The night shift.

November 29th, 2007

Many things can happen during a night shift especially if you work in hospital, read and get hot…

It was eight o’clock in the evening. The gates of the city hospital were closing down. It was so quiet it seemed even colder than it actually was. And the only light was in the room of the doctor on duty.

Mat, or as he is called in the hospital Doctor Norton is one of the best gynecologists with eight years of experience.

He is tall, good looking, has got dark hair and hazel eyes and is inaccessible to women except to his patients. All of his free time he spends doing his number one hobby – photography, sometimes he hangs out with friends, or simply spends his time with his dog – Chelsea.

He looked at the clock and got pissed off. It has been forty minutes since his assistant Amy was supposed to be there.

Amy is a young twenty years old obstetrician. It has been three month since she worked here and she showed that she is the best and is always into her work. The white medical rob and the gauze bondage that she wears cover her fresh beauty and she seems kind of invisible and quiet.

“Where is she? Is she on a date or something? Who’s the guy?” – He caught himself on such thoughts. “Wait, hold on! I am not supposed to care what exactly she’s doing. I’m not even interested in her. After Audrey’s death it is a betrayal!” – Doctor tried to convince himself.

Audrey was his first and only love. They’ve been together since high-school, than went to the medical school together, they even entered the same program.

But her destiny was short. Once in the cold winter night she was on the way home from her friend. As she was crossing the road a car came out from the corned and hit her…She died two days later without ever coming back to conciseness.

After her death Mat has promised to himself to be indifferent to other women. And he has kept his word for the last eleven years.

The knock on the door brought him back to reality. He opened the door and surely it was Amy.

- “Hello, Doctor Norton, I apologize. There’s such a huge traffic…” The girl smelled of alcohol and cigarettes.

- “You’re late for an hour! You are not supposed to act this way if you want to keep your job. I thought you don’t mix your private life with work! I suggest you never come here after parties!”

- “I’m so sorry! Mr. Norton…I’m such a mess…I just wanted to see my best friend at his wedding. I couldn’t make it on time even though I left right after the ceremony….”

Her eyes got wet, she was almost crying.

She looked so pretty! He saw her cleavage in such an amazing cocktail dress and her hair, her make up all of it was charming.

And he felt himself like such a jerk for being mean to that girl who just wanted to have some fun in her life. He knows that she works even extra hours that she is so hardworking and kind.

- “Yeah, I understand. I’m sure this traffic gets so annoying and crazy on weekends. Now, go change and come and see me.”

In ten minutes she came back to his office.

- “Amy, please go over those files.” Mat asked her.

- “Doctor Norton, can I talk to you as to doctor?” she suddenly asked.

- “What? You have any problems?”

- “It’s very personal. But I know I can trust you. I’ve seen you working and I am sure you are the best specialist. So I decided to talk to you.”

- “Tell me what you got? Does anything bother you?”

- “I think I’m frigid. My body doesn’t react on men’s caresses.”

- “Really? When did you find out about it? Tonight?” somehow he felt jealous as if it was his girlfriend. He said:

- “I can only advise you. This problem actually gets solved by my sexual pathologists.”

- “I don’t need a professional help. I just want to know why it happens.”

- “Well, the first reason is a sharp painful defloration. What did you feel at your first time?”

- “Just pain. But it happened three years ago and does it have anything to do with it?”

- “It probably does. Tell me what did you feel when your first partner was caressing you? Did you feel anything than?”

- “He didn’t caress me at all. He didn’t care what I felt.”

- “Did he take you by force?”

- “You can call it this way…but I don’t want to talk about it…”

- “In that case the reason is your psychological trauma. When you try to enjoy closeness with a man your body remembers the pain and…”

- “Am I always gonna be this way?”

- “I can help you, but you must remember that I am doing it only as a doctor. If you think of me as a man your body will push it away. You understand?”

He told her to sit on the gynecological chair. He took a brief look and told Amy:

- “There are no physical deviations so most likely it is in your head. It is in your psychological perception of such situations. You have to learn to relax. I can only wake up your sensuality and the rest is all up to you.”

- “Thank you, but I don’t…”

- “See. There it is. You’re afraid again. Say the word “sex” five times.”

She laughed. It seemed so easy and Mat took out a few absinthe cigarettes he just rolled up. When they smolder they do not burn the skin even the very sensitive clitoris. Absinthe stimulates sexual spots on the body.

After a few stressful minutes for Mat finally he achieved the impossible. Amy was all shaking from the first pleasure.

She moaned without controlling herself. The leaves of her desire opened up towards the bigger pleasure.

Mat couldn’t handle himself anymore. He went down and kissed her there where she needed to be kissed most of all. It continued by the coming wave of sensation.

Amy was in rage. She desired only one thing – to feel pleasure from being with a man. Without realizing what was going on she followed her instinct and zipped of his jeans. It was pulsing. There was that what could give her near-unconscious orgasm.

The action moved down to the floor. Her body drove Mat crazy…her a bit brown sticking nipples and her round buttocks…

Amy finally took his trembling male flesh in her hands and that made her so amazingly excited all over again.

She took his dick inside her tight pink circle of lips and started moving her tongue around it. Mat moaned in a hoarse voice.

All eleven years of his life without Audrey sex for him was just shag with no colors and this kind of girl like Amy he met for the first time. Her tempered reactions on his touch drove him crazy and no other woman has ever reacted on him like that.

It was so hard to handle him but he remembered Amy’s psychological fear and first he put his finger on her juicy welcoming pussy. She was ready to take him in. His eyes rolled up and he went inside her.

Every move, every push made Amy crazy from the furious delight.

And finally she had an orgasm. As he felt that he came right inside her. They were happy and lied there for a bit.

The cleaning lady opened the door. She came to say hi to the night shifters. She came in turned on the light and she saw two naked bodies one of which she recognized. It was highly respected Doctor Norton.

- “Oh, what a mess!”

She yelled and ran out the door.

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