Team practice session!

October 7th, 2007

Student’s romances are sweet and when you meet up a babe who plays volleyball, you want to play some other games with her. You’ll never forget the times when you were a student, will you?

In old times to get for a training session to Canada with its cleanness, neatness, and rich nutrition was like a dream of anyone. It offered vast stadium, sauna on the lakes side, woody jogging paths, high bushes and various shrubs, and villages of Canadian women who used to bring milk and freshly baked bread to feed new sportsmen. Most of them didn’t even speak English, just French, we didn’t speak language of Gaul, and they just looked at us, perhaps recalling good times of their youth.

Now I just have reminiscences, middle of the summer, sunny weather, going for a jog 2 times a day and after 3 weeks of session every part of my body is hurting badly. As for our girls, they are also exhausted, but anyway their couch keeps an eye on them rebuffing any advances of our guys. However we have lost any interest to these females, the only strong desire we have is to eat and sleep. And there, 3 days ago Canadian W volleyball team came to the base; they are all tall, long-legged, fair and blondes…. When they are passing by it smells like some aroma, and their foreign speech excites somehow. Stupid Canadian skier guys, these absolutely fucking holders of first grades started molesting them at once.

Yesterday, these guys had a party, after a long hard training day we decided to join them, our legs hurt but anyway we wanted to have some fun. These guys got used to dancing all dances in couples, moreover, any invited girl was supposed to dance 2 dances running, so stupid habit. Their babes turned us down when we tried to ask them for a dance, staying cold and haughty, that’s why we danced aside, in our own group, in short, damn flop! But then, suddenly the light switched off and Canadian couch drove his guys outside, back to the campus: training regime….We thought the party was gonna over but it was just above to begin. The light went on back again and music went on playing … we stayed, so did volleyball team girls. After a while, one of us called them and asked to join our group, to my surprise these cold northern babes agreed after a short discussion. Immediately, some of us proposed DJ to provide a few slow dances. He did.

As for me, I had already chosen one babe, blonde of 20 – 22, and when the slow music began I asked her to a dance so that nobody would invite her faster than me. She turned to be 5 inches taller than me! Tall babe! But anyway, she looked very great with me, while dancing and moving her body, so sexy and nice! Soon, when another slow dance started I took up caressing her softly; stroking her ass and hips… she didn’t mind. I felt like one in my youth times, when I was at school and my neighbor let me walk with his nice dog whereas my schoolmates looked at me enviously. I tried to ask her to go for a swim with me far on the other side of the lake but she wouldn’t understand English. She kept smiling and laughing, caressing my hair and face. Her name was Tina, I remembered. When the party was came to its end we all moved back to the campus, and all next days Canadians avoided us everyway, didn’t talk to us, kept sitting aside in the mess, in short, making like didn’t notice us. When those Canadian skiers left away, they threw a wild party, where every living soul got fucking drunk! Thought we were not allowed to drink any alcohol within the campus area, those guys managed to get some damn heady drink, like woody beer that drove mind mad…. They got it somewhere in the area villages, that was virtually scattered with small hamlets. Canadian farmers supplied lots of this drink; at the next night our team guys slipped outside campus and headed for one of these farm ranches where we were gonna stack on it. I was, no, we all were astonished to see our volleyball team girls there, they look very under the weather, merry and tipsy, with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. I saw my Tina, petite girl with a glass of that heady shit, very cheerful, all thoughts about drinks had gone away out of my mind, she looked so enticing….

We asked 3 cans of this potion, though glasses lacked, so we had to drink it right from the cans… pushing it round, when the second round began, we trolled it to girls, they tasted and praised this slop (I cant’s till understand what the hell we drank this shit!). a few more cans, and soon we all lost coordination, my legs gave way, as fro my head, it got into swimming condition. Girls looked like they were completely out of order, loosened up…

On the way back to campus, I walked with Tina, embracing her by the waist, she was talking something about volleyball discrimination that they didn’t have men in group and that was not fair unlike, for example, athletics that allowed both women and men join into one team. When, along the way, while passing down the path I suddenly fixed my palm on her tit, I found out that she didn’t have bra, for no bra was needed for sport babe! On the approach to the base there were farmers’ haystacks on the field; I took her there to sit a while. She was so sleepy and warm, like a toy, I cuddled up to her, stroking her ass and tits, she didn’t resist. She mumbled something about her mates and couch who might see her here in so shameless situation. Tina was sitting stock-still pressing her arms to the sides, but that was just a ridiculous defense, I managed to shove my palms under her top and groped her nipples perky with excitement. Her tits were not huge, just small hills, tight and tender. She oohed and recoiled, I put her on the hay, and she wrestled with me for a bit, and then calmed down.

Her eyes and lips glistened in moon light, tearing up my heart… but these fucking insects, motherfucking gnats broke the romantics of this situation making me hurry up with my intention. Her tits were at my mercy, but her down there, her shorts wouldn’t yield to me, whatever I however I did, I just tied the lace knot tightly. Then Tina rose, cast a reproachful look on me and went on the path… no way, I had to follow her. Time was running out.

The all next day I spent on seeking for some place, quiet and clean to stay in, finally I won, finding a closet where they stored mats and other sport inventory… the half of my job was done, the next step was to take Tina here. This pace was not locked for nights, but anyway, I left the back door of the closet open so we could take flee if needed, thus, I could use it. The love trap was ready!

After the dinner, when everybody settled round the TV to see, I came to Tina closer and called her by stealth, she shook her head because it was not decent thing to leave the group with me in public. I went to outdoors having whispered: “I’ll wait for you outside” she came after me in about 10 minutes. I asked her to have a walk with me, she nodded. We passed down the sidewalk. When we reached the closet, I showed her the door and asked to follow me. Tina gestured me: what the hell! I took her by me, and we entered cold dark space, it was warm and quiet. I turned her to my face, and kissed at lips, she responded with her tongue in my mouth… we settled on the mat by wall’s side. I stroked her tight belly and tits, he remained calm. While caressing her wonderful perky nipples I was trying to get to her ass. She stayed confused for a while, and then gave a deep sigh, like having decided something, and let me do what I want. She seemed to be longing for sex as they were also not allowed to have fun with men while the training process was on.

She looked a bit scared but she held my hand all this time. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard as my hands ran down her back and over her very nice round ass! She pushed against me and pulled my ass to her. I felt my cock rising with every second. She moaned as she felt it pushing against her thigh. I picked her up and carried Tina to the big king-size mat in the corner. I laid her down and moved next to her. I held my head with my hand and used the other hand to stroke her beautiful breasts on the outside of her top. She moved her hand to my cock and slowly rubbed it up and down on the outside of my shorts. I was so hard already! I removed her top totally. She kissed me as my hand cupped her breast. My tongue danced in her mouth now and she sucked it willingly!! Now her hand was really working on my cock. My cock was hard and long and the head was sticking out the bottom of my shorts.

She was teasing it with her fingers running her nails over the sensitive head! I pulled her to me and her hand was trapped between our bodies. She squeezed my cock head and it took everything I had not to cum as my mouth sucked on her tits on the outside of her bra. I unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and lifted the left cup with my teeth as she rocked on my body. Once I reached her nipples I began to lick and suck on her dark rosy nipples. She moaned as she felt my cock jumping like crazy with excitement. I slowly moved my hands down her belly and back, moving both between her legs. After she rolled over on top of me, I slid my hands between her legs. I cupped her pussy from the front and back! I began to squeeze and rub it with both hands as I continued to suck and lick her tits each time she lifted up. I could feel her lower body moving with my hands now and I knew she really liked the way I was working with her beautiful body. I rolled her back on to the mat and took her bra completely off! Her hands held my head as I went back to sucking each tit and nipple.

There was only one thing that I wanted now. I put my left foot onto the small wall, held onto her, and gasped as my cock slid into her sopping fanny. She was forcing my cock into parts of her fanny, which I knew existed very fresh. Still her tits with one hand, I was stroking and squeezing her arse with my other, occasionally sliding a finger over her but hole, nobody approximately had ever touched it before, but this was so exciting. With my shaft giving her the hottest fucking of her life, I slid the tip of my finger into her arsehole, Tina screamed with delight; within seconds she had an amazing orgasm, which made me shoot loads of lovely spunk into her. She clung onto me to stop herself falling over, I pulled my finger out, leaving her but stinging, but in a very nice way, and my cock slid out, with a plop, as she was so full of cum.

I sat on the mat, and licked her lips. I then stood in front of her, with hands holding her head; I slid my cock into her waiting mouth. It was red hot; she might think, long and slim, but tasted wonderful. She seemed to enjoy giving blow-jobs, at the best of times, but sucking cock, right in this place when every male could knock the doors, was just the sexiest thing that I’d ever done. She sucked on the knob, while stroking the shaft with one hand and gently rotating my hairy balls with the other. With loads of spit in her mouth, she gobbled up and down the head and shaft, very nearly deepthroating me. Tina wanted me to enjoy having my cock sucked, but I wanted Tina to enjoy the show even more.

“I’m coming”, I shouted, so she deliberately sped up, gripping onto the shaft; making me come in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how much cum there was. It was a real load, and she managed to take it all in her mouth, tugging my cock, until the last drops oozed out.

Tina pushed her tongue out, for me to see that it was covered in spunk. She tipped her head back and swallowed the juice.

That was the beginning of our relations, at days we tried to avoid one another, but at nights we spent them all in hot fucking.

Tina said that her couch even put her as an example to others for her very easy and skilled game….

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