into the room and join the girls in their love games, but Jim grasped my hand and pulled me aside. He gave me a cigarette.

-What are you doing? The girls are having fun, let them enjoy it. It will make them even hotter…. – Jim noted thoughtfully.

He persuaded me. We finished with smoking, then each of us took a shower. We opened the room. Jim was the first to give up. He took his wife and entered her snatch. I wanted to play with my sweetie. I started licking her pussy. It was just amazing. Her cave was so hot and wet, seemed it was begging me to enter it with the whole fist. Or at least with three fingers. So I did. Mirren couldn’t stand it for long.

-Enter me. I want you so much! – She whispered.

I don’t really think I’m the kind of person who has to be asked twice. I was doing her in the dog fashion. Soon it was time to change positions. I lay on my back, hoping she would mount me. But Mirren had something else on her mind. She decided to thank me for the drill by sucking my stem. It was so great, that I couldn’t help moaning. Jim saw that my wife’s pussy was free, so he let his wife go and entered my honey with his huge knob. He was holding Mirren by the waist. Kelly didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with the sudden change. She didn’t seem to be jealous either. She wanted to play our game too. She started caressing my wife’s back and tits. But I wanted to fuck!!! I stood up and put Kelly on her back, impaling her twat on my pecker. I can’t really say if she enjoyed the drill, as my phallus was a bit smaller that her hubby’s one. I don’t know, but she was moaning, anyway.

Though I was taking part in a great gangbang, I never stopped thinking it over. I couldn’t realize what was better: to fuck my friend’s wife or to watch him fucking my one. “Man, what if she likes his penis more than mine? I gotta get back to my Mirren,” I thought suddenly. The thought made me cold. On the other hand, the fact that I would be drilling my wife’s pussy after she’d been fucked by another huge cock was making me real hot. My dick became even harder and thicker, though it seemed to be unbelievable.

I took Jim’s place. I was screwing my wife in the same position as he was. She didn’t even notice it was me now. She was moaning and crying just like before. At such moments I love my wife even more that usually, I really feel like we’re one, we belong together, we can’t be taken apart. Suddenly Mirren said quietly.

-I gotta go to the bathroom.

I was sitting on the couch. Jim and Kelly didn’t really seem to notice her go. They were too absorbed in their wild fuck. I truly enjoyed watching them. I decided to help them a bit. Kelly was lying on her back, spreading her legs wide apart, Jim was ramming into her snatch vehemently. I bent my head over her breasts and pinched one of her hard nipples, massaging the other. Kelly started moaning louder. She was sure to enjoy the threesome. She turned to the stomach, asking her hubby to enter her butt. I was lying under her, so she took my dick in her hands, jerking it. It was a real turn on for her.

-Jim can I suck on it? – She asked her husband in a whisper.

Jim, fucking son of a bitch, shook his head, never stopping to drill her asshole. Her face was so close to my prick, it felt so good and so arousing. I had a sudden urge to please my friend’s wife. The only thing I could think up was to take Jim’s place owning her hole. Jim wasn’t against the show.

-I want more. Kelly go and mount me, – he said in five minutes.

He lay on the couch and Kelly sat on his stem. He was impaling her wet pussy on his giant dick. Suddenly he spread her buttocks for me to see her anus.

-Hey, buddy, bring some Vaseline and enter her. We’ll be doing her together.

I brought the lubrication. But unfortunately for me, I didn’t manage to use it, as Kelly said she was tired. We took a break. We drank some more vodka and continued the fun.

-Matt, pal, do you have a softer belt? – Jim asked me suddenly.

I thought he wanted to tie his wife and play the “helpless slave” with her, but turned out everything was more pervert than I thought. Jim kept on drilling his wife’s anus, but suddenly he took the belt in his hands and slapped it across her round buttocks. Kelly arched her back, groaning with pain and delight. I saw a red mark on her ass. He was slapping her over and over again. They both seemed to enjoy the game, besides it was surely turning them on that somebody was watching their secret game. Mirran was back in the room, and we both were watching them with great interest. I was screwing her butt (it’s our favorite position). We were looking at our friends, enjoying their sadomasochist games.

Some thirty minutes passed by. The girls were pretty tired, they were asking us to stop. They were doing it in their own ways. Kelly said she was fucking tired of us and went to another room to take a nap. Mirran stayed with us. We were smoking. We were nude and aroused. I was asking my wife to please me. It took me some time to talk her into sucking my stem. Jim was looking really sad that moment, so I asked Mirren to please both of us. We got back to the room. Mirran lay on her back. We lay on her sides. She took our hard hot dicks in her hands, jacking them off. It felt so good…. I wanted to make her feel bliss too. We stared caressing her knockers, her nipples, we were kissing her neck, fondling her stomach and her hips. It was really nice. Then I noticed Jim fucking her pussy. I was damn surprised – she’d been complaining of being exhausted just ten minutes ago, she said she wanted to sleep and didn’t let me do her, when actually she let my friend ram her before my face!

It was an incredible moment! I was jealous and damn hot, seeing my beautiful wife fucking another man. I didn’t let them enjoy the fuck for long. I turned her butt to me and entered her cunt. Mirran began caressing Jim’s cock with her hands. I felt like cumming. I took my knob out of her hole and came on her stomach. Jim didn’t manage to cum in time… He was mad. He stood up, took his sleeping wife in his arms and left the house.

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    very sex and nice i would love to get a girl then have fuck together

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    im a guy

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