Biology teacher

March 4th, 2010

The guy has no interest or whatsoever in biology, but he sure is interested in the horny milf who is teaching it, he can’t take his eyes from her boobs and it all comes up during their private lesson

- Victor, come to your senses!

Her voice returned me to reality.

- Why do you always daydream at my lessons?

- I don’t have enough sleep, – I replied.

- But now you’re with me again, – she smiled, – let’s continue…

And she kept on explaining something monotonously. Ann was my biology teacher at college and I took additional lessons from her coming to her place twice a week. She wasn’t married and had a wonderful ass and a big bust. Her dresses were always of the same style but of various colors, with a deep décolleté. She never wore a bra and her nipples could be slightly seen through the fabric.

Ann had been the object of my sexual fantasies for a few last months. Especially after the occasion when she had dropped the book on the floor and then bent to take it up. She was standing with her butt to me and I could see her long slender legs.

Sometimes during lessons I started thinking about her in a sexual way.

- Victor, you’re again somewhere in your dreams. What’s up with you?

- Nothing’s wrong, Ann, don’t worry.

- Do you think that’s nothing? I’m explaining the new theme to you but you’re not listening to me at all. And you don’t learn anything. And you haven’t done your homework. Tell me why you attend my lessons if they are not interesting for you? There must be some result after lessons. You pay me but there is NO RESULT.

I shrugged my shoulders trying to avoid looking at her breasts.

- As I understand your parents will make you attend my lessons anyway… I have an idea. Just a minute… – She left the room.

It was the first time at her lesson when I was really interested. What she had in her mind???

- Victor, come here! – She called me from the living-room. When I entered she was sitting on the sofa and her legs were parted a bit.

- Sit near me. – I obeyed.

- I noticed that you look at my legs and bust every time you come here. Don’t turn crimson; there is nothing wrong about it. This is natural, I understand.

She took my hand and put it on her knee. I looked at her questioningly.

- I can’t hide the fact I like you a lot, – she said.

I started stroking her legs slowly. She put her hand on my cock and squeezed it through the pants. Then she rose, turned with her face to me, put her leg over me and sat on my lap. I put my palms on her butt and we started kissing. I moved my hand on her breast and began massaging it through the dress. My other hand was working on her buttock moving slowly under the skirt.

I moved the dress aside exposing one of her perfect boobs, then I tore myself away from her lips and kissed her tender skin and hard pink nipples. Meantime my hand was stroking her pubis through the panties.

Suddenly Ann rose, kneeled down and unzipped my fly. She took out my phallus and immediately put it into her mouth, so warm and tender. She started sucking it, licking and pulling my pants off at the same time. She sucked me until I filled her mouth with my hot cum…

Then we changed roles. She took off her dress and sat on the sofa. I positioned myself on the floor. I pulled her panties off slowly and saw her hot moist pussy.

I began licking her, then pieced my tongue into her passage. I was caressing her clit, gathering all her juices from the crotch. A moment more and she shuddered from a huge orgasm.

I moved upper and fondled her bust for a while, then we kissed again. My cock got rigid. I set it against the entrance of her vagina and penetrated her slowly, then pulled it out, then entered it… I built the tempo and now was fucking her wildly.

We changed the position. She lubed up her anus and I started drilling into her ass. She was moaning louder and louder. At last I ejaculated without taking the cock out of her butt. My semen was flowing out over her legs and she was gathering it on her fingers and then licking them. We sat on the sofa and kept on fondling each other using just our hands.

- Well, did you like our biology lesson? – My teacher asked smiling.

- It was fantastic!

- We shall always conduct a lesson this way, do you agree with me?

- Sure.

- And again you’ve got an erection… – Ann moved down and began sucking my hard organ…

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