August 29th, 2007

For a college student to pass an exam it takes lots of time to cram for it, but there is another way if you are a girl and your professors are experienced and horny males, do you want to pass the exam, welcome…

Once, (it was May outdoors) I had to face some troubles with my exams, I wanted to pass it another day, as I had to leave the city for a week. That’s why I called to the professor who was supposed to pass me, and asked to let me do it another day. Mister Andrew was having a headache and asked me to come to his office for a talk at 8 pm. As the evening promised to be hot I dressed some summer top and short skirt. I have to also add that my body has always turned guys on, long roundish legs, tight round ass and a slender waist. When I entered his office it seemed to me that he had been waiting for only me, I came in and started repeating my request again. Then, may be too soon for the teacher, he agreed suddenly to me: “we shall see”. At this moment I felt his hand passing down my thighs up to my secret region of the body. I started and looked at him, his advances confused as the situation was clumsy!

Mister Andrew didn’t miss his chance, he took this opportunity to make his game go on, and his palm reached my kitty and groped my pussy. “I see you can pass your exam right now, huh?” he asked flicking my clit with fingers. I thought that it would be bad to rebuff him; he was a handsome man of 37, so I gave in. then Mister Andrew removed my panties.Mister Andrew started by kissing me softly on the lips, gently pinching my nipples with his hands. I let out a moan and his grip on my nipples tightened. I couldn’t do anything to myself, I was really enjoying it! He kissed my neck, softly nibbling on it, knowing that was my spot might be. Mister Andrew could feel my pussy begin to get wet as he made his way down my body. Kissing my belly, making me arch my back, Mister Andrew slowly inserted a finger into my soaking wet pussy. Frankly, I had never seen and even thought of such intimacy between a college teacher and his girl student before. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, Mister Andrew stripped off his clothes, kissed me long and slowly on the lips. As for me, I am always being open to new things looked up and smiled at my dirty teacher.

At this time some one knocked the door slightly and there appeared some man, looking inside bashfully. Mister Andrew exclaimed: “Oh, come in! The exam has just started! ” his name was Mister Alex, he was about 40, plump a bit, medium-height. Mister Alex made his way down to my pussy, kissing it and letting his tongue rub across my clit. I couldn’t believe that I had been invited here to join a gang-bang and get fucked by these men! Eager to get inside me, Mister Andrew positioned his huge cock at my hole, his cock dripping with pre-cum, slowly sliding inside of me. He moaned as he felt my pussy tighten around his cock. He thrust his cock slowly, all the way, deep inside my pussy. He could feel the juices lubricating his cock, making it easier for him to slide in and out.

I took hold of Mister Alex’s hard cock and licked the pre-cum off of the tip of it. Slowly I let my mouth encircle the head of his cock with my tongue, wanting it to be all the way down my throat. My teacher’s friend let out a moan as my tongue massaged the head and base of his cock. He could feel it sliding into the back of my throat with ease. I moaned onto his cock, sending vibrations up to his balls, making Mister Alex let out a groan of ecstasy. Grasping my hips slowly, meeting the thrusts of Mister Andrew’s cock and swallowing Mister Alex’s cock, was almost unbearable. Mister Alex caressed my breast, feeding his cock down my throat. Mister Andrew grabbed my hips, pulling me so that he could penetrate all the way inside me. Hearing the sound of his balls slapping up against my ass was amazing. Mister Andrew started rubbing my clit as he pounded my pussy, making me buck even harder against his cock. Seeing myself sucking off another man, while fucking him was so amazing that Mister Andrew felt his balls tightening. On the brink of orgasm he let out a yell. He looked up at his friend, thinking that it would be amazing if I would receive both loads at the same time.

Mister Alex could feel that it was almost time… I had the best mouth of any woman that had ever sucked him. And it truly was so! The heat of my throat and the massaging of my tongue made Mister Alex’s balls tighten and he could feel his load growing up in his balls. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He shot stream and stream of hot cum inside my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed all of it eagerly, some of it dripping out of the corners of my mouth down my chin. I felt Mister Andrew’s cock pounding me even hard and then felt a hot load of cum fill up my pussy. Taking Alex’s cock out of my mouth and licking it all up and shaft, I screamed in please, feeling my own juices soak out onto Mister Andrew’s cock.

Mister Andrew grunted and moaned, feeling my juices soak his soak his cock and loving the feel of shooting his sperm deep inside of me. Pulling out, Mister Andrew smiled at Mister Alex and me, knowing that this was the best sex of his life and knowing that it had to be done again. He approached his cock my face and rubbed the rest of the sperm over it saying: “Come on, bitch, lick it all from all over” I tried to lick the cum from my palms, but his friend added: “Take it all from your hole and drink it now!” I rose and the load ran out of my cunt dropping down. I gathered it all as far as possible and ate it. I licked the clots of loads from my lips, fingers, feet and a chin. Then some another man came into the office. Mister Andrew said: “This is the last one!” their next friend’s name was Daniel.

I knelt in front of him, unzipped his pants, and brought his hard cock out (I bet it was hard, after that show!). I smiled up at him, as if to say I liked what I saw. Then I took his cock and put it between my tits, squeezing them together and moving them up and down on Daniel’s cock. I licked the head of his cock, looking up at him with my beautiful eyes (I definitely knew that all me loved my eyes) as I did so. Then I put my mouth all the way down on his cock and slowly moved up on it, with my lips firmly wrapped around it as I used to do to my boyfriend. I did this for a long time, bringing him close to cumming several times. Just when Daniel was getting close to cumming, I would stop and look up at him for a minute with a sly grin, and then I would start again. His friends were sitting aside and watching us with interest.

Finally, he straddled in a chair and I pushed one of my hard nipples into his mouth, which he eagerly began to suck. My nipple was as hard as his cock. While I did this, he passed his hand down between my legs and dipped a finger into her my wet pussy. It was so hot and I could not wait to get his cock inside. Eventually, he put me in dog style and set his cock against my ass. I started rubbing my asshole against his shaft, and he slid it with a jerk in there so that I cried out. He slid my pussy down to his cock and started to mount it, but then moveed up, just teasing me. I tried to move forward as it hurt me very much, but he was too fast and slid the whole of his penis in and then I would move off it. Just when I thought I would never do it, he pulled my ass to him so that I slid all the way down his my cock in one quick move. Then I just impaled my cunt onto his cock with my eyes closed, and lusty look on his face. I could feel my pussy muscles contracting with a nice firm grip on his throbbing cock. Then he suddenly slapped my buttock so that I cried with pain. “Shut up, you slut!” he commanded and slapped my ass again. At this very time Mister Andrew came up to us and put his cock in my mouth. I set to sucking him off, when his cock got erect he settled onto the chair, I approached him and impaled myself onto it, Mister Alex joined us and slid his shaft in my ass. So I was impaled on 2 cocks at the same time like in some dirty perverted German porn. Daniel joined us too and I began giving him head as well. That was a threesome sex, hardcore gang-bang. I enjoyed what I was doing and it really turned me on. At this moment I sensed Mister Alex came in my ass again, he was taken over by Daniel who now got down to drilling my butt. So I fucked 2 men until they both came and I felt 2 loads filled my holes. Their sperm was seeping out of my holes; I gathered it all in the glass rubbed it all over my back. After that Mister Andrew rose and asked his friends: “Men would you like some beer?” “Let her treat us!” they replied. I rose, Mister Alex turned me around and took up pushing a beer bottle in my cunt, it hurt me a lot, but he went on doing this job. He finally put it with its neck out, so that its bottom disappeared inside. Then I was settled straddle into the chair and they approached me with glasses. Daniel opened the bottle and the beer spilled into the stretched glasses, though I had to manage to run the stream the right way. When they slacked their thirst, there was some beer left in the bottle, Mister Andrew took that glass with their sperm and added it into the bottle. I was supposed to drink this mixture, dirty liquid. It burned my throat, but I also tasted the saltish sperm. They all were watching me drinking this one, while their loads poured out of my ass and trickled down. When I finished I realized that I wouldn’t be able set my legs together, as my holes were widened up terrifically. Mister Andrew commanded: “Lie down on the desk and fuck yourself with a bottle”. I obeyed, and started pushing the bottle in there, at this time Mister Andrew joined me with sliding another bottle into my butthole, and after that I suddenly realized I was completely drunk! I went on fucking myself with bottles trying to push them deeper. I rose, straddle, put one bottle in my pussy deep, next I set another one on the chair and tried to impale myself on it. The men laughed and gave me applause. I came up to them waddling, sat on my knees and got down to sucking their cocks one by one. Mister Andrew rose up and began helping me push the bottle in there as deep as he could. He did it so well that when I rose it didn’t fall down, so tight the squeeze was. Doing the same operation to my ass he noticed: “your pussy is much wider, you seem to get fucked by anyone!” then he started fucking my ass. Then his friends came to me and pushed their cocks in my mouth, they both slid in without any trouble, it’d been my first time when I had 2 cocks in my mouth at the same time. They fucked me, flicking my clit, making my holes wider and deeper, pinching my nipples. Guys kept banging me threesome until they came, what was most interesting the orgasm was simultaneous, the hot streams of sperm rushed in my holes, spilling out and covering my body, then they rose while I remained on the floor, I rubbed the clots over my face, but when I wanted to do it with my asshole licking, but Mister Alex stopped me. He dropped me my skirt and top so I should dress, when I tried to remove the bottle from my pussy, I was not allowed to do it. Picking my cloth up I could hardly move, after I dressed up I recalled having sperm all over; I had to wash up in a lavatory. After that my teacher pulled the bottle out of my pussy, then he shoved some beer in there instead, saying: “this is for you to get some cold, you lingerie’ll stay here. I have passed your exam! You may go…but remember this exam is not final, so….”

With these words he slapped my ass and saw me out.

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6 Responses to “Examinations!”

  1. CEEM Says:

    this is too much its not practical

  2. Ishaan Says:

    most of this looks VERY,VERY fake……
    forget it…..
    a gang bang like this could kill u….

  3. Bond Says:

    Ishaan what are you talking about? That’s even more practical than you think, you got no idea how perverted and dirty some professors are!!! I know this for sure, I’ve got a female friend who studies in the uni, she blows her professor very often and it’s quite common! I am telling you! You don’t know what some college sluts can do for good marks!

  4. CADINO Says:

    Hi who cares ,we all love people who can do something for the rest to enjoy. just go ahead my girls give us naughty stories like that they turn me on.

    food for thought .stop yo negative comments just get off the web or write yours thanks this is not a vatican website.

  5. antonio Says:

    liga me 939503440

  6. Sexislut Says:

    I luv this! I came twice while reading!

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