A professor has to talk to his student about her behavior and performance in her studies. Well, she sure prepared something nice for him…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Shanon entered university at the age of thirty, while most of her fellow students were much younger than her. Shanon had to work a lot to earn the money to cover her tuition. It was really hard to juggle between the work and studies, when she worked after classes and came home late, it was just out of the question to do homework assignments and prepare for classes.

Mr. Johnson who was a principal in the university had repeatedly talked to Shanon about her behavior and about the way she prepared for the classes. He even suggested that she quit the university.

“You see, Shanon, you’re really killing yourself, you can’t work and study at the same time, you have to choose only one thing”, Principal Johnson said to Shanon.

“You’ve got to understand me, I can’t pay for my classes if I don’t work”, Shanon tried to convince the principal.

She understood well that she was behind the group in her studies. She knew that it would be better to focus on her studies but she couldn’t allow herself to lose the job.

“Well, let me tell you if your attitude continues, I’ll have to think of expelling you”, Principal Johnson said in a firm voice.

Shanon looked at him with her blue eyes and didn’t even know what to say, she had to do something to make him change his mind.

She made a step towards him and put her hand on his fly.

“What do you think you’re doing, Shanon!?” He asked in an angry voice.

“Why don’t you relax Mr. Johnson and let me show you that I am really dedicated to my studies”, Shanon answered in a sweet voice and kept rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

“Hey, would you stop it! This is not really necessary!”, Principal Johnson said but his voice didn’t sound angry anymore, as Shanon kept rubbing and nursing the bulge in his pants, Mr. Johnson got calmer and calmer. He wasn’t asking her to stop, he was just waiting what she was going to do next.

“I bet even your wife can’t please you like I can”, Shanon said in a low voice and kneeled.

She started unzipping his pants and soon Mr. Johnson’s cock was released, it was big and hard.

Shanon took it in her hands and started caressing and nursing it with her fingers, Mr. Johnson rose his head up and started moaning softly. In a minute, Shanon started licking his dick, as if teasing it, she first focused right down on his cock, near the balls, going higher and higher and slowly but surely she got to his dickhead that was wet with precum, she licked some of it and to her delight more appeared!

Shanon now totally focused on Mr. Johnson’s dickhead, she was licking it slowly and masterfully, making sure that every drop of precum would be in her mouth. When she licked his dickhead clean, she got down again and focused on his balls, she started licking them up and down, sometimes she spat on them to make them wet and then started licking them all over again.

After his balls, Shanon got to Mr. Johnson’s dick again, but this time she took it fully in her mouth and started sucking it vehemently. With each new second, she tried to take his dick as deep as she could into her mouth, but that wasn’t easy as his dick was huge and long. Sometimes she was gagging on it, when Mr. Johnson tried to push his dick deeper into her mouth. Shanon kept sucking his dick non-stop until Mr. Johnson stopped her.

“Hey, I don’t want to cum till I try your sweet hole”, He said and his voice didn’t sound as formal as before.

Shanon smiled and lay on the table. Mr. Johnson stood next to her, took her legs in his hands, spread them wide and started poking his dick at her hole. He felt that her pussy was wet and leaking so it was really easy for him to get inside. When his dick was fully in, Shanon moaned lustfully and smiled, encouraging Mr. Johnson to continue.

Mr. Johnson didn’t need to be asked twice, he started moving fast inside of Shanon and in a few minutes, she was lying with her eyes closed, moaning lustfully.

“Oh, that feels so good!”, Mr. Johnson murmured while his dick was ramming harder and harder inside of her. No one could tell, how long it was going on, but they both sure liked it.

“I’m gonna cum soon”, Mr. Johnson murmured in a low voice, working inside Shanon’s pussy.

“Cover me with your cum!” Shanon shouted.

She quickly got off the table and kneeled right in front of Mr. Johnson’s cock.

He started jerking it, directing it into her face, she didn’t have to wait long and soon she saw white spurts of white, gooey cum landing all over her face, she opened her mouth wide and some cum got right inside her mouth and on her tongue, she swallowed everything to the last drop and than licked Mr. Johnson’s dick clean.

“Well, I see that you are dedicated! I’ll see what we can do about improving your performance”, Mr. Johnson said, zipping his fly.

“I’d be very happy to know you better”, Shanon said and smiled.

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7 Responses to “Settling it with the principal”

  1. Bill W. Says:

    Colleges do not have principals. High Schools have them and this story was a high schoolers bad writing. Colleges do not talk to students about behavior.

    Very poor.

  2. Bart Says:

    Bill W, her! Relax man! It’s just a story and it made me really hot! BTW, visit the gallery that comes with the story and see that a professor does talk to the student about her behavior!

  3. 2050 Says:

    what the fuck that was only a piece of crap

  4. SinisterMinister Says:

    I’ve written erotica for years and I’ll have to agree with Bill W. True, it’s only a story. But even fiction erotica have to have some true facts to it. For example, you’re not going to write a story between a cop and female speeder and mention the cop dropping his pants but say nothing of his gun belt that holds the pants on him over his duty belt. It confuses the readers. Been there/done that when I was a noobie with erotica writings.

    All and all, the story was pretty good with the exceptions of the character errors.

  5. Craig Says:

    I enjoyed the story and it made my cock real hard. I think, I’m gonna jerk it now!

  6. 11inchesofdoom Says:

    wow lol good story

  7. boo Says:

    Vey hot i would FUCK her so HARD.

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