What it means to be a student?

October 11th, 2008

This chick is so horny that she is ready to satisfy all of her fellow students and her mouth never gets enough of cum…

Silvia studied at West Oak College, she was a sophomore and was majoring in American History. It was a tall, 5.8 raven haired cutie with blue eyes and juicy lips. She had a sexy appealing curves, exciting humps, high round hips, round big ass (she could be proud of), large breast with big perky pink nipples and slim long legs which went up, forming a cock hungry crotch. Silvia loved wearing tight fitting cloths which definitely outlined her beauties and shapes. Everything was OK about this lassie, she was hot, she did great on her term grades, sometimes joined College social activities, and only one thing was really frustrating about Silvia. She was, to be said, a cum-hungry girl, a type of women who never refused a mere idea of having sex wherever they had chance. Unlike some of her class mates who never pretended to be nuns, and behaved very vulgarly and lustfully, she was quite the opposite. She had never been a focus of interest for her male class mates, she never was an object of rumors and chats chits, but everyone in the college knew her basic features.

She had a wild obsession with males’ cum, a lust for guys’ semen was so strong, that she couldn’t stand this feeling. For Silvia it was like a doze of drugs for some dope user. Needles to say, that many guys in the College spread various rumors about her. Some of the guys kept trying to meet this girl and try luck with her. However, she was not a talkative person, and was considered to be incommunicative. Finally, a guy, who had been attracted to her for a few weeks, decided to have a chance. He had heard many arousing stories about the girl and finally decided to approach her, and ask her if she would be so kind to have fun with him. He came over to her when she was standing outside her auditorium. She was wearing tight white pants and blue tight fitting low neck top, which exposed her cleavage openly. She was standing with her books pressed to her chest, talking to her class mate girlfriend, her round ass was facing this nervous boy, named Mathew. He admired her from behind for a few seconds, then he approached her. Silvia’s pants were so tight and perfectly fit that they accentuated every inch of her ass very perfectly! It looked like she was wearing no underwear at all! He was all mesmerized by this girl and couldn’t move a step. However, she was wearing a type of G strings that showed itself above her pants just under her small back. That was just a thin strap of fabric which set off her ass view from behind.

While Mathew was watching her excited, some guy walked by the Silvia and pulled her straps, snapping them back onto her gentle white skin which gave a loud slapping sound everyone could hear. Silvia didn’t give any protest and just watched him as he left. A minute later another guy walked up behind the girl and slapped her ass with great force! She just smiled at him and waved with her small fingers. This gave Mathew some more courage.

He walked up behind her and asked her if she wanted to take a walk with him. She asked if he had any cigarettes. He replied yes for he really had. He was not expecting for a quick answer, but it ensued.
“Let’s go” she replied taking him by the hand leaving admiring Mathew behind.

They walked across the long alley passing by a large football field. There were some boys training with their coach. Some of the guys came over a fence and saluted the couple walking by:

“Hey, guys look! Here goes Silvia! ” “Hey man, if you give her a cigarette she’ll give you agood blow job!”

These loud remarks and nasty words made Mathew’s dick jump. When they turned right to where thick verdure of trees and bushes could hide them from any eyes, she stopped him and asked for the cigarette. He put his hands into his side pockets and handed her a cigarette with a lighter. She inhaled once and dropped to her knees. She unzipped the boy’s zipper and released his hard cock. She took it into her mouth, deep enough so that his head was in her throat and began to suck on his cock. Her hands were held tightly around the boy’s hips. The boy could not believe his luck and uttered:

“Yeah, that’s right you whore, take that cock.”

The girl was delighted to see that the boy was so horny. He grabbed her by the hair and forcefully shoved his full manhood into her throat and thrust his cock toward her pretty face. She gagged and made a noise when suddenly a crowd of boys appeared from all around her. She felt their presence and it made her even more excited; she loved an audience. The boy closed his eyes and continued to fill her mouth with his cock. Spit and pre-cum leaked out from the sides of her mouth. She sucked and gagged, gagged and sucked. With this the boy pulled her by the hair up and told her to inhale a cigarette again.

She obeyed, put the cigarette in her mouth and take a long smoke. Mathew spit directly in the face of the horny girl while she was inhaling her cigarette. It made her pussy tingle and her heart beat harder! She loved that feeling. She loved it with all her lusty worth! His spit had fell right on her closed mouth and dripped off onto her cigarette! With that, all the guys surrounded her and began to stroke their massive cocks. Next, she was grabbed by hair and turned her ass to Mathew while facing another’ boy’s cock. The boy stroked his cock vigorously and shot a thick white stream of cum all over the girl’s face. She was having mascara on her face, when that thick load fell on her face, Silvia’s mascara started running down, leaving black traces of make up one her cute face. The next boy took turn and told her to smoke. She put the cigarette to her lips and, and no sooner had she gave a new inhale, as another messy load of cum landed all over her face! Heavy jets of cum covered her face and when she opened her eyes she heard another guy’s vice telling her to open her mouth. She exhaled and opened her mouth, a second later it was filled with the thick load! It ran down her chin onto her new shirt.

After that she felt 2 fingers thrust into her wet pussy whereas another hand slipped her asshole pushing her string strap inside. Her mouth was filled with a throbbing hot fat cock and she happily took it all in her cum filled mouth! Finally she was having 3 hands proving her 3 holes and that was terrific! Suddenly, Mathew tore her strings off her wet cunt and put her panties in her pocket! She was there, alone with 3 hands working on her holes, with no spit or lube applied!

The boy who was fucking her mouth had pulled out and came all over her face. She moaned while the other boys’ finger fucked both her holes and she made a sluttish looks while receiving a huge load of the boys sperm! Her lips opened and moaned, attracting more boys to cum on her pretty face. After he blew his load on her waiting messy face he spit into the mass of white semen, which covered her eye. This inspired the other boys to spit in Silvia’s face, calling her a slut, a whore, a dirty cheap bitch! Eventually, they released their white loads of cum all over her face!

The boys left her there by herself, with traces of sperm on her face. She was sitting on her knees, her white pants in dirt and cu, her pretty face, covered with mascara and mess of cum! She felt herself to be a cheap whore, and she loved that feeling! Cum was everywhere: face, breast, hands, hair! She, still on her knees, caught her breath, just enough to take her almost finished cigarette. She hardly opened her mouth and put it in, when it all got wet with white mass of sperm! She suddenly felt the presence of another man behind her, and she got excited again. She licked her lips tasting that cum, rotated on her knees to the man behind her and appeared in front of that man in a dirtiest picture! She turned to see her principal with a look of disgust on his face. He stared at the girl with anger and disbelief. He tried to convince himself that it wasn’t cum and spit on the girl’s pretty innocent face, but in vain! At first he thought it was glue or perhaps sour cream on her face. Or may be… so he had tons of thoughts in his mind before he realized that this young sophomore had been just gang banged by few guys!

“I’m waiting for you in my office in a few minutes, young miss!” was the only thing he said.

She remained as she was: on her knees, with heavy drops of cum all over her face. Silvia managed to open her mouth, messed with tons of cum and said:

“Yes, dad!”

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