November 7th, 2007

When you fall in love with a sexy chick in the office, you’d better forget about work, and you just can’t think of anything else until you fuck her…

I fell in love with Judith even before I saw her. I mean, when I was hired I was told about the administrative assistant, a very pretty girl. I was told she was tall, slender, and had a Playboy-model body. And her eyes…

Her wonderful brown eyes. They were so luring, they just enchanted me. There was so much sex in her look. And she knew about it. I mean she knew what she deserved. And she enjoyed it. There were always some guys at her table, they wanted her to do something for them, or they needed to take something, or …Everyone of them had one and the only goal – to get a look in her cleavage. They all loved to watch her go to drink some coffee, it was a real show for them. Just imagine the picture: he brown eyes, her slender body, her short chestnut-colored hair, her black suit, her blouse with a cleavage, her great boobs…It was real bliss to see her bend over the table, to see her legs… Whenever a man was passing her by and saw her, he just stopped dead, and other guys, who knew when she usually went to get some coffee, they went out in the hall beforehand to see the whole show from the very beginning till the end.

They all were drooling over her body. I couldn’t even believe a woman could produce such an effect. But then I saw her myself. If you have a penis, believe me it will get hard when you see her. No comment.

So, we became very, very, very close friends. Well, of course it took me some time. We’d been looking at each other for some three months. We talked now and then. Well, it was meant to be so…Anyway, that’s my story.

It was Saturday. It was January. The firm was moving to another office. The new office was to be twice larger than the present one, it occupied four stories, but there was no elevator there. So, all the guys were really tired and sweat, running back and forth the stairs. So was I. There was a lot of stuff. And finally we were through! Yeah! We decided to celebrate it then.

We were drinking champagne. The more soft drinks I consumed the easier it was for me to communicate with her. Well, it was great fun, generally. But the party didn’t last long, so we decided to continue celebrations in one of the near-by pubs. Most of the guys agreed to go. The gals said they had to go home first to shower, bal-bal-bla. I didn’t need that. So I offered Judith to see her home and then go to the pub together.

We were pretty tipsy when we got to her place. When we were standing by her door, I just couldn’t control myself any longer and kissed her on the lips. Seemed she was looking forward to it! Her kiss was so passionate! Our tongues met, it was amazing, my dick got rocky hard in no time. She felt it too. So she unzipped the fly with her hand and then squeezed the stem in her fist. She pulled up the blouse she was wearing and pressed her boobs against my shirt. We were standing before her door, and anybody could see us half naked, and could see Judith squeezing my shaft. We didn’t really wanna get caught.

So she opened the door and we rushed in the house. It was dark, she didn’t turn on the light. I was really hot and I didn’t really care about such trivial things. I wanted her. I desperately wanted to fuck her.

-I hope my parents won’t come over for a drink, – She joked.

She dropped her jacket on the floor in the hall and lay down on it. She raised her skirt and spread her legs wide. She didn’t have panties on. So though it was dark, I saw her well shaven pubis with a pink slit of her vulva lips. They were small, of nice pink color, they resembled flower petals. They were very wet. I bent over, sliding my dickhead over her pussy. I was paying special attention to her clit. Judith bit her lip, moaning. Her hips were swaying. Seemed she wanted to catch my cock by her cave, but I was taking my time, never stopping to caress her lips with my pecker. Her hands were fondling her nipples. They immediately got hard.

That was such a sweet torture for both of us. Then I spread her wet hot lips with my ready-to-burst dickhead. Then I stuck the head in her hole. She swayed frontward, trying to impale herself on it. But I never let her do it. I was teasing her. I was sort of dipping my dickhead in her vagina. She was moaning loudly, she was fondling her nipples more and more vehemently. Her pussy was very nice, it was hot and tight. I was getting deeper and deeper with every thrust, and then I thrust inside her flesh at the full length of my phallus, making my pubis rub against hers.

It made her cry. She tossed her head back, rolling her eyes upwards. She was holding me tight, she was cumming over and over again. I felt her vagina muscles contract. I started fucking her, moving my buttocks to and fro. My scrotum was hitting her anus all the time. She was impaling herself on my stem. She was gushing. My dick, the scrotum, and the inner side of my hips were covered with her juices. I couldn’t stand anymore. I was on the verge of cumming too. I took my dick out of her hole and poked it at her face. She took it by the hand, sucking on the dickhead. Her other hand was fingering her clit. She never stopped cumming.

I came in a moment. I was erupting hot thick and gooey semen on her face and in her mouth. Every thrust made me feel incredible sensation. She was swallowing the cum, licking it, milking my shaft, licking my scrotum and stomach lustfully.
We had several more dates, but it never felt as good as the first time, you know. Our first fuck was the best. It was so vehement and quick, maybe that’s why it was so unforgettable and fantastic.

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  1. Best of luck Says:

    The reason you had a good time during the first meeting, your emotional. Thereofre, you enjoyed alot. best of luck

  2. pussygirl Says:

    oh god after reading this my pussy is getting fucking hot and wet i am going to fuck my self

  3. Faisal Says:

    By reading this i need to FUCK.

  4. Faisal Says:

    If any girl need a FUCK then call me any time on my cell no.9879799807

  5. Faisal Says:

    From india. This is really a fucking story.

  6. Faisal Says:

    Hey any girls wanna FUCK then

  7. Sunshine Says:

    Wow i want to fuck!! :D

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. madmax Says:

    hot story:X

  10. Sindy Says:

    I love sex with coworkers. Its so hot to do it on the conference room table or on the president’s desk.

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