September 16th, 2007

It’s a real shame to fail your exam, and this pretty babe doesn’t want it, no way! She wants to pass it and moreover she wants –A- on it, the professor is a real womanizer and he sure won’t resist her sweet, teen pussy.

I guess I’m not the only student who is afraid of failing to pass an exam.

If I didn’t pass a very important exam I would fling out of the university or would have to take the course all over again. I didn’t know what was worse, actually! There were to be two professors at the exam. One was of the ‘classical professor type”, with silver hair and a beard. The second was more handsome. He was about 40. The only disadvantage of his was his height – he was some 5.5 ft. but it didn’t stop him from being a real skirt-chaser (it was a rumor, of course, but you can never know for sure what is really true and what is simply a gossip). The exam was to be held at 5 pm.

I spent the time before it in my room in the hostel. I put on my jeans and a sweater and was about to leave when my roommate returned.

-Where are you going?

-To the exam.

-What professor?

-Mr. Frank and “Professor”, or maybe just one of them, I don’t know exactly. I’m a bit scared to face “Professor” he’s said to be very strict to students.

-You’re lucky, I know for sure he’s at some symposium or something. So just Professor Frank. You’d better change clothes if you wanna pass.


-You gotta let him fuck you if you wanna pass. C’mon it’s worth it. So, change clothes!

After thinking a bit I decided it would be better if I put on something more provocative and attractive. I know men love to look at girls’ legs, as well as at other parts of our bodies… I took off my old jeans and the sweater. I decided to put on my light green suit – a short skirt and a jacket. I also put on almost-transparent lingerie and black stockings.

When I was through with my make-up I looked in the mirror and actually I really liked what I saw. The suit made me look very business-like, serious and unattainable. The last important detail was a white blouse. Finally I could judge my work – the jacket wasn’t totally buttoned, as well as the blouse, the bra was seen through it, then there was the short skirt, and high heels.

-Now you look much better, – said my roommate, – but… take off the bra to be just perfect.

I did. Now one could see my nipples though the blouse. I definitely looked more attractive.

-Now you’re sure to pass. – The roommate said confidently.

-Well, wish me good luck then!

-Good luck!

I was terribly late due to my “image change”. I saw many people waiting to pass the exam. I spent an hour waiting (or maybe it just seemed to me to be so long, I don’t know). When I was finally in the auditorium, I realized that I could answer to all the questions on the list only if I solved the problem, but it was more difficult then any other question in the list. I made up my mind first to write things I knew and then to see what could be done… By the way I was sitting right in front of the professor. He could see me well.

Being all absorbed in writing I crossed my legs and moved the knees slightly apart. Pr. Frank was all eyes staring at me. OK, let’s get nasty, I thought. Fidgeting on my chair I did everything to make my skirt rise up, that made it possible for me to move legs wider, that’s what I did, actually. I think professor could see what was between my legs now. He could see my legs covered in black stockings and a white string of my semitransparent panties. He called my name asking me to answer the questions.

When I was going to him I noticed him watch my breasts under my blouse. When I was standing in front of him he was looking at my tits closely. When I was walking to him, my nipples were rubbing against the blouse and now they were hard and easily seen through.

-OK, and now the problem. You know that you won’t get A if you don’t solve it, – Professor said, putting his hand on my lap, sort of “accidentally”.

There were two more students in the room.

-There wasn’t enough time for me to solve it, – I said sheepishly – Could you give me some 15 minutes more, and I’ll give you the answer.

-All right. You got it.

I unbuttoned one more button on my blouse on my way back to the seat. I solved the problem when the last student closed the door of the room.

-Done? – Professor asked.


-Let’s see what you got there.

Sitting beside him at the table, I handed him the sheet of paper.

-It’s not correct, Ms. Robesky.


-Look… – he put his hand on my knee and began explaining my mistakes.

While explaining his hand was caressing my leg starting with the knee and going up to my crotch. I wasn’t resistant and moved my legs wider apart giving him full access to the inner side of my hips.

-So what are we gonna do with it? – He said finally. – You haven’t passed.

-Maybe you can give me another task and I’ll try to do it later… – I said putting my hand on his hip.

-What do you need another task for? You can do it now. – Professor said fondling my boob with his palm.

-OK, let’s do it now. – I replied obediently. My hand slid down to his fly. A huge bulb ripped though his trousers.

He undid another button of my blouse, passing his hand in the slit. He was feeling up my left breast pinching the nipple with his thumb and index finger. I was through with the fly of his trousers and his belts setting his half aroused dick out free. I could hardly clasp it with my hand.

Professor leaned against the chair back and was watching me jerk his cock that was throbbing, getting larger. He stretched his hand pulling me closer to him, kind of inviting me to mount him, to impale myself on his shaft which became as hard as a stone and was some 6.8 inches now.

I got off the chair, raised my skirt, took off my panties and put them on the table. Mr. Frank was sitting on his chair with the pecker looking out of his pants. He was smiling, looking at me while I was impaling myself on his stem with my skirt raised up high.

I had seen such a thick prick just once in my life before. Keeping in mind that my pussy was to get used to its huge size I was impaling myself slowly and carefully. Though there was enough lubrication, it was getting in so tight that I had to move my legs even wider, feeling every inch of his rocky flesh interlaced with blood vessels.

When it was all in me, I pressed my hands against Professor’s shoulders and began ramming myself into his knob. First I was moving slowly and carefully, but as my snatch got stretched in accordance with the size, I started moving more vigorously and faster. He was feeling up my breast that fell out of the undone blouse.

A bit later when I was moving in a very fast tempo he pinched my left nipple with his teeth, biting it slightly, while his hand was caressing my right boob. By that time my vagina was stretched enough to get his stem inside my flesh without causing unpleasant feelings or pain. I was rubbing my aroused clit against his pubis. He was holding my butt with his hands, sort of controlling the tempo.

I was the first to cum. Muscles of my twat were still trembling with orgasm when he made me get up and lean against the table with my face down. He was holding my hips fucking my pussy from the rear. All I was left to do was to grasp the table edge tight and undergo his crazy drilling, when his shaft got very deep inside me, and his balls were slapping against my stretched vulva lips.

He didn’t last long either. He began cumming in about two or three minutes. It felt like somebody got a water hose inside me and turned it on. When he came he took the dick out of my cave. I was exhausted lying on the table with my face down. When I set myself straight I felt his and my cum flowing out of my vagina. I put on the panties, but they were not of great help, actually. They got wet through in no time. While I was tiding myself up, he put me A.

I felt his sperm flow out when I left the room and was on my way back to the hostel. When I was outdoors I lit a cigarette thinking that I passed the exam and it was no matter actually HOW I passed it really. It meant I was still a student and wasn’t on the verge of flinging out. I put out the cigarette and went to the hostel to get some sleep.

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  1. Ashatius Says:

    Hi, I am from Italy and I love your stories!!! I read them every day, please post more!!! I especially love stories where many men are fucking one women, I mean gang-bangs, post more of them, please!!!

  2. Andy Says:

    I just love students and sex at work.Please publish more of those.And i wish you could have teased the professor more but you did a good job.

  3. Macy Says:

    this made me fucking cum.
    now my dildo is broken!

  4. luvateenho Says:

    mmmm pretty bitch :)

  5. Fücker Says:

    I anna fuck u tear ur himen girl

  6. korosh Says:

    very good

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