Sudden office occasion!

May 18th, 2010

The work hours in the office can be rather dull, but the slut chicks working there will make it seem like paradise for the bosses and their friends…

My name is Jayden. I am 28, 5”11, white blonde, shoulder length fair hair, sexy blue eyes, good ass to die for and smooth skin, this is because I use sea salt in my baths. I work as an executive assistant in Nissan Corp. let me start from the fact that I have laid my eyes on my boss ever since I first came to the company. He is handsome and he is so hot. His name is Andrea. He is 6”8, black, short hair cut, very athletic body and his age is 29.

I’ve so many day dreams about sleeping with him and one day my dreams came true. It was a warm summer day, so I was wearing a short brown skirt with no panties on, a sleeveless white shirt, a pink lacy bra. The top 3 buttons were undone, so everyone could see my open wide cleavage. I knew that my perky nipples were making an unforgettable sight through the fabric.

Andrea called me into his office. I stood in front of his desk talking business. We talked long. I was taking notes when I dropped my pen. I bent over to pick it up. I looked up under his desk and saw that he had his cock out of his pants stroking it. I knew that this was my chance. I got down on my knees and crawled under his desk between his legs. He took his hand of his cock and I licked the tip of his penis. He let out a moan. I realized I left the door open so I went back to shut it. Then I came back under the desk.

I took his hard cock in my hand. His cock was about 9 inches (very big!!!) and thick. I really liked its head. Andrea let out a moan again. I kissed my way down his shaft. When I got to his balls I squeezed them with one hand and nibbled and licked them. I kissed my way over his shaft still squeezing his balls. When my lips reached the tip again I lick the pre cum, enjoying the taste of him. Then I took the head into my mouth sucking on it like a true porn star. He let out another moan. His hands reached down and grabbed the back of my head, pushing my mouth down on his hard cock. His hand forced me to impale my mouth onto his huge erection even deeper. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged but loved feeling his huge cock in my mouth. I slowly went up and down on his cock. I sucked really good, up and down, feeling every inch going through my lips. I stated going faster, his hands running through my hair. With one hand I reached down and pulled my skirt up and fingered my already wet pussy.

I pushed his chair back. My skirt up rode up around my waist and straddled his laps. His hard cock was rubbing on my leg. We kissed passionately, our tongues mixed. He unbuttoned my shirt then reached behind me and undid my bra. My tits fell open to his hands, with nipples ready to be sucked. He took them in his big hands and started to suck one of them while pinching the other. I leant my head back and let out a moan. I reached down between my legs and fingered my clit. I brought my hand up and Andrea sucked the juices off my fingers. I reached down between my legs again and gently guided his hard cock into my wet pussy. I could feel every inch of his thick 9 inches filling my tight pussy. I started to bounce up and down on his lap very slowly. Andrea kept on sucking my nipples and kissing my chest. I grabbed the back of his head and started to bounce on his knees faster. Every inch of his thick cock was piercing my tight pussy. After that Andrea pulled me up off him and sat me up on his desk. He pulled his chair in closer and pushed my legs apart. Then he began kissing his way to my soaking wet pussy. I grabbed his head by the hair and pulled his face in toward my pussy. I could feel his breath on my clit. His tongue licked my clit and I let out a moan!

His tongue made circles around my clit. He placed one finger inside my pussy, then 2 thrusting them in and out. His tongue proceeded pleasing my clit. I lay back enjoying him pleasuring me. There were people walking through the hallway but we didn’t pay any attention to them. Andrea continued to please me. I pulled his face up to me tell him that I wanted to taste my juices on his lips. When we locked our lips in a deep long sensual French kiss, there suddenly Carmella walked in. She works in the same company, but in the Sales Department. Andrea and I looked at her then at each other both of us thinking we were busted until she shut the door behind her and asked to join us. I told her to sit next to me on the desk. She was wearing a black pant suit and a light white shirt. She sat down next to me and we stared to kiss. Andrea sat back in his chair watching and stroking his cock. Carmella held one of my breasts in her hand playing with my hard nipple. Her tongue in my mouth was so sensual and passionate. I unbuttoned her shirt and caressed her boobs, then I undid her bra letting her gorgeous perky tits expose. I leant down taking one in my hand and sucking on the other. She reached down between my legs and rubbed my pussy lips.

She stuck her index finger in my wet pussy and pulled it out. She reached it out for Andrea to lick and suck. Andrea then pulled his chair closer. With one hand he rubbed Carmella’s pussy through her pants, and with the other hand he rubbed my clit. Carmella and I continued to kiss and play with each other’s tits. Andrea unzipped Carmella’s pants and removed. He licked her pussy through her panties. She let out a moan. I jumped off the desk and pushed Andrea back. I wanted her pussy first. I pulled her panties off and bent over spreading her pussy lips. Behind me Andrea stuck a finger in between my pussy lips and fingered my clit! With the other hand he stroked his cock. My face was now deep in Carmella’s hungry pussy. She was so wet and her juices tasted so good. I stood up and pulled her over to Andrea and sat her on his lap sliding his cock into her wet pussy! She started bouncing up and down on his laps, his huge cock ramming her tight pussy. I took turns kissing Andrea then kissing Carmella!

Carmella was riding Andrea fast and hard when the door opened again and there suddenly appeared Alessandro from PR department. He is a hot young stud, athletic, raven black hair, 25. When he realized what he saw, his mouth dropped open. I told him not to say a word, juts come over and join us. He shut the door and walked towards me, staring at my tits. I pulled him close to me and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I could feel his cock growing hard against my leg. Carmella was still riding Andrea’s cock. I reached down and grabbed Alessandro’s cock through his pants. My eyes widened when I realized his cock had to be at least 10”! I pulled him over to the desk and unzipped his pants. Andrea had turned Carmella around, bent her over the desk and was fucking her doggy style. Now Alessandro’s cock was standing straight up and it was really big! I sat him on the desk and bent over. I started sucking on his shaft! Slowly I took more into my mouth until my head was moving up and down his huge reception! I laid Alessandro down on the desk and climbed on top of him sliding his huge cock inside my wet pussy.

Andrea pulled Carmella over to the chair, sat down, with her sitting on his cock. Alessandro’s cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. The faster I rode Alessandro the faster Carmella rode Andrea. I got off Alessandro and told him and Carmella to get on the desk in the 69 position. Carmella climbed on top of Alessandro. I sat on the arm of Andrea’s chair stroking his throbbing cock with one hand and pleasuring my pussy with the other hand. Carmella was enjoying having Alessandro’s cock in her mouth and Alessandro was eating up Carmella’s wet pussy! Andrea reached over and pulled me on top of his big cock. My pussy slid down over his thick penis. I slowly rode him while we watched Alessandro and Carmella. Alessandro looked over and saw me riding Andrea’s shaft. He pushed Carmella off him and walked over in front of me. He held his cock up to my mouth. I gladly took his cock in my mouth enjoying 2 huge cocks inside me. Alessandro then pulled his cock out of my mouth. He then proceeded to put his cock inside my pussy along with Andrea’s shaft, making double penetration.

My pussy nearly split from these 2 huge cocks inside me at the same time. Carmella was now holding one of my tits in one hand and fingering herself with the other. I could feel both Alessandro and Andrea’s cocks throbbing inside me. I knew they were about to cum so I told Carmella to sit on the desk and I joined her. Andrea stood in front of me and Alessandro stood in front of Carmella. Both guys jacked off until their cum exploded all over us: on our faces and tits. Carmella and I licked the sperm off each other.

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