Adele (damn unlucky)

November 10th, 2007

If you have ever been to a student’s dormitory, you certainly know what nasty things can happen there, especially if you get lost in the big building.

It was my first year at college. We were going to arrange some party in my friend’s hostel room. It was the first time I dropped in on him, so I got lost in the building. I opened the door. There were some clothes lying on the bed. I didn’t really pay attention to them. I saw a girl sitting on the small chair in the other corner of the room. Her blonde friend was doing something with her hair. There were hair brushes and lipsticks lying on the other bed. The girl’s dark hair was disarranged. As it was pretty hot, they were wearing tiny panties, nothing else.

The blonde chick looked at me inquiringly. It was funny but she wasn’t embarrassed that I saw her naked, she didn’t even try to cover her boobs with some piece of cloth.

-Sorry, I was looking for my friend, and I apparently got lost in the building. – I said.

-One more story up. – The dark haired girl replied. – There are no guys here, – she added. She was sure I was some kind of an idiot.

The blonde babe smiled, approvingly. She elbowed her friend.

-It’s really easy to get lost here, – She added, shifting from one foot to the other.

The brunette stood up and came close to me. My dick surely liked her a lot. I was red-faced. I was embarrassed to think I didn’t belong to the place. But the girl let me know it was ok when she touched my fly, looking at me closely. I was looking at her with my innocent bright eyes, asking her to forgive me for my sudden intrusion.

-Are you in a hurry? – She asked me then.

-Not really, – I replied.

-My friend likes you. Let’s see if you can make me like you too.

Her hand slipped down to my belt. She took it in her hand, pulling me to follow her. She came up to a bed and sat down on it. The bed was pretty low, so her face was right in front of my fly. The blonde babe stood up from her stool, took me by the shoulders, kissing my lips. I started liking the whole thing. Her boobs were petite and firm, I could hold each of them in my palm. Her kiss was very soft and long. While she was kissing me, the brunette managed to pull off my jeans and my pants. She sighed:

-How could you hide such a shaft?! – She said holding my pecker in her hands.

The blonde babe looked down. I myself wouldn’t call 8 inches of my dick to be a huge size. I guess it wasn’t the main criterion; there was something else that attracted them. The blonde took my prick in her hands, while the brunette was playing with my testicles.

-We want you to do something for us even if you find it bizarre. – The blonde noted.

-I’m not he one to be easily surprised. – I replied. It was truth.

-We want you to cum.

-All right.

-No, you don’t get it, – The girl broke me off, – We want you to do it yourself. Without our help. Make it hot, you know.

-Are you serious?

She was.

-So you want me to dance strip tease for you or what?

-Yes, please, I’ve never seen it before. – The gal said cheerfully.

Her right hand was resting on her pubis; her index finger was on its way to her hot cave. I had to make up my mind right away.

-OK. Enjoy the show, girls.

I told them to lie on the bed. They pulled off their panties, getting ready for the fun. I turned my face away from them. “Man, why am I always getting in some shitty stupid situations?” I guess the best thing I could do was to go away. But I never give up so easily! If I do it once, I’ll do it all the time. “I wish there were some music here….” I pushed the button.

I hate describing stuff. Dance. What can I say about the dance? Especially about the one with strip tease involved? When I was naked I took my dick in my right hand, masturbating. Then I turned to aside, moving my pelvis back and forth for them to see the red dickhead when I was pulling back the foreskin. I looked at them sideways and saw they were watching me attentively, fingering their holes. Either of them was rolling her eyes unable to fight the delight. I was dancing….

The blonde gal was the first to cum. She was trembling, getting her knees up to her boobs. Then her friend came too. She turned to her stomach, getting on her fours. I took it for an invitation to enter her pussy. And I didn’t give a damn if she wanted it or not. I stuck my dick in her snatch. It was definitely unexpected for her. The frictions made her arch her back, moaning. I was squeezing her boob by my right hand, while my left one was playing with her clit. We both were cumming.

I let her go then. She fell on the bed. The blonde’d been watching us. She didn’t really feel like getting nasty anymore. My cock was getting flaccid. I got it was time for me to be off. I dressed up and left the room. The party was on. I didn’t say a word about my adventure. I was smoking in silence. I heard the knock on the door. Girls came in. They were apologizing for being late and introducing someone. Then I saw them. Those were three girls. The blonde and the brunette were among them.

-Meet my friend, – my friend said, holding the blonde by the shoulders.

-We’ve already met, – the other guy came up to the brunette to give her a deep kiss (maybe that’s the way friends should greet each other, I don’t know).

The third girl’s name was Adele. She was a chubby gal and looked plain against her gorgeous friends. Some time later the brunette bent her head to me, whispering:
-She’s your present.

I didn’t want to have such a present! Besides I felt pretty uneasy there. What would my friend say if he found out I’d been fucking his girlfriend some minutes ago? I got totally wasted at that party. I was going to go home. I told my friends about it.

-Listen, – Adele said, – I wanted to ask you to let me sleep at your place. It’s just that I live really far away from here, and….

“She’s hot.” I bet that’s what everyone thought. I nodded and shrugged at the same time. Do you think I should have spoiled the satiation buy refusing to get laid with her?

-If you wanna stay at my place, you have to go with me now.

What do you think she did? You’re totally mistaken if you think she said she wanted to stay, no way. She said “yes, sure, let’s go.” I was damn unlucky that day….

I took her to my room. I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. It took me quite some time. Anyway, I wasn’t going to charm her. All I’d been planning to do that day was to get wasted… I came back in the room. I put coffee on the table. Adele was surely intending to fuck me that night. She made the bed. She was lying there under the blanket. When she saw coffee, she wrapped herself up in the blanket and took her seat by the table.

“It’s enough, I thought, you wont’ fuck me.” But she did. She managed to. As soon as I lay in bed, I felt her warm hand on my dick. Then I felt it was her mouth pleasing my cock. My phallus was rocky hard in some minutes. Traitor!

“What do they all want from me???” I thought. I took her by the leg and turned it for me to face her cunt. She was sucking me for a while, then she got tense, cumming. She pressed her huge body against mine, squeezing my head by her legs. I raised her legs up to set my ears free. My nose was rubbing against her love button. That made her tremble and shake. Her knee hit me on the head.

I was very mad. I didn’t want her, that was number one. I was hit on the head, that was number two. I didn’t cum, that was number three.

I got on my knees raising her ass up, intending to ram her like a real bitch. She was obviously tired. Who cared about it anyway?

-Please, let’s have a break, – she asked me, closing her twat by the hand.

“BREAK??? What for? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

As her vagina was closed by her hand, I directed my pecker in her anus. I spread her buttocks as wide as possible and entered her hole. It was very tight. She was sighing and moaning, but she didn’t ask me to stop. I would have stopped if she asked me too, I guess. I felt sorry for her. I was very tender drilling her anus. She started liking it too. We came simultaneously.

-Here’s a joke for you, – she asked during breakfast. – Tell me can a girl be a virgin though she’s been married thrice?

I shrugged my shoulders. I had a terrible headache.

-She can, – she continued. – Look. Her first husband was a scientist, so he was always too busy to fuck her. Her second husband was French, he loved her to give him head. Her last husband loved to drill her asshole. – She smiled bitterly. – That’s how girls turn lesbians.

I guess I finally got what that all was about. But it was too late.

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