Hot detention

July 21st, 2008

It’s not a good idea to sleep in the classroom, the teacher can give you detention and no one knows what she can do to punish you…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

“Ethan! You are dozing off again in my class! I won’t put up with it!”, Mrs. Stevenson said in an angry voice and Ethan opened his eyes.

“Do you really think you can come here and sleep while I am teaching the class? No way!”, Mrs. Stevenson seemed to be getting angrier.

She was a thirty year old woman, with a nice, slender body for her age and most of the female students were dreaming to have such a body. She never observed the college dress code and almost always wore clothes that was far from being decent. The college faculty tried to raise the issue of her look but she said that America was a free country and she could wear what ever she wanted. This time she was wearing a short skirt that outlined all the beauty of her long, slender legs. Her blouse was tight-fitting revealing her alluring breasts.

Ethan was staring at her breasts not even listening what she was telling him. He stayed up all night partying with his friends. Of course it’s not a good idea to party in the middle of the week when you had to go to college next day, but that was a special occasion. His friend whom he had not seen for two years arrived from Europe and that’s why Ethan stayed up all night going from one night-club to another. Mrs. Stevenson didn’t know all that and she just thought that Ethan was not treating her right, she thought that she had to teach this bold student some respect.

“I don’t care what you do at night but you don’t have only to be present in my classes, you also have to participate in the class discussion”, She said and gave him an angry look.

“I am sorry but…”, he didn’t even finish the sentence as Mrs. Stevenson interrupted him.

“You’re sorry?” I think we will have to settle this down after class, not now, in front of all the students who wish to study.

After classes, Ethan dropped in Mrs. Stevenson classroom, she was going through some papers and he thought may be she was too busy to attend to him now but he was wrong.

“Oh, Ethan, come on in”, She said when she saw him in the doorway.

“So, I won’t stand you behaving like that”, she charged him as soon as he entered the classroom.

“I will have to refer your case to the college supervisor and he will have to think about expelling you”, She continued and it seemed that with each word her voice was getting louder.

“Mrs. Stevenson, are you married?” Ethan asked and sat right on the desk.

“What?”, she snapped angrily. “What does this have to do with our case!”, she shouted and probably this question put her in a rage.

“Of course it relates to the matter we are discussing now”, Ethan said.

“You’re a young, blossoming woman, without a husband, without male’s attention and that of course makes you so mad”, Ethan continued.

“Who the fuck let you discuss my private life?” she shouted again.

She thought for a moment and admitted to herself that Ethan was partially right, and most probably he was totally right, but she was too angry to admit that. Of course in her thirties she definitely needed a man, but since she didn’t have one, she put all her efforts in college work. She stayed after the classes were over and worked on the papers, checked students assignments and developed new ideas and plans most of which were never realized. She just had to busy herself with something and she was afraid to admit to herself that she was trying to fill the gap of male attention. She hadn’t had sex for over a year already and each new day without sex made her angry and horny like an animal. She was taking it out on her students punishing them for every minor fault and mistake.

“May be you should really think about getting some treatment from men? No other medicine can help you”, Ethan said in a calm voice and approached Mrs. Stevenson.

“What are you talking about?”, she said and her voice sounded confused. She was taken aback and really didn’t know how to behave.

“We both know what I am talking about”, Ethan said and took Mrs. Stevenson’s hand in his.

He could feel her hand trembling and Mrs. Stevenson was sort of petrified, her pride ordered her to push Ethan away from her. But her inners self wasn’t permitted her to do that.

Encountering no resistance, Ethan placed his hand on her butt and started rubbing it, this time Mrs. Stevenson tried to push him back, but the push was rather slight and uncertain. It rather meant: “Go on, don’t stop”.

Ethan shoved his hand under her skirt and fumbled for her pussy, he could feel that her panties were a bit wet and when he slid his palm between them, he felt that her pussy was leaking.

Mrs. Stevenson could not do anything to her inner self. A year without a man made itself felt and her pussy was demanding some really good attention. In a about a minute Ethan’s palm and fingers were all wet.

“Am I not right?” , Ethan whispered in her ear while his fingers was fumbling for her clit, as soon as he located it, Mrs. Stevenson moaned and closed her eyes.

“Am I not right?”, Ethan asked louder while his fingers was rubbing her clit.

“Yeeeess”, Mrs. Stevenson moaned almost inaudibly.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on your table?”, Ethan said and pushed Mrs. Stevenson to the teacher’s table slightly.

She sat on it and Ethan took off her skirt. Her white panties had a large stain of her love juices. Ethan slowly took them off and showed the stain to Mrs. Stevenson. She looked away as if being shy of her overwhelming excitement.

Ethan smiled and kneeled before her. Mrs. Stevenson instinctively spread her legs and lay on the table. Ethan dived into her pussy and immediately got all of his face wet with her love juices which were in abundance. He ran his tongue all over her snatch and she moaned and arched back. He started licking her pussy like an ice-cream going from her pussy lips to her clit. Mrs. Stevenson was moaning loudly, she didn’t care someone might hear her, firstly it was after 4 p.m. and almost all of the teachers and college employees were long gone, probably there was a janitor in the building but Mrs. Stevenson was too horny to think about such minor things.

Meanwhile Ethan pushed his forefinger into her hole while his tongue focused on her clit. He started rubbing the upper walls of her vagina, licking and slightly biting her clit at the same time. Mrs. Stevenson was no longer herself, she was bucking and arching, her pussy stayed long without male’s attention and was building up for a strongest orgasm ever.

“Don’t stop”, Mrs. Stevenson moaned. and that was a sign for Ethan to intensify the tempo. His forefinger started furiously rubbing the upper walls of her vagina trying to locate a g-spot, his tongue meanwhile was licking her clit non stop. In about a few seconds Ethan’s forefinger fondles for something hard in her vagina, it felt like a small cherry which was hidden somewhere in the upper walls, Ethan pressed and rubbed it and Mrs. Stevenson arched back and groaned like a beast. “Bingo”, Ethan thought, that is the g-spot, once he found it, he wasn’t going to lose it and now he focused all of his attention on it. He didn’t forget about her clit though and his tongue was slowly biting and kissing it. Ethan pressed on her g-spot again and started rubbing it intensely.

“Ohhhhh, Fuck!”

He heard as the jet of hot, sticky liquid rushed out of her pussy and hit his face. Mrs. Stevenson was cumming, No sooner Ethan had time to do anything or to move away, than a second, and then a third jet of squirt splashed all over his face. Her pussy was contracting and shrinking, trapping his finger inside of her, Ethan’s face was all wet as if he dived his head in the pool. Mrs. Stevenson was moaning and groaning and it seemed that her orgasm lasted for an eternity. When it finally was over, she laid still on the table with her eyes closed.

In about three minutes she came to senses and it was clearly obvious that something changed in her. Her eyes were no longer the eyes of a horny woman who is looking to start a quarrel. She seemed calm and quiet.

Without saying a word, she got off from the table and kneeled before Ethan. She wanted to his cock, to feel its hardness, he has been dreaming about a cock for so long. Ethan had a bulge on his pants and Mrs. Stevenson smiled and quickly unzipped them. Ethan’s cock sprang out and started dangling before her face. She stuck her tongue out and started playing with his dickhead. Now, it was time for Ethan to moan and cry. Mrs. Stevenson’s tongue was great, it didn’t leave any spot on his dick that was not kissed and licked by her. When this sort of foreplay was over she completely took his dick in her mouth and swallowed it. She started sucking on it so avidly that it even Ethan felt that it was hurting a bit. But that felt so good and he wished it could last forever.

Mrs. Stevenson took his balls in her hand and started rubbing them gently while her mouth was working on his cock. She tried to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth. It made her gag and her saliva was running all over his dick down to his balls.

“I want it!” she said and it was like a command.

She lay on the table again and spread her legs. Ethan came up to her and started rubbing his dick over her pussy. “Come on, don’t tease me, give it to me man!”, she begged him and Ethan pushed his cock inside. It encountered absolutely no resistance as her pussy was all wet. Ethan started moving rhythmically inside her nailing his dick deeper and deeper into her pussy. His pubis was beating against her hers and they were both enjoying the action.

In a few minutes Ethan felt Mrs. Stevenson’s pussy shrinking and contracting again, the second orgasm overcame her, she was bucking in his hands like a fish thrashing in the net.

Ethan felt that it was time for him to cum too. He took his dick out and Mrs. Stevenson kneeled before him again. He directed his dick to her face and started jerking it, in a few seconds the jets of his hot cum started hitting her face, Mrs. Stevenson opened her mouth greedily, trying to catch each single drop, when Ethan drained his balls, her face was covered in cum, she swallowed everything that landed in her mouth and grabbed Ethan’s cock and swallowed it, she was licking it clean, making sure every single drop of his cum would be swallowed by her. When she finished, she walked back to her chair and sat on it with her legs spread.

“So, I guess you will need more detention until we find out the reason for your behavior problem”, she said and smiled. Ethan noticed that she spread her legs wider.

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