Charming Kate

October 8th, 2007

Students are having difficult times when the exams, they need to relax and have some time off, this guy comes over to an A- student and asks her to help him with his studies, she does help but he wants more….

I was a third year student in a university. We had exams, and all of my friends ran the university to and fro solving or not their problems. I was in a fix with one of my papers and I badly needed advice of Guru in this field. There was the only one such specialist in our group, A-student Kate. She was a very charming and bright pin-up lady with petite breasts. The neat figure and the nice buttocks were her merits. After studies in a proper time I fished for invitation so as to explain to me the material I didn’t understand. She agreed. I reckoned on it though in my mind at the beginning I really had my paper problems as the true reason to visit her. She lives not far from our university and it took us ten minutes to get there. She’d opened the door of her apartment and we stepped in. Her cat greeted us. I asked her:

– Is there anybody else home?

- No, – she said – My parents are at work, and my sister also had gone somewhere, so I don’t expect her earlier than 10 p.m. Well we can proceed to the study and nobody will disturb us. – she smiled.

Here we are sitting together at the table and turning over the pages of my copy-book. I started asking her the moments that I couldn’t get and without the least hidden motive I put my right hand on her left knee. It made her start a little, but she didn’t say anything. I looked at her and kept my hand lying at the knee. She smiled and we went on with our “lesson”. She tried to explain something to me but I didn’t listen to her thoroughly already. All I was able to think about at that time was how not to make her spurn. She kept explaining and I smoothly moved my hand up her thigh as if I was stroking it. She broke off speaking and looked at me in a way I got she didn’t mind and even liked it. It was quite inconvenient to go on fondling her in the posture we were sitting at (next to each other on the chairs at the table). I half turned to her, put my free left arm around her waist and drew her a little bit to me. My right hand was still caressing her velvet skinned thigh. I made an attempt to kiss her. She showed no resistance to it. Our lips lightly touched. It was brilliant. Her lips exhaled the pleasant flavour of ripe cherry. I indulged my
tongue and licked her lips once. She let it in her mouth and there it found hers, it was hot and wet. I took such a great pleasure in kissing her fabulous lips. Than I began gliding over her graceful chin tenderly searching every inch of her perfect skin.
She titled her head back a little, opening me the path to her neck. My left hand seized her by the luxurious hair and the right one lowered to her buttock, got under her skirt and gave a great pleasure to Kate’s skin, at least I hoped for that. I gently kissed her neck again and again, she closed her eyes, and breathed quietly. My free hand descended on her shoulder and then lowered to her breast, squeezing it a little. She forced a soft moan and kept seating with her eyes closed. I always liked girls with petite breasts. Kate’s were just of that kind. I was burning with the desire to get to these knobs of happiness. I didn’t pause kissing her and began to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t resist but on the contrary she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and began to stroke them feeling my forms. The moment I undid the last button I released beautiful Kate’s shoulders from that shackles. She was seating in front of me only in her bodice and short skirt. Kate was as impressive as never before. In general she was quite modest as all worthy ladies who were well grown up. And nobody in our company was allowed to step beyond the limit. I also was of a good stock and I knew very well that sex it is not only the physical need but the display of love, the intimacy of two people who love each other, and it is wonderful. Though all my friends took a woman as the tits, ass and clit I was sure that this amazing creature is not only this. A woman for me is nectar of love, wine that should be slowly sipped every second enjoying its delicate aroma.

I am romantic.

I started kissing her a little bit lower her neck and felt how hot she was. Her skin radiated the heat that was burning my lips. I sipped her, inhaled her aroma. I closed my eyes… kissed her neck up … and by touch found her sweat lips planting a soft, feather-light kiss on the lips. Now she breathed louder. My hands have already been busy undoing her bra behind. And in a second I saw two petite knobs. They were beautiful. The skin there was a bit lighter than around, but nevertheless as soft and velvety as the skin on her face, neck, thighs. I lowered my head on her breasts and tenderly kissed her nipple as if it was the sweetest nipple in the world. It was firm and smelled like a rose. I started sucking it very gently. From time to time the moan escaped her. I could not stop caressing her breasts for several minutes. Looking at her reaction I saw that it gave pleasure not only to me. She still was sitting quite… with eyes closed and let out the very soft moans of delight. Then I stood up and lifted her together with me. My rocky dick felt tight in the jeans. Kate was standing in front of me but her mind was still in that Fairyland where she got thanks to my petting. She swayed a little bit opening and again closing her eyes. I slowly took off her skirt… and here it was on the floor. At this moment she came to her sense a bit and decided to take up the running. She drew my T-shirt up and in a second we were standing face to face half naked – I was only in my jeans and Kate only in her panties. Then I put my arms around her waist, and my palms on her buttocks… I kissed her on the lips one more time… and then again and again. Her breasts rubbed against my chest and these touches drove me creasy. I lifted her a little and brought on the bed. I felt that she exceedingly wanted me. I knelt in front of the bed. Having taken her thighs smoothly I pulled her right to the bed edge and began kissing her belly simultaneously fondling her soft thighs sweetly torturing her. She put one of her hands on my head and the other was to move around her body as if she was taking its temperature. Her body was in a fire and passionately wanted me.

I’ve got to her panties and pulled them away tenderly. They slid down her thighs and fell on the floor. Oh, such a gorgeous view! A wonderful flower, fresh young rose that just has blossomed out at dawn. She was really very wet and I decided not to tease her any more. I gently touched her sweet flower with my lips and kissed it. Then I parted her thighs a little bit more … my tongue caressed her clit… she breathed heavily… her body pulsated with excitement. The tongue penetrated inside her flower. I drank her body love juice. She was mine, mine to the very last cell of her body. I got two fingers inside her pussy and rhythmically began to work on it, playing with her button of love at the same time. Kate groaned louder. It was seen that she was at the breaking point, already coming. I accelerated. Moan of the pleasure escaped her lips. For a split second she was like a frozen stature… all the muscles of her body strained… contracted… she cried out and… cum!… The rose exerted itself and poured so much of that love juice which is true priceless life elixir for every man. I fell to her flower with my tongue and started licking the discharge smelling her aroma. The aroma of the woman I wanted for so long and now I owned her. She breathed heavily after such an orgasm. Her body was still pulsating.

I took off my jeans together with the pants. My pecker touched her pubis. She started… closed her eyes and pulled herself a bit nearer to me. I rubbed my dickhead against her vulva lips. Torturing her, I touched one first and then the other. The bed was quite low that’s why without hesitations I enfolded her thighs; she wrapped her legs around me and I easily took her to the table where we’d just tried to study.

I laid Kate on the table, holding her two beautiful legs and put them on my shoulders. She was stroking herself, squeezing her breasts and groaning. I took my penis into my hand and touched her. The touch was so warm. Having moved her legs apart I penetrated my cock into her pussy just a little and took it out, then inside again … and again out… It was a true torture for both of us but I wanted her to feel every sense. For the third time I thrust it as deep as I could. She threw her head back and sighed with pleasure. I started moving slowly then faster… and faster. My balls were knocking against her ass very rhythmically. She moaned louder and louder. I felt the final shiver of pleasure was coming, and soon I was to splash my sperm out. Kate was beside herself with pleasure. She didn’t know where she was, what she was. She was already screaming. I sped up furiously. She was like a fish thrashing about in the net. It was so warm and wet inside of her. She yelled out… heavily breathing died down. She came again. And here I got that I was already to come too. I did some more thrusts and took my dick out of her. The sperm erupted from it. Unforgettable warmth spread all over my body. My semen was on her pussy, belly breasts and even a little on her face. One of the sperm streams was flowing down her beautiful neck. Kate deftly got it on her finger and started sucking it. She covered her bosom with my love juice. Now her smooth skin smelled of the man. Then she licked off the rest of my sperm from the other hand. She jumped off the table and knelt in front of me. Kate took my pecker into her hand and began jerking it off with dickhead into her mouth. Oh, such a fabulous feeling overflowed me when I saw her small lips running along my cock. She sucked it in a very good rhythm, making something unthinkable with her tongue. Less than in 5 minutes I groaned and came right into her mouth. She almost chocked to breath because of my intense explosion. The sperm was pouring from her mouth down the chin and finally fell on the floor. Kate was fondling my warrior for about thirty seconds more and then released it from her tight embrace. Then she wiped the rest of the semen from her face and licked her fingers clean. After that amazing sex we went to shower off the love juices from our bodies. There we stood under the warm water and kissed without any hurry. She thanked me for that, saying that after she broke with her boyfriend she didn’t have any relationship of such kind. It appeared that she liked me for a long time, but she wasn’t single and didn’t want to aggravate her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. That adventure arose our mutual feelings. We’ve become a couple and have sex regularly.

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3 Responses to “Charming Kate”

  1. Jenya Says:

    WEll, that’s an interesting story, I remember when I was a student I had to lick my teacher’s pussy to get a good grade, but I liked it anyway!

  2. Jenya Stud Says:

    Interesting story! Thumb’s Up! in our college we have one teacher, Miss Johnson, who once told me: i wish i were not my student, Jenya, we’d have a whale of time!

  3. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    i would love to be fucked by a person that i am tutoring ill give them all i have maybe even more

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