Two couples get drunk at a party and the fun begins: they share their wives, watch them sucking their cocks and finally fuck their yearning pussies.

It was the second day of the party. My wife was very tired of non-stop drinking that she couldn’t help going to the living room to take a nap. I was very aroused (it usually happens to me after drinking a lot), I desperately wanted to fuck somebody. My friends Jim and Kelly felt like having some fun too. So we decided to have sex and shoot it on camera. We used to do such things before too, you know.

We took a shower and went back to the living room to drink some more. Jim took out a camera and began shooting his wife in different poses. I took the camera and told them:

-Hey, let’s do it this way – you’ll be having sex and I’ll be taking your pics, ok?

Kelly was giving head to her hubby. I was trying to make the best pics ever so I was always disturbing her with my advice. She wasn’t sucking him for long. We wanted to shoot something else as well. Jim came up to the couch. My wife was sleeping there. He was raising her dress up. He was taking her pictures at the same time. I liked the game though I felt a bit sorry for my totally drunk wife. I pulled down her panties and spread her buttocks for Jim to shoot her vagina. It was a real turn on for him. He threw the camera aside and entered his wife’s bushy pussy with his huge dick.

My cock hurt. I wanted to fuck too. I had no other way but to spread my wife’s buttocks again and enter her dry snatch. Mirren (my wife) moaned something but didn’t resist. Her pussy was getting wetter, so it was easier for me to ram her. Kelly lay on the couch too, Jim was drilling her twat. Mirren woke up and looked pretty sober to realize what was going on. She got on her knees. Mirren was moaning. She began kissing Kelly’s nipples. It was so hot. Jim and I started doing them more vigorously. Meantime, Kelly’s hand slipped between my wife’s legs, caressing my balls. Wow, it was getting more and more interesting!

-OK, let’s change positions. – Jim said finally.

He showed an example. He turned Kelly to aside and entered her asshole. I did the same. I must say, it’s our favorite position. Now Kelly and Mirran were looking at each other. The girls started caressing one another, fondling each other’s nipples, stomachs, hips and clits. It looked terrific.

-Why don’t you fondle each other with your tongues? – I suggested.

My wife began kissing Kelly’s body. Her tongue was roaming over the tanned body of her friend, beginning with dark hard nipples. Kelly was moaning, spreading her hips wider. Mirren understood that it was a sort of invitation to lick wet vulva lips of her friend. We were hoping to watch their lesbian show for long, but unfortunately, Kelly came too soon. She wanted to finger Mirren too, but my honey replied she preferred my wild drilling to that sort of caress. I was impaling her on my dick in less that a minute. I couldn’t cum for long, so my wife decided to help me with her tongue and hands. When Mirren felt I was close to cumming she tried to evade swallowing the semen, but I was holding her head tight with my hands, ejaculating in her mouth. It was just marvelous! Jim and Kelly were watching us, cumming too. Kelly went to the bathroom then.

Everything was just perfect till Kelly decided it was enough for her. Jim had already come twice, but we both were so aroused that night that our peckers were still as hard as a rock. Kelly went to the bedroom, asking us not to disturb her there. Jim was sitting in the armchair, caressing his hard-on, jacking it off now and then. I was luckier. My wife was ready to get some nasty. We were lying on the couch, I was screwing my babe. Then suddenly she bent her head closer, whispering:

-Babe, I just really wanna try another cock, would you mind?

I was pretty kind that day. I felt my prick was about to burst soon, I was so over aroused. The idea of seeing my wife being fucked by someone else was so unusual. I couldn’t believe someone else would cum in my beloved hole… I was jealous.

-Jim, do you wanna try my wife?

I didn’t have to ask him twice. I bet he couldn’t even dream of anything of the kind. He took a condom out of the drawer and pulled it on his hard cock. I was sitting on the couch, watching my wife’s wet pussy being rammed. Mirren was moaning loudly – his stem was a bit longer and thicker than mine. He was doing her vehemently. I had a strange mixture of feelings that moment. Watching them was turning me on, but I was also really jealous and envious of Jim.

Soon I decided it was enough for my friend. I took his place, getting my shaft in my wife’s hot and gushing twat. Jim got back to his armchair, he was frigging, watching us. I was kissing, caressing and fucking my girl. However, I wanted something more.

-Honey would you like to get us fucking both of your holes at once? – I told her.

She looked at me inquiringly. It took her a moment to think it over. She nodded then.

-Jim, do you have a cream or Vaseline? – I asked my friend.

Jim ran out to the bathroom. He gave me the cream. He was standing by the couch, jerking, looking forward the fun. I lubricated my finger with the cream and entered my wife’s butt, while my dick was ramming into her pussy.

-Jim, lubricate your cock well. – I told him.

-Maybe you’ll fuck her butt, and I’ll… – He said seriously.

I said I wanted him to try her ass. I was lying under my sweetie, drilling her snatch. Jim covered the dick with the cream. He started entering her asshole slowly. Mirran began moaning. She was totally relaxed. Jim was owning her butt, getting the dick in up to the balls. In 5 minutes she pushed us aside asking to let have a break. Jim and I went to the bathroom. He took off the condom, peeing. I wanted to pee too, but I was waiting for him to finish first. He was standing with his back at me. I saw his pale buttocks. I came up to him and poked my dick between them. He tossed aside.

-Don’t worry, you’re not my type, – I told him quickly.

We burst into laughing.
I wanted to continue the fuck. Jim was sitting in the armchair, looking at us enviously. We wanted to try it on the floor. I lay on my back with my wife mounting me. Jim wanted to see everything well, so he stood up from his seat and came up closer to us. Mirren was fucking me vigorously. Jim came up even closer. He started feeling up her boobs. Mirren seemed to like it a lot. She was impaling herself deeper on my stem, and then she began jerking off his dick. They looked fantastic. I asked my wife to suck on Jim’s phallus. She was so aroused that she agreed without thinking. She was sucking the stem carefully and slowly. She was tired soon. She asked me to cum quicker. We got back on the couch and I began screwing her in our favorite position. Jim was standing in front of her, still feeling up her knockers. I accelerated the tempo. I came. It was sheer bliss. Jim looked at me again, complaining that he’d never come yet. I couldn’t help saying:

-Jerk off and cum yourself, or go and wake your wife up…

Jim didn’t answer. He went to the bathroom, and we went home.

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3 Responses to “Close friends. Part one. (Hardcore)”

  1. Andrew Says:

    What of it? Your wife is a slut and you are happy? No way! I wouldn’t like to share my wife with anybody. those perverted bastards who let their wife get fucked by strangers deserve no honor!

  2. Sex Toys Canada Says:

    Great story – shame about the other comment.

  3. marco Says:

    yeah i liked it. andrew find another site dude

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