With Jessica

May 1st, 2008

During the office party, a guy notices a sexy blonde, he just can’t let her go without checking out her sweet pussy…

I met Jessica when I was working in a restaurant. She was tall sexy slim legged blonde, with large heavy boobies and long fair locks. Her lusty eyes always smiled and I think the one who would fuck this bitch was the happiest man in the world. Then I had no idea I would once be that man of hers!

We had a party. There all of our personnel were invited, she was there too. She was our chief’s secretary; she helped him with some paper routine etc. at the very mess of party, when everybody was drunk, some were dancing inexpressible steps, some were lying with face in salad, I loaded up to pluck my heart up, stepped towards her, grabbed her by hand and took her upstairs. Her face was red with alcohol; it seemed she loaded up as well.

Setting her down on the sofa and, sitting next to her, I held her face gently and then I kissed her. She was very responsive and tender; caressing my tongue with her own while we kept kissing. My hands moved form her face to her boobs slowly. Her nipples were hard and perky, and she was breathing heavily. When I touched her breasts gently with my hands, she began to stroke my crotch in a pleasing rhythm. “Take it off,” she said, gesturing to her dress. Still fondling her left breast, I reached around her back and unzipped her night dress down carefully. She rose up and dress dropped down her feet. She remained in black bra with a nice cleavage of her breast. She was also wearing black panties. She raised her leg and placed her small foot between my legs.

I watched her enigmatic beaver down there, a tiny sexy triangle right between her legs. I stood up and removed my jacket. Putting it on my nightstand, I removed slowly the rest of clothes from my yearning body. I looked deep into her burning coal eyes, and kissed her passionately. Our tongues met, having a subtle oral fight, I reached around her back and unhooked the clasp of her bra gingerly. I took it to my nose and inhaled the sweet perfume of her breast. Ahhh, so nice! Her beautiful boobs were a true masterpiece, round and firm, topped with soft brown nipples, looking at me so naughty!

When I caressed her breast, she put her hand to my ass and gave me a hard squeeze. Then she removed my underwear. Her eyes opened in awe when my already hard dick popped out with all of his power! I was not a monster cock at all, but it was fat, covered with fat red veins and with a red swollen head! She gave a soft kiss to the head of my cock holding my balls. I pulled her panties down gently, her thongs fell on the floor and she stepped out of them. Still holding my cock in her soft palm she never stopped stroking me. We embraced and our lips met in a sexy long kiss. She squeezed my butt for quite a long period of time, at the same time I gently rubbed her ass cheeks. We kissed long and hard, and we both got very excited. Soon, we stopped kissing and she gave my dick a soft suck off. I lifted her thigh with my arm, and I placed a finger in her vagina. It was nice and wet, soaking abundantly. She moaned as I played with her clit. I put her down on the sofa, and she parted her legs. I held my dick in my hand, but she said: “Not yet… Eat my pussy”

She put her supple body to the end of the sofa, I knelt between her legs. I rubbed inner site of her thighs all over, then slowly rubbed where her clit was supposed to be: she squirmed in excitement. I got to her pussy, slowly massaging around it, kneading her clit’s hood, which was covered with a thin dark hair. She smelled wonderful down there, the blend of her sweat and her juices. After massaging her pubic area, I made my way to her pussy lips and teased them slowly with my fingers. I gave her pussy soft strokes and she moaned in pleasure. Her lips parted like rose petals, opening a rosy tiny hole to my eyes. She was panting with desire. I placed my finger to the opening of her pussy, and inserted a finger.

I placed my hands around her thighs lowering my head between her legs slowly. I kissed her pussy softly, inserting my tongue in her open vagina at the same time. I licked up and down her soaking pussy lips, again and again, tasting her sweet honey. Gently, I flicked her swollen clit with my tongue, rich with her cum juice, and then I got up rolling it softly. Jessica began to breathe faster when I increased my licking pace. Soon enough, her hands pressed her pussy straight to my face as her body convulsed with orgasm. Slowly and very carefully I worked her up to vehement state, and she came again, covering my face with her sweet juice.
Jessica took my face and kissed me, our saliva mixed with her cum on my tongue. She loved it. Then I lay back on the soft and she took my hard cock in her hands. She placed her hands between her legs and used her juice to lubricate my swollen shaft.

She took up jerking me off slowly, pumping my dick softly; my entire body shook with waves of pleasure. She then bent down and I felt the warm soft feeling of her mouth swallowing my dick. She worked on my shaft playfully, gently biting the head of it. She pushed it deeper in her mouth, slapping it over her protruded tongue and lips, pushing it right against her cheek and covering it with plenty of saliva. My pleasure grew. She slipped the head into her mouth and sucked on it furiously, sending numbers of delightful waves all over my body. The only thing I could do is to take her head by hair and control the speed. She lowered her lips down my rod, and withdrew slowly. Her mouth moved up and down, again and again. Soon her whole lips, china and lips were covered with saliva, she deep throated me so hard, I could swears eh would swallow the base of my wang! Her saliva drooled out of her tongue as she sucked on me harder and harder. Jessica worked up and down on my dick, getting faster and faster until I was groaning with pleasure. She looked at me lustfully and I told her I was about to cum. Without a word she increased her strokes, sucking and jerking off at the same time!

I couldn’t wait it, so I told her to stop, sat on the low desk near by, and told her to ride my cock. She approached slowly, with saliva on her chin, settled onto my laps, with pussy over my hard cock and slowly impaled herself onto it. She began to ride my shaft as tomorrow never comes, so passionate and wild bitch fuck! She lowered herself onto my rod and it totally disappeared into her caving hungry hole! After about 10 minute such session she turned around, with her ass to my belly and began riding my penis with legs wide spread. I was taking her by ass, controlling her rhythm and motion pace, letting her ride faster or slowly. Her boobs bounced up and down while her long blond hair locks tossed about her shoulders. Her cunt was very hot; it would even burn my cock with its energy!

Soon, my balls began to tighten up building a load of cum, my body started to shake, but she kept stroking my dick. Jessica held my dick to her lips when I came. Starting with waves of orgasm, I shot a load of semen onto her lips. It flew down her lips and dropped onto her boobs. She licked semen from my throbbing rod, then raised her boobs to her mouth and began to lick drops of my cum.

I slapped my flabby cock over her boobs, and she smiled. It sounded very fanny, slapping cock! Then I took both of her tits, placed my cock between them and began to massage it by squeezing her boobies over my organ. Sweat and my sperm made her boobs glisten and very slippery, so my shaft was going up and down her breast easily. After about 5 minutes of such play she took my cock in her mouth back again.

Very soon my dick began to harden again….

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6 Responses to “With Jessica”

  1. DonPerry Says:

    Very fascinating and sex arousing. U got my dick nodding its head along through out the entire story.

  2. mourad Says:

    bon jour
    salut pour toutes les filles et les femmes qui sont serrieus et calmes merci de m’ecoutez

  3. mourad Says:

    comme j’ais dis jev veutr de contacte pour amitier pour d’echange des ides et comment en savoire la vie quotidienne ou la vie sexuele merci

  4. thijs korten Says:

    okki is geil

  5. hotstuff Says:

    had 6 orgasms throughout the whole story

  6. gilly Says:

    excellent story, one of the best iv read.
    made me hot!

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