Staff picnic

November 24th, 2007

You really get tired of fucking one and the same woman, you want something fresh and exciting, how can you resist it when you work with really hot chicks?

They say that behind every pretty woman, there is a man tired of fucking her. Its true. I am tired of fucking my pretty woman. I have been already for some time, especially because I work with some really nice chicks.

One of them is Ana. She works in the same company as me. Last weekend we had a company party in a cabin in the woods. I was not kidding myself: I knew that I was going to fuck her brains out. We arrived on Friday night and had a nice dinner. I had not talked to her all night, except when the wine started to flow.

At some point she went out for a cigarette, I followed. I put my arm across her and told her that it was a chilly evening. She agreed. And she put her arm around me. We gave each other a brief look and smiled. I kissed her. It was nice. So I told her to take a small walk with me.

We went around the cabin and kissed more. I was already pretty drunk, just like her. I grabbed her breasts. They were nice. She got very excited and obviously wanted more. So I put my hand in her jeans. She was shaved. Completely shaved. And completely wet. I fingered her slowly while she caressed my dick. We were both very horny. We didn’t want to go inside because of all the other people.

I lowered her jeans and came down on her. Her pussy was beautiful. Pink. Wet. And it moved at the rhythm of my tongue. Then it was her turn. She came down on me and started giving me a hand job with her lips around the upper part of my cock.

She laid down on the floor not before opening her shirt and showing me those incredible naked breasts. Honey colored nipples which were just the right size. I kneeled down and put my dick in her mouth. She wanted somewhere else. So I turned her around and went inside of her. She praised my size. I went out of her and turned her around. I told her to touch herself. She did. And she put her fingers inside. There are few things that turn me on more than that. First one finger, then two. I took her hand out and licked them.

I lifted her legs up and licked her cunt and ass. I took my dick and went for her ass. She hesitated so I put it in her pussy. But not for long. I took my dick out and went again for her ass. This time she didn’t say a thing. I took it very slowly. She liked it. It was tight. I bet nobody had ever gone inside that ass. And I enjoyed it. Every second of it. She did too. She moaned and moaned. Then it got a bit dry so I went for her cunt. We loved every moment of it. She continued to moan while I banged her. She started to touch her own ass so I helped with my fingers. The sensation of feeling your own dick across that thin wall is priceless. And she came. Few seconds later I took my dick out and she told me to come on her breasts. I disobeyed. I put my
cock in her mouth. And she looked at me while my sperm was coming out off the sides of her lips.

We put our clothes on. Went inside. It was obvious. Everybody smiled.

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6 Responses to “Staff picnic”

  1. Roger Says:

    One thing like that happend to me :D … i love company parties. And getting them by the butt!

  2. Jason Says:

    haha.. n1 dude

  3. Priya Says:

    Can any1 lick my pusy plzz

  4. Apurva Says:

    Well nice story dude get me hard
    really hard

    n for u priya can i help u out babes

  5. anonymus Says:

    my pussyy’s so wet from watching porn. fuckkk meee

  6. bmz Says:

    ill fuck u hard

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