My nice neighbor

January 16th, 2009

This nice girl moves in the dormitory and discovers that her roommate is a real slut, she once sees her getting fucked in the middle of the night and can’t keep her pussy from leaking…

Maria was a very beautiful long-legged blonde with a tight ass and nice breast. However, she managed to hide that under baggy sweaters and horrible pants.

One evening someone knocked at her door and then entered the room. It was a short girl with a small rounded butt and C-cup breasts. Putting her bags near the second bed (Maria lived in a college dormitory) the girl was telling Maria something but the only thing she could understand was that she was her new neighbor. Maria was shocked but didn’t know it was just the beginning. The rest of the day they spent in silence, to be more precise, Maria was silent and the new girl told her plenty of her life stories.

A half an hour after the girls went to bed somebody knocked at the door.

- Kirsty, (that was the new girl’s name) it’s me! Open the door!

Kirsty stood up quickly as she wasn’t sleeping waiting for that knock. She came up to the door, opened it and said:

- Come in, but be quiet, she’s sleeping…

About 15 minutes later Maria woke up from wild moans, she opened her eyes and was amazed to see her new neighbor lying with her legs widely spread while her boyfriend was licking her pussy. His tongue slid from the girl’s anus to her clit. The middle finger of his hand was fucking Kirsty’s butt fiercely. She was moaning quietly and stroking the man’s hair.

Maria felt she was getting excited. She lay in a comfortable position and started masturbating.
Her palm was stroking her swollen vulva lips and the middle finger entered the hole occasionally.

But for Maria’s moans the new girl wouldn’t know what she was doing. But suddenly Kirsty realized she heard someone else moaning in the room. She didn’t explain anything, rose and approached to Maria.

- Remove the blanket and show me your pussy!

Maria was aroused a lot by that time and obeyed the orders. She didn’t understand what she was doing. The new neighbor put her long hair on her shoulders and began licking the girl. Kirsty’s friend was sitting on the bed and jerking off his phallus watching the girls.

Maria was pinching her nipples and Kirsty kept on pleasing her. Then she started fucking the girl’s pussy with her digit and each time she pulled it out she gave her boyfriend to lick it.

When the man felt he was close to coming he entered Kirsty’s anus. The girl was standing in a very comfortable position for that. Now she started moaning even louder than before. The guy decided to change the position and pushing his girlfriend aside thrust into Maria’s twat. The girl twitched. He began moving faster and faster. Maria gave a scream and a huge wave of orgasm consumed her.

Meantime Kirsty was lying and fucking herself with her three fingers. The man called her and asked to play with his balls… Soon he felt he was on the verge, so he pulled his cock out of Maria and pushed it into Kirsty’s mouth. The girl swallowed the semen and moved closer to Maria to kiss her.

But the guy wanted more. He resumed pumping Maria’s pussy but he was slow and tender now. Kirsty lowered herself to the girl’s pubis and began licking her tuft. Before climaxing again Maria recovered herself but when the man thrust into her up to the balls she konked out again and enjoyed a terrific orgasm.

Some time later the man shot his loads into Kirsty’s mouth and collapsed onto the bed. Then he got dressed and left the room. Both of the girls didn’t pay their attention to him and fell asleep immediately.

When Maria got up the next morning she had a thought it was just a dream. But when she saw Kirsty coming out of the bathroom she understood it had really happened.

- You was so fucking nice yesterday… – The girl said and kissed Maria’s lips tenderly.

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