The first cheat.

November 23rd, 2007

If you work side by side with a hot chick, it’s really hard to focus and get the work done, there’s definitely something else on your mind….

I work in the business sector. I am married and like a good family guy used to never cheat on my wife. But deep inside me I have always wanted to… One of my colleagues is also a married woman. Her name is Angelina. She’s short, got an average size breasts and a huge chunky ass. Damn, she’s hot! Especially her lips!

There’s nothing more turning on in my life than her lips. So many times I would imagine her lips around my dick. How many times would I jerk off when I would think of them. But I could never be brave enough to do anything and Lina has never given me a chance.

She always talked about her family, her husband and their household. We became good friends since we both liked to talk about the same things.

Once we stayed after work to go through the checks and balances of the last month. Both of us are professionals and it didn’t take us a long time. But I didn’t feel like going home. I started telling jokes on the sexual stuff. She was laughing and started telling me the ones she knew.

It took our conversation on the personal level and we started discussing our private sexual lives. So she has told me she has never had anybody licking her out. For me it was a hint! I came up to her and started kissing her lips. I met no resistance except she said:

- “What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?”

Her words meant nothing to me and my hands went inside her skirt. I acted kinda bold.

I wanted to take advantage of the situation as fast as possible so my hand got inside her panties. I felt her beaver but her slight resistance wouldn’t let me in. When I finally touched her clitoris she relaxed and whispered:

- “What are you doing to me?”

I put her on the table and took off her wet underwear. With all my eagerness I put my tongue inside her excited vagina. I licked her out without stopping for a single second. She was moaning like I was her savior.

- “It’s so good I can’t take it anymore! Let’s switch.”

She said as she got an orgasm. I replied:

- “Sure! I’m a pro, babe!”

She didn’t seem to be impressed and had troubles taking off my belt. I helped her out and she pulled them off along with my boxers. And my stud was there right in front of her face all hard and big.

Considering the fact that I knew that 10 seconds are enough for me to cum I tried not to show it.

- “Just don’t cum inside my mouth!”

She said.

- “Don’t worry.”

I said in a hoarse voice.

And there it was! The moment I’ve been waiting for so long! Her super wine-like lips softly opened up…her pink tongue slowly came out and touched my dick-head. My eyes started rolling up but I watched her LIPS embracing my dick.

I started seeing circles and stars in my eyes!!! And suddenly I felt that I’m about to come. I needed a second or two to take my dick out or to at least warn her…But I didn’t. I really wanted to come on those amazing lips…

You may guess what happened next. She ran away to the bathroom. She was there for like fifteen minutes. I realized what happened while she was there. I didn’t feel guilty or anything even close to that.
But I wanted to apologize when she came back. She said that it’s ok. That stuff happens and she’s not mad at me at all. She simply asked me if I wanted more and if not than it would be better off going home.

I saw that she really wanted to get going so I offered her a ride as a form of compensation for the time she had given me. When we arrived to her place she asked me:

- “Are you going to tell your wife about it?”

I took it as a joke and said:

- “Of course! I’ll let her know all the details!”

She gave me a beautiful smile.

The next day she didn’t show up at work. She was gone. One week after, my boss came in and said that Angelina doesn’t work for us anymore and that she has moved from the town. He introduced me to our new colleague.

- “This is Valerie. An amazing specialist! I hope you’ll enjoy working together!”

- “Nice to meet you, Valerie. I hope so too.”

I said and looked at the slit on her tiny skirt…

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