Good bye!

September 14th, 2007

What is it like to have your last lesson with a teacher whom you really love, she is a sexy female slut, but she is the professor, kind of inaccessible, or not quite so?

- Bye, and don’t’ forget, you have a test on your next class! He looked at her, the only desire he was having at that moment was to have this woman in his hugs.

SHE was his teacher, and too much depended on her in his future life. he was supposed to study abroad, and he was in need of studying French very well to have this opportunity as he was gonna to Sorbonne, she was a very skilled and professional teacher, but he couldn’t succeeded in the language of Gauls, and that’s why he always had to stay late to finish the exercises. He was both angry and happy to stay a bit longer with her, she was writing something down in her note book.

Having cats up her eyes she looked him: Oh, my God, did he really want HER? But he was her student, and rules of subordination prevented anything between them. Thought it wouldn’t hurt me now, but stop!!! I shouldn’t think of it! I mustn’t even admit a mere thought of it! I had not had sex for a whole week, my pussy was leaking and it turned very hot down there… damn, I am sitting with my legs open and he saw it!

I was looking at her, strong desire to put her in dog style and bang right here didn’t give me a moment’s rest! Heh, here I have one more exercise, and I have to finish it. I know she us married, but … you can never tell! Perhaps he had hot bang yesterday night! Hell, it takes only a mere thought of sex to get a cock stand! She is gonna call me to see how well I go! What?

- Have you finished? Let’s see!

- You know, I think I have done my best and…

- All right, let’s check it up. Sit down by my side… what are you doing?

- I’m… putting my hand on your knee… Yeahh, she wants me, no doubts about that! She breaths so heavily, so hot! I’m hard-on

Lips, so nice lips… tits, I wanna remove your cloth! Yes, he wants me, he wants to fuck me! SHE rose and shut the door locking it! Oh, yeahh, this slut wants some more! I can’t stand it any longer! I want you…. Fuck me, fuck me!!! Yeahh, my slut, my fallen whore! Suck me, suck my cock! She lowered my pants. But promise you will do everything I can claim! Yes, of course, I wanna suck your cock! I want it so much! She stood in dog style and started sucking me off, her left hand moved to her pussy to masturbate… stop, bitch, do it, suck me, I caught her hands and tied them with my belt behind her back. Her pussy was leaking and its drops ran down her thigh. She moaned, she couldn’t breathe well, but he took her head and impaled it on his cock deep, very deep! Deepthroating was awesome! Oohhhh, what a tasty cock, I love it! I wanna eat it! Give me some, give me! Yeahh, I want this shaft got deeper my throat, I love blowjob! Do it, slut! Dot it to me, I have been dreaming about it for so long! Suck my cock! Deeper, deeper!

Mmmmmmm, well, bitch! Turn around! She turned around with her ass to him; he removed her skirt without rising from the chair, because he didn’t even stand up, let this whore do everything herself. Stand that way, slut! Don’t move! He slapped her, she moaned. I’ll do what you are asking me! She was standing in dog style with hands tied from behind, he pondered a bit what to do with her and slapped her once, then twice, she moaned and started: Aaaaa, you like it! Fuck me, please, fuck me! Shut up, whore, your time will come! He looked at her bending down; a wild desire to fuck her ass came to him. He opened her buttocks: Oooo, what a motherfucking ass, your husband is fucking your ass, huh? No, I fuck it myself with a bottle! You, dirty naughty bitch! You do it right! He was sitting on the chair slowly widening her anus, and then spit inside. A groan escaped her lips, he repeated and slapped her ass, then slid one finger inside, what made this bitch start and moan once again. Please, fuck me, fuck your slut! Wait! What else cane do to her? O, right, a cola bottle! I have almost forgotten about it! So, you are fucking your ass with a bottle, huh? With a bottle? I shall put it in her cunt first to make it lubed. What? What is he doing? I hoped he would fuck me first…ooh, feels so good, it’s so good! Do it to me, don’t stop, do it… Wahoo! This slut is wagging her as to me! Great! Fucking nice! No, bitch, I will make you come right way! Aaaa, he is putting his toy inside me! Deeper, do it deeper, fuck me!!!! What a hot nasty girl you are! I want to fuck you!

I turned around, set my elbows on the desk and felt his cock entering into my ass. He was pulling me by hair! Oooo, feels so good! He slapped my ass, and my juice was licking down. I couldn’t even fondle myself with hands tied… ooo, what a lovely ass! What a sweet sexy ass! I love it! I really love it! Now you are my slut! You are my bitch! Yeahh, I’m yours! I belong to you! Yeahh, you are mine, babe! Aaaaaaaaaa, I wanna have your sperm! I want your sperm in my mouth! You want it, huh? You want it? Suck me now, suck me now! Stop, come to me, I wanna see your tits, I will rode up your bra and fuck your tits1 then I will come right there! Yes, do it to me… my lord, I will do what you want! Fuck my tits and fuck my mouth! Fuck my mouth! O, so hot tongue she has, so hot tongue! He untied her hands and she squeezed his cock with hands while licking his moving dick. I’m gonna come! I’m gonna cover you with my cum slut! Let my cum pour down your face and your fucking tits! Give it to me, give it! Take it, bitch! Take my load! Yeahh she rode and licked the rest of his cum, it was so good, do fucking sweet! Wiped the clots from my face, put my cloth on and caught his eyes, he was looking at me surprised a bit. He was tired and happy.

- Enjoy? I think I must assign some more classes to you! But next time we will play on my rules, ok?

- Yeahh, I enjoyed. I loved it a lot, you are not just a very good teacher, and you’re so hot! You are so fucking nice bitch!

He looked at her, the only thought he had at this point of time was to have this bang once again. Again and again… the only mere thought that flew across her mind was to have it repeated again too………

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3 Responses to “Good bye!”

  1. Love man Says:

    Fucking your teacher is the mots fucking hot stuff ever! Liked this story! rate 5!

  2. Johnny Says:

    I’ve always dreamed of fucking my teacher! I remember my Math teacher in college, she was so sweet and young, (she just finished the university and came to teach us) I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I’d give everything in my life to lick and fuck her pussy!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    this was a ducking terrible story, learn how to spell.

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