Sex experimentation

April 2nd, 2008

The college professor is working on an experiment to increase people’s libido, he suggests a young girl to be tested and she agrees…

We extend our thanks to the author DAVID.

Jenna was a very prim and proper student. She was fair skinned with freckles, long redhair tied in a pony tail. She was a 20 year old Biology major at a university and had an avid passion for gymnastics and the figure to match.

But one thing was certain, the figure was never seen. She was always overly dressed never showing skin. There was one of her professors though that happened to deal with her often because she was always after the grade you see. He often looked at this young woman and wondered whether she had much of a life at all-maybe sex life. The professor, Ken, being a 35 year old man who was divorced often would masturbate thinking of this young woman. The professor just so happened to be checking out a tucked away gym at one point and in the gymnasm there he saw Jenna in a tight outfit with boobs protruding out against that spandex fabric and the outfit accentuated her toned features from her thighs to her calves. Ken had a chance to see those nice pink soled shapely feet too that moved with such sexy grace. Her tits bounced performing her routine. Jenna’s black outfit brought out her fairness.

The professor was working on an experiment for increasing people’s libido for six months and needed a subject for testing. He had a knocking at his office door. It was Jenna and she looked dismayed. She complained that she only got a B+ on an assignment and that she wanted a chance to increase her mark to A. The professor’s cock hardened a bit. He looked at Jenna and her overly dressed figure. The professor took a deep breath and said that there was much that she could do. The prof took a chance and told Jenna about his experiment, and Jenna looked shocked and asked what she would have to do. He explained that she would have to take a pill and see how the ingredients would react in her and her body would be analyzed using wireless sensors on her brain that indicate whether libido was increased or not. It would be harmless is all the prof said for her A.

The one thing that was not said is that there may be side effects of these pills turning Jenna into a full fledged nympho. She may have repeated sensations from her nipples and clit. Certainly the prof thought that she may not be overly dressed ever again.

Jenna agreed and sat in reclining chair. She was overly dressed as usual. The prof put sensors on her temples and Jenna was showing right away readings of low libido. Then Jenna popped the pills and then there was silence for a bit. She started to get sweaty and the prof noticed increased brainwaves indicating a stronger libido growing.

Jenna started to pant and moaned a bit. Sensations were going all over her body. She was getting very horny. Her tits were pressing through the sweater her rosy cheeks were getting rosier. Her legs were moving about contained in those leotard legging and a skirt.

The prof asked whether Jenna was in any pain and Jenna said that she felt wonderful. She felt she could do anything. The prof asked would you remove any of your clothing. Jenna looked over and asked whether he would like that. The prof answered with a yes. Jenna said to him you remove whatever you want.

The prof wasted no time he ripped and tore off her leotard leggings to reveal bare legs and feet. He demanded she take off her own sweater and bra. Jenna complied and revealed her big sized tits. They were big and they had nice nipples. Then the prof took the skirt off. She had a nice ass. Her whole body was nicely toned fair and peppered with freckles. The prof being a black man had a strong libido he has a big black cock and balls full of sperm.

The prof wanted to take this Jenna for his own. He put his cock up to her lips and she licked and sucked it. Jenna was a virgin through and through, probably saving herself for some white guy thought the prof. But she was going to be the prof’s today. The prof pinched and licked Jenna’s big boobs,. The prof caressed every inch of Jenna’s body He inserted his fingers in her cunt and felt resistance. He ordered Jenna to mount him and Jenna did so with lust. The huge black cock when into Jenna’s vagina. Jenna screamed and the prof just kept pushing. He inserted the cock all the way in and Jenna and he started the in and out motion. The ins and outs became very rapid with slapping noises and tits/ball sac bouncing. The prof caught a reflection in a mirror of this pale skinned sexy redhead fucking him with her amazing body and he thought I could shoot my load into her and claim her. The prof got on top of her and came down into her again and Jenna sighed with pleasure. The prof pounded and pounded her cunt with his cock with her feet dangling over his shoulders.

Then he grabbed her ankles and spread her legs out a bit and fucked rapidly until he cascaded his sperm down inside of her coating her with his seed -pumping and spurting it in there. All the while Jenna and the prof were moaning with orgasmic pleasure.

A number of months later it was a warm spring and the prof had made Jenna his secretary. They wanted to be together and fuck. Jenna would wear less clothing the libido drug never really wore off it changed Jenna. She sported bare legs and her feet were most always bare and in warm weather they were in roman style sandals. She wore tight skirts and she had a very tight flexible top accentuating her tits and her protruding belly. The prof would love it when young men would come in the office and check out his wife like from behind and then their expression change when she turned around and they saw her pregnant belly. The prof’s cock hardened at the thought of this and that he claimed this young woman named Jenny.

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    I love this makes my memebr go hard .I love knickers and lots of chinese upskirtspanties.

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    love to read about orgasmic pleasers would have enjoy more details and a little more play and sharing the joy of the juices

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