Stephanie’s story

November 21st, 2008

The boss ends up having sex with one of his employees and her teen daughter, there’s nothing better to imagine for a horny guy…

Stephanie decided to call for her mother and then they could go home together. Her Mum, whose name was Shelly, worked as a secretary. Stephanie knew Shelly fucked with her boss every workday. And now when she didn’t find her mother in the reception she thought the boss was ramming her in a doggy fashion in his room. She was aware her mother didn’t like ass-fucking.

A year ago, when Stephanie was only 18 years old she came to her mother’s work. They were on the point of leaving when the boss called her mother and asked to stay.

“Wait for me here, darling” Shelly said. “He’s got an erection. We’ll fuck and then I’ll be free”.

She came into the boss’s room and locked the door. Stephanie could hear rhythmical sounds similar to slaps (she didn’t know that these were natural sounds of fucking) and her mother’s moans. Some time later Shelly went out and they set off for home. At home Shelly told Stephanie she liked when her boss drilled into her, he was a good partner. And she liked her position in the office. Not every woman could boast her boss fucked her. The girl liked the explanation.

“When I graduate and find a job my boss will pump me, too” she told her Mum.

Today she was waiting for Shelly again. But when the door opened Stephanie saw the boss.

“Where is your mother? He asked.

“I thought she was with you” the girl replied.

The boss was going to close the door entering his room when Stephanie asked the permission to come in. She shut the door after her and addressed the man:

“You fuck my mother. I am better than she. And younger…”

She started unbuttoning her blouse and a short skirt she was wearing. She pulled them off and remained in a bra and lacy thongs.

“What’s next? Are you going to take off the rest?” her mother’s boss asked.

“I guess that’s enough for you to see how beautiful I am. I’m not going to give away to you right now, with no guarantees at all. Moreover, I’m a virgin and I wonder what you can do for me if I fuck with you” Stephanie responded boldly.

“I can’t say what I can do until I see your breasts and pussy. So, take off the bra and panties. If I like you I’ll marry you.”

Stephanie didn’t want to be his wife but said nothing and undressed. The boss came up to the door and locked it. On the way to the girl he took everything off him. Stephanie was nude as well as the man. She got frightened. His cock was stiff and swaying when he was approaching her. The girl gave a scream. The boss took her hand and pulled to the sofa. Stephanie resisted.

“Let me go. I’ll be screaming… Aaaaaaaaaah!!!”

He took her in his arms from behind and carried to the sofa. Stephanie cried for help.
At that moment Shelly opened the door with her key and saw her naked daughter trying to tear herself away from the man. Shelly locked the door and told Stephanie to obey the man as she knew he would stimulate her to orgasm as he always did with her.

“Enjoy it” Shelly said.

The man paying no attention to the woman put the girl on the sofa and leaned all his weight on her. Shelly got undressed and came up to them. She slapped her daughter across the face and told her to stop shouting and enjoy the process.

Stephanie relaxed and the boss began pushing his big phallus into her pussy. Shelly asked him to do it as painless as possible. The man nodded. He was moving very slowly inside and suddenly felt his dick set against the hymen. He looked at Shelly.

“May God help you” she said and kissed him.

The man held the girl’s pelvis tightly. Then he thrust sharply and stopped. It was over. Stephanie was crying…

“Shelly, look at it!” the boss told the mother pulling his phallus out of Stephanie’s cunt.

The shaft was covered with blood. Then he thrust inside again and up to the balls. The girl wasn’t crying any more. It didn’t hurt.

“Thank you, – Shelly said. – Will you continue fucking her or start with me?”

“Let me bring her pleasure. Then we’ll see…” said the boss and kept on fucking Stephanie.

Shelly was watching her daughter who didn’t feel pain any more and began enjoying the real, first in her life, coitus.

“Do you like it, darling?” mother asked.

Stephanie didn’t answer; she just closed her eyes and started moaning bending each time her mother’s boss thrust into her.

“And how about you?” she asked her boss at the very moment when her daughter shuddered as a wave of orgasm consumed her. The man exploded as well and shot his cum into the girl’s vagina.

“She’s perfect! Thank you for her” the boss said pointing at Stephanie still twitching in convulsions.

He kissed Shelly. Then she took his cock covered in semen and blood into her mouth and began sucking it. She was looking at her boss as his dick was becoming rigid again. He was sitting on the sofa with his head tossed back and enjoying the blow job Shelly was giving him. When the cock was stiff enough Shelly lowered herself on it. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. After that she started rising up and sitting down on it holding at her boss’s shoulders. The man started moving either, impaling Shelly deeper and deeper. The woman was moaning, screaming, laughing being really happy about the sensations her boss was bringing to her. And then suddenly she gave a long moan and stopped still. She had a strong climax. The boss felt Shelly’s vagina squeezed and released his cock, he heard her moans and realized he had won his lover one more time. All that made him ecstatic and he ejaculated. Shelly felt his hot cum inside and climaxed again.

Stephanie saw everything. She was masturbating fiercely. She envisioned the time when she would be this man’s wife and he would fuck her every day and stimulate to orgasm each time. She would enjoy him as her mother was doing now. She had the second orgasm…

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