This chick loves sucking cocks, she can never count the number of cocks she’s sucked in her life and she’s never going to stop!

Today the whole class was leaving for a camping trip in the oak forests. However Angelina was growing restless. She wasn’t interested in all the arrangement her classmates were busy with. She was thirsty, horny and was craving cum very much! She was looking around thinking of what to do. She noticed that the teacher was distracted by someone, so she whispered to 5 of the guys in her class to follow her. She had been sucking cock all morning on the way to school at the bus stop, then in the bus itself, with a guy from another class, then in the bathrooms at school. However, she wasn’t anywhere finished. Once she starts sucking a cock, it is very hard for her to stop wanting more cum, suck more balls and gag on more cock.

Angelina and the group of guys slipped into another corridor when no one was looking. She took them around her in a circle and begged to give them all head. At first they were reluctant. They refused and called her a disgusting worthless cum sucker, but she whimpered and begged so pathetically! She said to the biggest boy how huge she thought his ball might be. They eventually gave up when she suggested paying each of them! They charged 100$ for a company, 20 bucks for cock, and she agreed! She was such a cum-slut that she was paying them to let her suck them off. She loved how degrading and humiliating it felt to sink so low!

The slut dropped and squatted, then she unzipped one of the guys sucking on his giant balls vigorously. She was already getting wet. Other 2 boys unzipped themselves and she attempted to suck and jerk off all 3 of them at once. They were telling her to shut up and now make so much noise, and if she did, they would slap her on the face and slap her pussy for slurping and moaning to loud while she sucked. They slapped her and her moans became painful muffled squeaks! She swallowed the first 2 boys’ huge loads at once! Giggling their warm cum in her mouth and plying with white hot jizz slurp on her red full lips, she looked so fucking hot and pervert! The other boy came all over her huge tits which looked like they were gonna fall out of her tight shirt! She lifted them and licked all the sperm from her white tits, and slurped the rest off her deft fingers.

The 2 remaining guys were so hot about what they had just seen, that they were jerking off furiously! One of them roughly grabbed Angelina by the hair and jammed his cock down her throat. He face fucked her violently with no feeling of even slight remorse! With one had he was pushing her mouth towards his cock, impaling more of her head on his erection, with another one he squeezed her nose so that’s eh couldn’t breathe and had to gag on his cock! At the very same time he began shoving his shoe into her wet dripping pussy, it was very painful, but she never stopped sucking, letting out muffled squeaks of pain.

The other boy grabbed her tits and began slapping them hard, telling Angelina that she was a fucking cum loving slut! The boy face fucking her spat on her face, while all the other guys verbally degraded her. She was being throat fucked so hard, the boy was wrapped completely around her head, thrusting with full force until his thick load spewed in her mouth and he pulled out! She gulped hungrily and tried to suck his balls but he pushed her away and spat on her! She turned around and the other boy had already came all over her mouth! She eagerly slurped every bit of cum from her lips, leaving not a single drop!

All the boys gathered around her and started hitting their cocks on her face, rubbing their limp penises all over her forehead, lips and cheeks, and telling her how worthless, cheap, pervert and pathetic she was! Now, she was turned on so much, being humiliated, degraded and treated like a dirty whore she was, Angelina could finally do what she wanted most.

The depraved young slut reached into her large heavy black leather purse and pulled out something that shocked all the guys surrounding her. She pulled out a huge bottle of cum, about 1 liter or so, and held it up. Without saying a single word she uncapped it and fell her lips to the bottleneck with so much taste! She guzzled and guzzled with no pause and she began to tremble! She was drinking all the cum out of that bottle! And only lord knows where the hell she got so much cum!

Angelina was shaking from being so turned on. It felt so warm, and the act was so hot and self degrading! The boys looked at her in disgust. They were all horrified at how low cum slut was. She guzzled continuously, and the wet spot in her tight panties began to grow. Her swollen pussy was becoming visible like a melon in her pants! She was so overwhelmed drinking so much cum! She felt so low and filthy, so dirty and smutty, and she loved the look of the guys watching her with contempt and scorn! She really loved the way they reacted at her gulping the cum!

Angelina was almost finished and she was about to cum herself! When she climaxed, her moans slurps and shivers shook the bottle in her hand! She trembled all over and the last bit of cum spilled all over the ground. She dropped right down and began to slurp up every glob of sweet cum off the dirty filthy unwashed floor! And she was doing it so loudly, like a thirsty man, who was had been wandering around the desert for a couple of days, under hot sun and hadn’t had a gulp of water for so long!
Angelina bent over the floor, with her ass facing the air and began thoroughly licking the remains of cum off the floor. While she was bent over, the boys watched her from behind and they could see her swollen plump pussy through her wet underwear. They could also see her round perfect ass and her bulging cum filled stomach. Her belly was huge now. They were so disgusted by her love of cum, that one of them kicked Angelina right in her fat wet soaking pussy and she fell down forward. They hated and disregarded her, she was no more than a cheap cum dumpster!

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  1. john Says:

    i would worship a girl like you not degrade you i wish i was married to a girl like you

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