Early holidays!

March 10th, 2010

After failing an exam, students go to a cottage in the country and fuck their troubles away, they are accompanied by a hot teen slut who is willing to do everything to make them ecstatic…

This happened in February during my winter holidays, I and my twin brother Angello, 2 guys from Milan, after having done bad on exams, the spirit was fucking low, so to make the routine brighten and to charm the life a bit we decided to go somewhere to have fun. One friend of ours had a cottage in the country, so that was nice place to get fun! We also wanted to spend our holidays there. As we had enough money we could buy lots of drinks, the winter was not cold that year, but that day it was getting frosty, so staying on the station and waiting for the train we had got cold much in a while. One nice petite babe approached us and asked:

“Are you waiting for the train?”

“Yeahh, you too?”


“Would you like some smoke?”

“Sure, I’d love to…”

She was cute, pretty cute. Her clever a bit long face was graced with brown eyes and ginger hair made her look more funny and cheerful… we got acquainted, her name was Priscilla, she just turned 22 and now was on the way to the country to see her granny; as we all directed the same way, she joined us. The train son arrived and we got on it.

“Do you have cards, how about playing it?” She asked

“What shall we play for?”

“It doesn’t mater…”

The time was passing by slowly, and I didn’t even notice we reached the terminal, we rose:

“We have to go…”

“Guys, can I go with you?” She asked suddenly

It was an astonishing statement; we first got perplexed, but then, we agreed to take her to the cottage. It was supposed to be very good fun… me, Angello, Raul and Priscilla. Raul was not here at the time we arrived, he left a note saying: “gone on business, have a good time!” It was rather cold inside; we got frozen through from the road, so we fired a furnace. Angello and Priscilla were cooking some meal, I was adding some wood to the fire, when the dinner was ready, we drank cups of cognac (I found it in the closet), cursed those motherfucking teachers who spoiled our exams and proposed a toast to wonderful women.

“I’m so happy to meet you, guys!” She said in a thick voice…

“We are glad too, babe!”

“Let’s have some fun! Let’s play some cards, the winner will kiss me!”

We gave consent, as the drink did its dirty black job in our minds… That was a day of luck, having kissed enough twice with Priscilla I then lost and now Angello was a lucky guy! I switched the light off and saw Angello touch her tits.

“I want you, man….” She whispered

I saw my bro undoing his cloth. I pulled her shirt off and she unzipped Angello’s pants. His cock was somewhat small but that didn’t matter. She teased him a bit, varying between licking and full force sucking. She does a cool job by just twisting her hand in a certain way, while jacking him off. He was enjoying it and I was enjoying watching my bro receive all this pleasure from this girl. I reached around her stomach and unbuttoned her pants. I pulled them and her panties down to her knees and slid my cock into her tight soaking wet pussy. It was probably the wettest cunt I’d ever banged. I was pumping her so hard that she was having trouble keeping Angello’s cock in her mouth, so I pulled out and told Angello to switch. By now we had Priscilla completely naked. We were filling her two holes and she was really loving it enjoying every thrust. Watching one my best friend and bro fuck this dirty babe made my dick harder and longer than ever! I pulled my cock out of Priscilla’s mouth and sat back. Priscilla was screaming. This threesome must have had her so excited. I slowly stroked my dick while I watched them doing sex. Angello pulled out his shaft, stood her up and pushed her against the bed. He was ramming her so hard, that the bed was moving and I thought it was hurting her, but she seemed to be ecstatic. He was being rough, I had had rough sex before but, he was just brutal. Angello was screwing this slut very violently. He was grabbing her tits and pulling on her nipples.
I told him to let me have a turn. He pulled out his arms, and I put her on her back. I put her legs over my shoulders and started slamming her. Seeing Angello’s flick her pussy made me get rougher than usual. I was fucking her so hard that she was grunting, and screaming for me to keep going. Angello stuck his cock in front of her face; she grabbed it and put it in her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold for much longer and soon Angello blew his cum all over her face. I pulled out 20 seconds later and unloaded on her tits. She was covered in cum but she just laid there, too tired to move. I pulled my pants up, then Angello and I sat down. We both continued to stare at this unbelievably sexy girl until she got up and took a shower.

We were then lying on the bed exhausted; I had never had such experience before. That was a nice evening. However it was just a beginning of our holidays, we all tried various perverted positions, while we had enough time to have fun. day passed day, in my opinion Priscilla got a significant sex experience… though the time was over, and we had to got back… so, we should wait for the summer to see what it would offer.

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