Night Studies!

January 14th, 2008

When a college teacher invites her student for extra classes at her place that means she wants something more than just to teach him math or something….

Shyla had been lecturing in a college not for long, so she was not much older than her students. She liked one student, and moreover she wanted him physically. In her sexual dreams he was always present nude and, for some reason, playing with his cock.

She conceived a plan of seducing this young guy for a long time, and finally made up her mind. In the guise of preparing for a course paper she invited him at home, they discussed the topic for a very long until it got too late. It was time in the small hours, so Shyla suggested him staying at hers for this night and she said:

- You stay here and sleep on the sofa, I’ll go to bed to my room, Ok?
- All right! You are so kind to me, ma’am!
- You wanna drink something? And without waiting for his reply she took a cognac out of the bar: here! By the way, I have some DVD movie collection up there, watch the film if you want! There’s something special for men!

She winked at him merrily, put a DVD on the nightstand and went off.

- Have a good night!

When closing the door she went upstairs, changed her cloth and out on the robe. Then she got down to the hallway but didn’t enter the room at once but stayed behind the door concealing herself, and keeping quiet. Then she looked inside. There she saw Matthew (student’s name) lying on the sofa under the veil and watching porn she gave him. Shyla held her breath guessing what happened next, and when she saw that welcomed bulge beneath his belly and saw his hand shoved under the fabric and moving unequivocally, her heart started thumping with excitement.

Vague languor descended on her, she was swept over by growing excitement, and her foreseeing didn’t let her down: she just strained watching this guy jerking off his instrument. The veil hampered him badly, so he moved it aside revealing a hard brown meat down there growing with his every jerk. When she saw his cock her eyes opened widely, she watched Matthew lowering his trunks as it hindered movements. Now she could watch and enjoy his cock in all its length. It was really big. A burning wave swept over her entire body, she opened her robe, shoved her palm down her pussy, and began to masturbate. Her fingers quickly found that wet piece of meat we call Clitoris and took up rubbing it vehemently. By that time Matthew was coming to his orgasm, may be it was not his first one because guys of his type got used to masturbating often until they find some girls for lasting sex terms. She felt bliss; her fingers moved their way right between her pussy lips. Meanwhile Matthew‘s hips moved up and down and his hand sped up on the way that would bring him closer to his delight. Slight moans escaped his mouth, these sounds excited her very much, and lowering her panties down Shyla was now masturbating with all her fury. Shyla uttered only one light moan and it came to Matthew’s ears, he started, removed his hand and turned around covering with veil to his head. Shyla realized she frightened him and this show wouldn’t go on any longer.

Failing to realize what she gonna do then, she just entered the room, approached the sofa, sat on its edge and putting her hand onto his hip. He sensed the warmth of her palm on his skin.

- Oh, my boy! You are so handsome! Her hand moved down his trunks and groped the bulge
- You are so hard! Now she was rubbing his penis
- No, no! Don’t…. He tried to resist, but she was now squeezing his cock
- Don’t fear, oh, silly boy! It’s OK! You will like it! And she released his hard meat out of his trunks.

Matthew turned red and his blood started running faster. He was slightly over 18 and it was so new for him, besides she was over twenty and she seemed much more experienced than he His breath became heavy and heart thumped quickly. He felt very confused and embarrassed.

- Don’t do it, please! I can’t….he tried to protest but she was insistent. It’d been his first time when he had some woman’s hand caressing his cock. Touching it as well. So he didn’t know how to react…

- You like it, I know! She noted tenderly. She was very soft and so cute. She lowered his trunks and his penis jumped out of his trunks like a spring: you like it? Ha? I know, you do it like that! And she began t jerking his penis off.

It should be noted that when he found she was spying on him his erection subsided at all, but her deft fingers made his hard on return back again. On their eyes his shaft was getting harder and harder until she felt his penis was ready for fight.

- No, please……
- Come on, don’t be a girl! You do the man!
- No…
- Just confess! You like it? Confess to doing this job each night and a few minutes ago! Was it like that. Ha?
- It shames me, ma’am!
- No, honey! It’s so wonderful! Yeah? Tell me the truth! I would keep it a secret!
- Yeahh, escaped from his lips…
- Ohh, her hand moved and jacked his meat faster: tell me, what are doing you when you are alone?
- When I’m alone at home, I imagine…..oh. My God, I imagine a nude babe…..
- Oh, Yeaaahhh?
- Yeahh, she is standing before the mirror and playing with her body….
- You feel good, my boy? Is it good? Shyla couldn’t tear her eyes from watching this beautiful meat… so what happens next?
- Then she starts teasing me….
- Go on!
- And she looks like….
- …
- Yeahh? Looks like?
- Just like you, ma’am!
- Oh, my dear innocent boy! Tell me, do you want me?
- Yes, ma’am!

She took his hand and put it on his cock making him masturbate!

- Come on, boy, do it for me!
- No, I can’t do it! I have never seen naked woman, only on movies…
- Why not? I also love masturbating! So let me drop my robe…

Then she dropped her robe on the floor and remained in her lingerie only. Her tits swayed like 2 balls calling and craving for him. Matthew, unable to drop his eyes began to masturbate his cock, and she was getting more and more excited looking at him as well. Making him fell hot and burn with desire she began to caress her body with hands, and when her palms lowered her panties opening a wet dripping cunt with pink cave down there his hand started jerking faster and violently. She approached her pussy to his face and then pressed his nose to her clit uttering a moan at the same time. She caught his head and began to rub his nose over her clit; it looked like it was making her feel excited.

- You see? I can do it to myself also!

Looking at nude female body Matthew moved his palm faster. Sweat appeared on his forehead, his muscles strained and cock’s red head revealed and disappeared in his clenched fist. With open mouth and eyes, he soon started moaning, then, in a second, he paused, started and came: his sperm flew out of his penis and it was so plentiful! His cum was a lot, he stained the sofa, stained the floor and some drops fell on her thigh pouring down. Shyla was on her verge as well.

- My darling! Here I come too! She managed to cry out and sweet languor swept over her, her eyes loured and a moan, lower and constrained moan resounded the whole room. She fell onto him, and they both lied like that for some minutes until she could get over. After a pause she noted:

- You wanna touch me? And taking his hand she made him touch her body, touch me here! Touch me there! Yeahh, you see my tits! Are they exciting? Move down! Down, don’t be afraid! It’s all right! And his finger disappeared in her wt cave.

- And now move your finger! Fast! Faster! Oooooo! Ohhhh! That’s so good! Feels so good! She groped his penis. It was getting hard on again.

- I want you to fuck me!

She opened her legs wide, pulled him by cock closer and inserted it into her hot cave. Matthew started moving his ass awkwardly: his movements betrayed lack of experience and skill, and Shyla felt her cum was close! It was his first time and she wanted to cum together with him simultaneously. She began to move her ass towards him what caused slapping sounds of 2 bodies. An intense wave of excitement covered her, moan turned into a cry and she thrashed in sweet convulsions. The only thing she caught to remember was Matthew’s cum splashing inside of her….

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