Morals of college students!

October 4th, 2008

Hot college chicks are lustful and wanton, they are always looking for sex adventures and they never miss a chance to satisfy their horny pussies…

This is a short story about 2 young college sluts, between lectures and home they find enough time for some good fun with their class mates. This story features what usually happens in our colleges every day, whereas most parents think that their “students” devote their valuable time going to libraries and listening to the lecturers. How about these 2 young cute lassies, Monica and Vanessa? Read this story!

It was a usual Monday. After having lunch, Monica and Vanessa were coming back to the college territory, walking around green grass plot in front of the laboratory campus, there were a lot of other students hanging around and killing time. It was a nice sunny day, sun was shining brightly to let every creature enjoy its favor. Monica turned to Vanessa and said, “Honey, I’m so hungry now! Let’s have something to eat?” Vanessa looked at Monica and saw that sluttish fire in her eyes!

“Hold on! We’ve got to be in the class after 20 minutes, Professor Jenkins will never let us come in late” Vanessa protested: “We have no time for that!”

“There’s always some time for that, darling” was Monica’s reply, “Let’s see if we can find Mathew!”

Before Vanessa could make a word of protest, she was grabbed by the hand and pulled away, Monica was leading her to the lab campus. To make all things clear, let me explain the meaning of this chat between girls. Girls both were absolutely hot and sexy, they were full of sexual energy and lechery, and both loved fuck and suck. Monica was a type of girls who were addicted to sucking a cock, who loved giving head to big fat cocks. Hardly a day passed by than Monica didn’t have a big load of cum running down her throat! Her girlfriend Vanessa also liked blow jobs and she was definitely the best, but she wasn’t able to control her desires.

Finally they found Mathew into chemistry class, he was alone, sitting in the chair and reading a book. When they opened the door and came inside, he opened his eyes on them and smiled. Monica approached him, put her hand onto his shoulder and said directly:

“Mathew, I want it badly right now, cane you give me some?”

Mathew gave her and Vanessa a fast look, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yes, I think I have some” leading these 2 19 year old sluts into the empty dark gymnasium. When they entered the class, he turned to them and stood straight, setting his arms against his sides. He was waiting for Monica make a first move. Dropping to her knees, Monica unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants and short with one hand, exposing the semi-erect 9 inch cock with big purple head that hung between Mathew’s muscular legs! Monica took a deep breath and savored the smell of Mathew’s massive manhood as well as the aroma of her pussy saturated with her own juices! She was wet! Monica’s hot breath made Mathew’s cock begin to harden, and she moved forward with her mouth, flicking her tongue over the head and licking off the drop of pre cum that had oozed out of the tip.

“Hurry up! We have to be in class so soon!” Vanessa urged. Now closing her mouth over the big head, Monica started jerking off this big cock with her hand, moving her head up and down this pink shaft. With her free hand Monica reach out and pulled Vanessa down so that she could taste the big wang too! “Taste it!” she said, she pulled it out of her mouth and pointed it straight at Vanessa. First Vanessa licked the big head and softly slid it into her hot mouth while her friend kept whispering: “Suck it girl, suck him harder!” After a few minutes of sucking, Vanessa released this big glistening dick and returned it to Monica who greedily got down to sucking it back down her throat! Soon Mathew began to feel familiar feeling of his balls, they started getting tight, preparing a load of cum to release. So he turned to Vanessa and ordered: “Wanna see your cunt, you slut!” After looking around to make sure no one was watching them, Vanessa lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties, her pussy was shaved neatly and looked so yummy on her white skin. Mathew ordered: “Finger your cunt, slut!”

Vanessa slipped her middle finger deep into her pussy, she gasped loudly when she found her erect clit urging to be stimulated. By now Monica was sucking on his cock deep throat, taking it all the way deep inside, while flicking his balls. Vanessa never stopped gasping and panting while working on her slit. Finally Mathew reached his orgasm, Monica groaned feeling his massive cock begin to swell up in her hand! “I’m gonna cum!” whispered a shaking Vanessa, her finger was running down her clit with incredible speed! Hearing Vanessa was enough to throw Mathew over the edge, and a second later his hot cum filled Monica’s mouth. Tons of jets, hot and sticky hit the back of her throat, and while she kept swallowing his cum, some flew out of her mouth trickling down her chin and dripped to the floor. Monica loved blowing Mathew because he always had so much cum for her!

Monica stood up and kissed Mathew on the cheek and said, “Thanks for that” “You are welcome, girl!”
On the way back to class, Monica and Vanessa stopped to talk to Jessica (their classmate) about meeting after school to do homework. When they finished chatting, Vanessa looked at her girlfriend and asked: “You’re going to suck this bitch, yeahh?” Having a look of total innocence and misunderstanding on her face, Monica replied: “Who, me?” they made their way to the class.

Evening came. Jessica’s bedroom was decorated in pink and red, with lots of heart shaped toys and pink pillows all over the bed. The 3 girls started talking about college, lessons, boyfriends, etc. Monica steered the conversation to summer vacation and mentioned that she had just bought a new bikini for this coming swimming season. Jessica piped up that she too had just bought a new suit, went over to her dresser and pulled it out. It was a bright green bikini she bought last week. Monica looked at it and wondered how it would look on Jessica and asked her to try it on. Jessica took off her white top, which revealed her big breast cupped with white lacy bra and both girls surprised to see how big Jessica’s tits turned to be. Meanwhile Jessica was removing her downs, and began to undo her bra and panties. Naked, she looked very exciting, and Monica wondered if there was anyone to fuck this beauty. Jessica had a very sexy body her pussy was shaved all, and her as was just of perfect round shape. Monica and Vanessa exchanged glances when Jessica put on her new suit. When she put it on, she found that her straps were fixed incorrectly, so Jessica tried to adjust them, but Monica said: “Let me help you”. When it was done, Jessica started posing in the middle of the room, showing her front, back, and profiles.

When both Monica and Vanessa both commented on how beautiful she looked, Jessica just blushed with pride! Monica then mention that maybe the bottom was just a bit loose, so sitting on the bed with Jessica standing in front of her, Monica dropped down on the carpet in front of Jessica. Now Monica slipped her finger underneath her bikini’s bottom and stared moving around as if trying to align her fabric. Jessica didn’t move. Monica continued to slide her fingers down her panties, and as Jessica’s pussy was all shaved, it was not difficult to find the entrance to her pussy. When her finger brushed over Jessica’s clit, Jessica stiffened, but still made no move to get away or stop Monica. Meanwhile Monica proceeded with probing Jessica’s pussy. Finally, in a minute or so, Monica managed to take off bikini’s bottom from Jessica’s hips. It was very hot and silent in the room when Monica broke the silence and said: “Jessica, I’m going to eat your pussy, lay down on the bed please.” Jessica didn’t make a sound, and did exactly as she was told. She laid on her back and spread her legs wide open, Monica moved her tongue roam up and down Jessica’s now wet pussy, flicking her tongue over her erect clit, and by that causing Jessica to moan. The room filled with the sounds of Monica’s loud cunt slurping and Jessica’s soft moaning! Vanessa was sitting in the corner working on her own clit, unable to believe how much sucking Monica needed to get saturated.

The harder she sucked, the louder Jessica’s groans became. When Monica looked up to watch Jessica cum, she saw that Jessica had pulled her tits out and was kneading the hard nipples with her fingers! Vanessa came over to Monica and removed her skirt, exposing her ass and panties, and after grabbing Monica’s crotch, she gave her pussy and ass some good rub. This massage exposed Monica’s wet cunt and dripping ass hole to Vanessa’s hot mouth! She buried her face into her friends burning ass crack and tongued her cunt greedily. Monica was now going crazy with desire, because her mouth was working on a beautiful pussy while her own cut was being eaten so vehemently. All three girls were now occupied with a wild burning suck orgy, and their moans got louder and louder with every moment. They didn’t care if anyone could hear them, all they wanted to do was cum, and that’s what these sluts needed now. This wanton orgy was coming to a climax, their pussies were all dripping wet with running juices and mouth were filled with so much taste. Finally they came, the 3 all together. It was very powerful and streaming climax, their slut pussies exploded in orgasms. Jessica pressed her wet cunt into Monica’s open mouth whereas Monica did the same to Vanessa, while Vanessa flicked her own clit hard and fast! Dirty and massive climax overwhelmed all the girls, their bodies, covered with sweat, twisted and twirled, their love juices splashing!

In the end, when they were lying on the bed catching their breath, Monica uttered:

“How was that, Jessica?”

“Wanna repeat that home work again” was reply.

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