Gosia’s troubles

November 11th, 2008

When you have troubles in the university, you better be nice to the director of studies, he is a black man with a huge cock and he needs satisfaction…

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Her name is Gosia and she studies Biotechnology at a small technical university in Poland. Today she has a meeting with the new director of studies in her chosen field. She has been very depressed and sad this past year because she wasn’t able to pursue her studies. She failed a few courses and that caused her to miss out 1 year. She is hoping to find some kind of solution today with this meeting. This new director of studies is a foreign man from Senegal. Gosia lived in London for 3 months a few summers ago, so she has seen a few black men, but has only briefly talked to a few of them. She is just 21 and while she isn’t a beautiful girl, she is quite attractive and very petite. She is 5’5″ and she only weighs about 90 pounds. She is very slim, but not anorexic. She has thin arms, thin legs, tiny little breasts, but a nice and pretty little bubble butt. She has long straight light brown hair and blue eyes.

She has been very withdrawn this past year and hasn’t met too often with her friends, she basically keeps to herself most of the time. She is a very intelligent girl, but also quite deep and complex. She almost always wears black clothes, mainly as a reflection of her dark mood. And today as she readies herself for this meeting she has decided to wear black. As she looks through her closet she sees a long black nylon dress and she decides to wear it. This dress completely covers her everywhere from her neck down to her feet, only her face, neck and hands are exposed. Even though she is completely covered you can still she her body quite well, because this dress is skin-tight and it’s made of a very thin nylon material so you can very well see every curve of her sexy little body, and since she is wearing her high-heeled black boots her tiny little bubble butt is pushed out and very noticeable. Since her mind is focused elsewhere and she has this dark and depressed mood it really wasn’t her intention to look sexy, but with this dress being made of a shiny, paper-thin nylon material and being skin-tight it would be very difficult for any red-blooded man not to take notice of her petite sexy little body.

As she arrives in the director of studies office she finds it a bit strange that no secretary is present. She knocks on the door and it is open by a rather large and very dark skinned black man. He appears to be in his 40′s and he is completely bald and rather heavy set, in fact, he is slightly obese. He’s 6 foot tall and he weighs 260 pounds. He smiles at her and says, “Hello, you must be Gosia. I’m Dr. Ogolebee, come into my office.” Since it is early fall the weather is a bit cold and she is wearing a long black jacket. So, as she comes into his office he says to her, “Take off your jacket and have a seat.” As she takes off her jacket she sees he is watching her and when he sees this skin-tight black nylon dress she sees desire flash in his eyes and it makes her a bit nervous. He doesn’t try to hide his desire and he says to her, “That’s a very nice dress.” and gives her a great big smile. She only says “Thanks.” and has a seat in the small chair in front of his desk. He then sits on the desk directly in front of her, and there is only about 8 inches between them. He takes her file and studies it, and as he’s studying her file she notices his raging hard-on. His cock appears to be at least 10 inches long. He looks up from her file and says, “I see here that you had to sit out 1 full year, I’m very sorry about that. But, I have a special proposition for you, and if you accept it I will grant you back this missed year.” So she asks, “What is this special proposition?” and he says, “Well, it will go something like this. We will have a private 2 hour lesson each Friday from 4pm til 6pm for this whole semester.” And she says, “A private 2 hour lesson?” And he says, “Yes, and you are a very intelligent girl, so I think you know what this 2 hour lesson will involve.” as he looks down at his engorged cock and smiles. “So, do you agree with this proposition?” and she only looks down at the floor and nods her head.

With that, he reaches out his hand and pulls her to her feet and and pulls her body into his and begins kissing her deeply and passionately, sticking his tongue in her mouth and squeezing her firm little bubble ass. And then he says, “Oh babe, I’m gonna just love fucking your sexy white little body. You ever been fucked by a black man before?” And she just nods her head no. So, he says, “Well, I’m gonna be your black master babe!” And with that he pulls his cock out of his trousers and says to her, “Get down on your knees and suck my black nigger cock!” As her pushes her down on her knees and jams his cock in her mouth. And then he says to her, “Mmmm… that’s it babe, take that cock!” While he puts each of his huge black hands on either side of her head and strokes her long soft light brown hair, and says, “Yeah, that’s it, suck on your black masters huge cock!” And as she’s sucking him, she’s only taking in about 4 of 5 inches of his huge 10 inch cock. So, at this point he grabs her head more firmly and says, “Take all of my black meat in your mouth babe.” and begins to force his swollen cock down her throat. With that shes lets out a stifled cry and this only inflames her more. And he says, “Come on you sexy little white bitch, please your black master!” as he slams his cock viciously down her throat. And with that, the pleasure is just too great and he spews forth a very large amount of sticky cum in her mouth and the cum is so much that it dribbles down her cheek. And after his cum is finished he says to her, “Now be a good little slut and shallow all of my cum!” As he puts his hand on her cheek and gathers the cum that dribbled out of her mouth and puts in to her lips and says, “Eat all of my cum you little slut!” And with that she licks the cum out of his hand and swallows it.

After that, he pulls her upright and says, “Your body’s looking so hot in this black nylon dress, especially this round little ass of yours.” As he grabs her ass quite strong, and says, “So now I’m gonna teach you a very special African dance.” And with that he goes over to his portable radio and starts playing some African drum music. He pulls off his shirt, and now he is completely naked and she sees for the first time just how large he is. His waist measures over 45 inches, while her waist is less than half that size, in fact, her tiny little hips only measure 32 inches. He pulls her over to him and turns her around so round firm little ass is lined up with his big black cock. And then he says, “Just start moving those sexy little hips of yours to the beat.” So she starts moving her hips in and out and around, as he places his hands on the sides of her hips and puts his huge black cock between her ass cheeks just like a hot dog between two buns. And he just starts bumping and grinding his cock on her ass while says, “Mmmm…. this little African sex dance with you just feels so good, yeah babe, I like bumping and grinding my black cock on your sexy little white ass.” As he puts his arms completely around her and keeps her body stuck to his, there isn’t even 1 centimeter of space between them. This dance continues for another 10 minutes or so, and then he asks her, “You ever have a cock in this ass babe?” And she shakes her head no. So, he says, “Well, you’re gonna get a nice big black cock in that ass right now!” And he says to her, “Get that dress off!” So as she takes off her dress and her tiny silk black thong panties, he picks her up and places her over his shoulder and carries her to his desk. He puts her face down over his desk, as her feet remain in contact with the floor and she is pushed into an inverted L position. From this position he places himself behind her and takes out a tube of lubricate form his desk drawer and he rubs some on his cock. Then he guides his engorged cock into her tight asshole, only a few inches at first. And with that he starts pumping his cock in her ass and says to her, “Oh yeah, I just love fucking young white girls up their pretty little asses.” With each successive thrust he drives his cock deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. At this point his pleasure and desire are so great that he pushes her face into his desk and says, “That’s it babe, you’re my little white fuck slut, and I want you to tell me how much you love my nigger cock jammed up your white ass!” At this point he is pounding her ass so hard that she is in tears. So he says again, “Repeat after me, “Pound your nigger cock into my hot white ass, make me your little white treat.” Between her cries and sobs she finally says, “Pound your nigger cock into my hot white ass, make me your little white treat.” And with that his pleasure is just too great and he sceams out “Oh yeah, you fucking little slut, make me cummmmmmm!” As he fills her little white ass full of his hot and stcky cum.

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