After class study! Part 2

May 15th, 2008

A girl falls in love with the professor’s cock and can’t imagine a day without getting it into her bitchy pussy, she loves his big rod and she loves making it cum into her mouth…

Next week, Samantha wore a tight white skirt with a low cut top on the class. Again, she started teasing him by opening a peek of her pussy. As soon as Samantha stepped into class, she glanced at him and just wanted to jump on him right there and ride on his shaft, however, she was not alone, so she went to her seat. She knew after class they would have a good opportunity to have fun together, so there would be a time for everything.

As soon as his office door was closed, and the last student had gone away, they were in each other’s hugs. They both breathed heavily and looked like animals. He helped her take her shirt off and remove bra, then it was time for his shirt and tie. He picked her up and put her on his desk. Then professor took her skirt off, and moved his mouth to her lips, then to her neck. He reached down her crotch, right between her legs. She spread her legs wide for him and he reacted instantly. He licked the outside lips up and down, biting each one slightly. He licked around her clit and lightly touched it with the tip of his tongue. Then he took it into his mouth to suck on it. At this moment Samantha lay back on the desk, her back arched. She was going insane from the pleasure he was giving her. She grabbed his hair and got his mouth back to her lips for hot kissing, while unzipping his pants at the same time. They were both naked and she was begging for some hard meat inside. She grabbed his manhood with her hand and stuck it into her wet cunt. She was now lying on the desk again, with her hips hanging of the edge. He took the initiative, grabbed her hips for more control and anticipating pumping her hard. With one hand he stroked her clit. He rubbed it slowly, then slid 2 fingers into her dripping cave and began finger-fucking her. She arched her back. Samantha moaned:

“Oh Mr. Parry” He stroked her faster and faster, she:

“Oh, yes, professor like that, oh fuck yeahh, ou!” Nasty college student screamed as her mighty orgasm overwhelmed her. She lay on the desk, her breast was heaving heavily. After that she got on her knees and gave him a great head. She swallowed his cock, applying saliva all over his rod, devouring it deep her throat and stroking at the same time. When he came, his hot stream of semen rushed into her mouth and she ate everything.

Mr. Parry had been missing class for the next 2 weeks and Samantha began to worry about him. To her credit, it should be said that she didn’t worry just for her sexual sessions, but she was truly thinking something happened to the professor. Something bad. He disappeared very fast and unexpectedly, so she thought that their after class study lessons were revealed by the principal, and he was punished.
Once, on the next week Samantha walked into class and was happy to see Mr. Parry, sound in body and mind. He was there today; she thanked God for hearing her prayers, coz she was dying for repeating their after class study.

” Samantha, after class I want to have a word with you about your term paper.” He said
“All right, Mr. Parry,” she said trying not to sound excited.

When the lesson was over and auditorium emptied, Mr. Parry locked the door to his office and gave Samantha a hug. He looked into her eyes and confessed:

“I’m sorry, I had to go away for 2 weeks. I was at meetings and then flew to a conference to Monaco” While explaining this he took her top off, and bent down to push the skirt up to her waist. Apparently, she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“It doesn’t matter; you’re here now, I want some good fuck!” She said pulling him by his tie and leading him to his office chair. She undid his tie and removed his shirt. She started kissing his mouth then moved to his chest. She licked his nipples and moved downward to lick his muscular stomach. With the tip of her tongue she licked his pubis until she reached his erect organ: a big sausage. She unzipped his pants, and lowered them down. She started kissing and licking his belly again. Samantha stopped right before his warm shaft. She then took the head just in her warm mouth and started sucking him off. Using the tip of her tongue she made slight circles around his cock’s head. Then she moved her lips down his instrument and back again. She looked at professor; he let out a moan and grabbed the arms of the chair while she proceeded to swallow more of his meat in her mouth. She took all the way her throat, and then went back up to the head and repeated a few times. She lifted her eyes to see his head back and eyes closed. Next she took his shaft in her mouth once more, but sucking mush deeper. She sucked slowly and very sensually.

“Oh God, don’ stop, keep sucking my cock!” he moaned when she got faster and taking his meat all into her mouth. She moved her hand to play with his balls; this made his curl hi toes and fingers! He was on his clouds. She felt he was getting ready to explode, but she kept sucking and massaging his organ. She heard him moan loudly when he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his divine juice. After he relieved himself and got his breath back, she stroked his flabby pecker softly and it started to rise up again slowly. When it was hard on, Mr. Parry picked her up and took her to the desk. She positioned herself on the edge of the desk with legs lifted up and widespread, her ankles on his shoulders. Samantha invited him in, he didn’t refuse. He entered her with deep thrusts and fucked her brains away with every push. She then wrapped her legs around his waist, while he was still thrusting into her. She lay back on the desk and squeezed her legs tighter around him as he pumped this slut.
“Faster, faster professor,” She moaned loudly.

He turned her around to enter her from behind. He put her with breast on the desk and grabbed her boobies in motion. He then bent her over the desk to get more penetration. She grabbed the end of the desk with both hands when his rod slid in her cunt. He drove his throbbing cock in hard and deep to fuck her vehemently. The only sounds they heard were Samantha’s moans and the professor banging her from behind. Soon they were both about to come.

“Oh, yes, give it to me, just like that.” She moaned. When he pulled out, she kneeled before his throbbing rod and he covered her face and mouth with his hot thick cum! Spurt after spurt, his semen flew out and fell on her open mouth! She enjoyed his sweet cum, rubbing his cock all over her lips. That was a good introduction of Term paper.

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  1. garry Says:

    you all are sexy why don`t all of you come over

  2. matrix Says:

    love it

  3. Patrick 1 Says:

    That was marvelous. I am beginning to give real love to my female students. Girls, I am around in Lilongwe.

    [email protected]

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