High society girl

November 10th, 2007

Do you think it’s hard to seduce a high-society girl? This guy was madly in love with her but he devised a perfect plan to get her into bed and it really worked! Read and enjoy!

Jeremy was through with the test. He felt so great about it. He came out in the hall and looked around. He saw a girl by the window. He was leering at her body and her face. She was just beautiful! He had chills up and down his spine looking at her. She was well dressed. She was certainly into fashion. She knew what suited her and what didn’t. The color of her fur jacket made her face look even more beautiful, stressing the cherry blossom color of her plump lips. As for her eyes… She had big brown eyes. Her short haircut resembled of a boy’s one. She looked boyish and very young.

She really looked young and innocent, though he heard so many rumors about her sexual adventures. He was jealous. He didn’t know much about her. He knew her name, and he talked to her a couple of times. That was all.

He wanted to come up to her and offer to see her home, but he didn’t dare. She’s a high society girl, he thought. Her dad was working for government or for President, he wasn’t sure, and he was just an average student from nowhere. He wasn’t rich. But he was smart. He won the scholarship, and was very proud of it. He looked sort of plebian against her aristocratic manners.

He was really drawn to her, but at the same time he was afraid of her. “Stop dreaming, buddy,” he said to himself. He was watching her walking to the entrance. “She’s gonna leave….” He thought. He was racking his brains thinking what to do. “I gotta charm her! There’s no other way…”

-Hi, Petra, – he said quietly.

He was shocked by his courage. It was his first step, he made it, he had to go on.

-So, how’s you test?

-OK, – She said, smiling winsomely.

She was coquettish with everybody. But there weren’t many people she was close to.

-Me too. But it’s not the point. Listen, I gotta talk to you. It’s urgent. Are you busy now?

-No, not actually, – Petra replied.

-OK, let’s go then, – he told her smiling.

He was very embarrassed to talk to her about his secret dreams. How could he do it? He just couldn’t simply say something like: “I want you, Petra, I desperately want you.” She would definitely think he was some kind of a jerk. His heart was beating very fast. He would better die than to get turned down by a girl, by a high society girl. He shouldn’t have started the conversation at all. But if you pledge, don’t hedge, as people say. He was contemplating over the situation. Soon he had a plan. But he wasn’t sure it would work…. Petra was waiting for him to start his “very important talk”.

-So what did you want?

-I just can’t talk about it in the middle of the street. Let’s go to a café. Oh, here’s one here…

They came in the café. He was very careful ordering meals. He was thinking over every single step he made. They ordered wine. Jeremy was talking non-stop, not letting her say even a single word. They were drinking wine. Petra reminded him of the thing he wanted to talk to her about. He was staring at her, realizing he was talking shit, it was just idle chat. He said it was about her friend. She got excited. He got it was the thing that could attract her. Jeremy poured her some more wine. Her cheeks were blushing. But the most important part was that she was still interested in the conversation and in him, as an interlocutor. He ordered some more wine. He suggested then.

-What about some delicious dishes to celebrate our exam!

Petra nodded impatiently, staring at him. She wanted to hear more about the girl. Jeremy felt like a magician and a spy at the same time, it was really interesting and new for him. They were eating. He kept on talking. Later, thinking back on that evening, he realized it was so incredibly stupid. When they just came in the café, he said he wanted to talk about her friend’s secret. Then he changed the topic of the conversation. Then he noted (sort of accidentally) that he could say a woman’s character looking at her face. That was very interesting for Petra as well. Could he guess it was very exciting for women to know what other people thought about them? He was pretty clever. He never said anything particular. He distracted her attention by something else, some brand new topic. He was on his way to get closer to her, to gain some understanding, some mutual interest. Soon he was fresh enough to bet she couldn’t drink tequila. Petra was pretty tipsy by that time, her eyes were shining brightly, and the wine brought color to her cheeks.

She agreed to drink some tequila. Jeremy cheered her up saying it was a sort of demonstration of some of her traits. He was delighted. “I won! I won! I’ve managed to charm her! And I made her tipsy. Tequila would be the last stage of my prelude.” He thought excitedly. Petra was drunk. She was drinking tequila as if she’d been doing regularly. He poured some more of the drink. And then a bit more again. It’s time, he said to himself.

They went out in the street. Jeremy realized he had to fetch a taxi till she got sober in the fresh air. But he didn’t have to worry about it. Petra was really wasted. They caught a taxi. Petra leaned on the seat back. Jeremy was still very afraid she would get sober and go away. He told the driver where to go.

It was empty and lonely in his small apartment. He asked his roommates to leave for awhile. It wasn’t the first request of the type. He’d done it before too. It meant he was a very bad boy. He had a lot of girlfriends. But they were not like Petra. They were average American gals, though some of them were really good skilful lovers. But Petra was a high society gal! That changed a lot!!! Jeremy used to hear about her boyfriends. But he knew he was better than those stupid rich guys. “Can they be compared with me? She just doesn’t know who is who,” he thought. He knew. He was 23. And his life was less similar to a fairy tale.

Petra was lying on his bed. He put her expensive bag on the chair. She was sleeping. She was so beautiful. A real sleeping beauty, you know. He wanted her. He lay down beside her, dressing her off, kissing. He was kissing her freely. Feeling her body so close to his, smelling her hair, kissing her lips was so incredible, magical and fantastic. He was holding her small foot in his hand, while undoing her pants. He unzipped the fly. Her skin was so soft. He couldn’t stop enjoying dressing her off. He liked her to be so passive and pliant. When he was younger, he simply couldn’t understand why women were resistant. Especially if they actually were for having some fun. Later he understood it was a game. So he learn to take his time, enjoying their bucking and kicking. It was just a prelude. But it was all different now; he loved to feel Petra submitting to his will. He could do whatever he wanted to do.

He had to pull off her blouse and her lingerie. It was such a sweet torture. He pulled off his own clothes. He was nude. He was hugging her. What was better: to want her or to have her body under his domination? His pants were too small for his hard dick, so he pulled them off too and threw them in another corner of the room. He started unbuttoning her blouse. Her heart was beating fast. Her boobs were firm. He was in a hurry to see her naked. He felt he couldn’t wait any longer. Her bra was hanging over the bed back. Her panties. They were the last cloth item she had. He looked at her sleeping face and kissed her gorgeous breasts. His hand slipped under her panties. He felt her bush. His fingers were getting deeper. He was breathing heavily, lustfully.

-What wonderful panties! – He said quietly.

She was naked. She was naked and beautiful. Jeremy spread her hips and bent her knees. His face was at her bosom. His cock was throbbing; blood was pulsing in his veins. Petra didn’t feel what he was doing to her. He was holding her body tight. He was swaying over her. He was like God, who was trying to bring her back to life. All his muscles were tense. Then it was… he was moving abruptly and carelessly. It was the moment of bliss. He came. Petra was lying still.

-No, no pleasure at all. There was too much of alcohol, – he said loudly.

Jeremy got on his knees and looked at the girl. Yeah, a real sleeping beauty. Then he jumped on his feet and rushed to the drawer. He took something out. He turned on the light. It wasn’t bright enough. He took some more lamps from the table and put them around Petra. It was great. He took a camera. He put it on the table by the bed. He looked in the lens. Automatic releaser was on. He rushed to Petra and lay between her legs. He turned her face to the camera. Seven minutes. Jeremy was very careful and skillful. It was the first photoset.

The next one, please. He raised her a bit, leaning her on the wall. He adjusted the lens. It was a beautiful pic. He took everything into account. Lights and darks, everything was all right. He was changing her poses. There were lots of pics. Beautiful pics. But soon he got tired of his fun. Petra was still sleeping. Her slow and regular breathing was getting on his nerves. He was very mad. He poked his dick at her plump lips. He wanted to caress her lips with the dickhead, but then he changed his mind. He put out the light and lay down beside her. He was lying still for about an hour. It was three o’clock in the morning. “I’m gonna count 10 and wake her up. One, two, three… Ten.” He shook her body. Petra moaned something indistinct. He shook her another time. She moaned again, opening her eyes. She was still drunk, she didn’t realize what was going on. He was happy she finally woke up! He couldn’t waste his time. His tongue slipped between her lips. Petra was unconscious, smiling, closing her eyes again. Jeremy was trying his best.

Petra got back to sleep. Turned out it was he who made him cum another time. He put Petra’s head on his hairy chest. His black hair didn’t go with her white beautiful face. He did it for her to realize they had a lot of fun that night. He only had to wait for her to wake up…


She woke up a moment before he opened his eyes. He opened his eyes, but he was lying still, watching her. Petra opened her eyes and looked around. She looked up to see who that man she was sleeping with was. She looked terrific! They looked at each other. It was silent around. Then she asked him in surprise:

-Where am I?

He gave her a warm hug, as if it were she who seduced him last night.

-I’ll explain later. Not now. Later. – He kissed her.

She was looking shocked.

-Did I call my mom yesterday to tell her I’d be late?

-No. We were in a café, remember? Then we went to my place. You’re so beautiful! C’mon. It’s too late to call your mom now. Everything will be fine, don’t worry.

His confident amicable voice affected her greatly. She smiled at him. What else could she do, anyway? To be enraged? She realized she’d spent the night with a guy from her college. Not such a big deal. Jeremy kissed her lips. He was hot, he wanted her. He felt his dick getting harder. Petra said calmly:

-All right, it’s time to go home. Besides, I gotta prepare for the next test…

-Relax, Petra, – Jeremy said in a pleading voice. – Don’t be in a hurry, I’m begging you. I want more, babe…

She looked at his face and smiled. He got her: she wanted to get nasty. He was on cloud nine. He was very aroused. He was embracing her, kissing her body, every inch of it. She was giggling, not thinking about her problems. He was kissing her. He was overwhelmed by desire. It was time for them to please each other. His finger was caressing her love button, he saw she really liked it. Petra was trying to impale herself deeper on his finger. It was her signal for him to go on. She was still giggling, but not so often. Jeremy was teasing her. His finger was getting inside her snatch and getting out of it then. Petra stopped laughing. She was asking him to fuck her.

He touched her hips, as if asking to spread them wider. She got him. His pecker was rocky hard. Petra was breathing heavily, she was wet. She took his shaft in her hand. She wanted to get screwed, but at the same time she wanted to be gentle with her lover. Her touch made the cock get even larger. She directed it in her pussy. It touched her vulva lips. They both quivered. It seemed somebody was caressing her inside. The caress was so tender and nice…. He heart was beating fast, ready to leap out of her chest.

-Ahh, – she moaned.

It was her body that was moaning. They were moving in sync, accelerating the tempo. He was absorbed in that magical love game. He had to stop frictions every time he felt it get warm in his lower belly. Petra didn’t wanna stop. She was mumbling something. She was crying every time he stuck his dick very deep in her flesh. Tears were seen in her beautiful eyes. Jeremy raised her hips a bit up and entered her pussy deep up to his balls. She was crying, rather than moaning. Jeremy lost the sense of time and space. His lower belly was burning. His body seemed to be swelling. He was breathing heavily. Suddenly he trembled, Petra felt him cumming and came too. Neither of them wanted tenderness and caress, they wanted to feel plain.

He was about to faint. It was the climax. It was ecstasy. They both were in pain. But it was the only pain a human being longed for. Their muscles were contracting. They were holding each other close. And then it was… it was bliss, there was warmth in every cell of their bodies. They were motionless, unable to say a word. His body seemed to be huge and slow, he didn’t wanna get his dick out of her hot cave. They were lying still for several moments. He took his cock out of her bosom. They were lying side by side, breathing heavily. They were silent.

It was a grey foggy morning. It was so warm and nice to lie in bed. The clock struck 9. He put his hand on her breast, squeezing it slightly. They’d exposed not only their bodies, but their soles to each other. They were getting back to life. He was leaning on his elbows, kissing Petra. It was a kiss of gratitude for the pleasure she made him feel. She got what he meant. She smiled.

-You’re amazing!

She smiled.

-It’s such bliss… – He whispered.

She rolled her eyes.

-It is.

He was patting her soft silk-like skin. She moved, turning her face at him.

-I’ve never felt anything like that. Thank you, Jeremy.

-No, thank you.

They spent some more time in bed.

-OK. Rise and shine! – Jeremy said then. – It’s high time we called your mom. Get up, babe.

He patted her shoulder.

-No, I don’t wanna get up, – She said, playing up.

-You gotta. You can’t spend the whole day in bed!

-Why not?! – She broke him off excitedly. – Jeremy, I want you…

He gave her a serious look and repeated his words. Petra got up, pouting her lips. She wasn’t embarrassed to be naked in front of him. He couldn’t stop admiring her wonderful body. Sun beams were shining on her sexy body.

-WOW! – He said.

Her nipples were hard, they were teasing him. She was standing still looking at him. Her body was telling him about her desire. She was pretending to be serious.

-Stop it, -she said.

-But you are really beautiful!

-I told you to stop. Don’t make me be strict with you.

She fell in bed, laughing. She closed his mouth with her small palm. He was kissing it. More love games, more fast heart beating. It started all over again…

They got up at 5 pm. Jeremy was no longer scared of her dad working for President.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Wonderful? Terrific! I love the site! I love the stories, they are all so hot and kinky, I wish there were more of them, I visit the site daily and read new stuff you got there! You, guy, are doing a great job! Keep it up! let me say thanks to all of the site members and those who make it happen for us! YourLust FOREVER!!!!

  2. b82 Says:

    yar u made me cum over my bed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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