Getting my credit!

November 17th, 2008

What does it take to earn a credit for a student? Especially when you have a horny teacher whose pussy is leaking and begging to be fucked…

This story happened to me when I studied at Southern University, I was majoring in a business administration and it was very essential for me to graduate from this program. Well, I was not the best student, actually, I never studied hard, though academic disciplines, I had been lectured, were very important and interesting. When my first examinations came, I, like most students of my age, was not ready for that. To be promoted for the next semester, I had to pass exams on elective classes, and World Literature was one of them. The literature teacher was a tall black haired woman, she was about 30 or so, and as I know, single with no family. She was attractive, with big bright eyes and round sexy curves. As soon as I hadn’t attended her classes at all, and was missing all the time, I hadn’t chances of passing her exam successfully. I found her office and knocked on the door. She was alone, sitting at the desk and reading some papers. I asked a permission to let myself in and entered the class. I began to explain my situation, said that I was so sorry for not attending her classes. She seemed to be listening to me carefully. I said that if she passed me today, I would be so thankful to her and I’d appreciate it a lot. She asked my name, then turned to me with another question:

“So, as far as I understand, you are not ready, young man?”
“Yes, mam!”
“And you want my credit to be promoted?”
“I had to work hard all previous days and unfortunately I had no time…”
“It can be done easily, but you should earn your credit”
“Mm, what do you mean? How?”

Then she sat close to me and said in lower voice:
“Fuck me. I hadn’t had it for so long that it makes me feel horny. You’re so cute and handsome”
“You are kidding me?”
“No, I’m serious!”

I paused for a while: from some point she was right, but fucking my teacher was something I couldn’t allow to myself. Unintentionally I asked:

“Come on, follow me” she said

She gathered her things and closed the class’s door. We went out to the yard and made our way to the road. She appeared to live not far from the University, just a few minute walk. All my way there I was preparing myself for what was expected to come.

As we got into her house, she turned to me and gave me a hot passionate French kiss. Obeying, I started undoing her cloth, when it all dropped down a perfect and sensual body came to my view. There was a kitchen to be on the right side, we stepped inside and I put her on the table. I was very hard and needed my cock to be fucked by some pussy! Without further ado I took it out, she noticed that it was the hugest cock she had ever seen, I grinned and thrusted it into her hole. She purred and moaned, just as I started thrusting my cock deep into her, she trembled and came. I stopped, letting her climax pass by and when she got over first feeling, we continued.

I turned her around, bowed her down on the table and put my cock against her ass hole. I pushed it harder in, and my tip eased inside slowly, it was obvious that this mature slut was already wet down there, so my cock started sliding in. After a hard effort, I had my cock all the way in her ass! It seemed to be bottomless! She cried out and arched her back. She admitted having an anal sex for the first time. I was pleased a lot to be her first anal fucker and went on fucking this slut. She kept crying and saliva came on her lips. Eventually she came for the second time, her body shivered with delight and, thereby, it made my cock throb hard and cum as well! caused my own coming. I managed to pull out just in time and shot a huge load of cum all over her white round ass! I covered her entire ass with my jizz!

Damn! That was hot! But I was not finished yet and wanted to fuck her more! So, I began to jerk off furiously, she turned to me, got on her knees and started sucking my semi hard cock clean! She showed up a good blow job skill, after a few minutes of such sucking, I was hard on again! I lifted her with my arms and sat on the chair near by, then I impaled her onto my cock and she started riding my cock like a crazy bitch she was! She grabbed my shoulders, and tried to let it as deep as possible. Very quickly she reached her third orgasm for today, after which she just got flabby and fell onto me.

I asked her to help me cum too, so she kneeled between my legs and began blowing me passionately. In a few minutes I blew out right in her mouth, she swallowed every single drop of my hot cum and cleaned my cock thoroughly from the semen. Then, with such a sluttish flame in her eyes she raised her eyes on me and said:

“Give me your credit list, you earned your grade!”

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9 Responses to “Getting my credit!”

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