October 20th, 2007

Your boos treats you really bad, but there’s nothing you can do because he is superior to you, well the best way to calm him down is your pussy, and you gotta live with that.

Hi, I wanna tell you the story of my brightest orgasm. It happened about a month ago. I got a job as an administrative assistant in an office. It wasn’t difficult. My new boss was my dad’s good friend. But that wasn’t the point. I wasn’t to work for him, but for his son Robert. Robert was treating me worse and worse day by day. But I liked him a lot. He was a tall guy with dark hair, grey eyes and gorgeous body. Later I realized that no matter how handsome the guy was it was impossible to stand him if he was a real jerk.

Anyway, there was something about him that I found very attractive. I’m 25 now. I want certain things from men, I know what I deserve. But every time I entered his office I felt itches in my pussy, and could do nothing about my body reaction to him.

One day we had to stay late to finish the work. We had so many papers to deal with before the weekend. I came into the office, Robert wasn’t there. The draft swept some papers from the table. I bent down to get them when Robert came into the office. He got mad when he saw me there.

-What are you doing here? – He yelled.

-Pick up papers, – I said calmly, I had no desire to argue with my boss by the end of a difficult day.

-Does it necessary to show me your cunt to put papers on the wall?

-I didn’t show you anything. I bent down to pick up the papers.

-Get out of the room, please.

I obeyed. The most surprising thing was that I felt that itches again, I was getting sweat thinking about Robert. I went out in the hall and leaned myself against the wall. My knees were trembling, I was feverish. Robert saw me.

-What’s wrong with you Nicky? – He said worriedly.

-I’m fine.

-No, you’re not. – He turned me round to see my face.

When looking into my face he got everything I was trying to hide. He took me in his arms to his office. He wasn’t saying even a word. I threw off my shoes. I wanted him so much that it made my pussy tremble. I also realized he wanted me too. His dick was pressing against the pants as if going to rip them apart.

Not wasting time, he put me on the table pulling off my clothes. I pulled off his shirt and tie. I was going to unzip his fly, but he groaned, not letting me touch him. He told me to keep my hands behind my back. He also said he would punish me if I tried to use them. I didn’t really care, my snatch was so hot.

-Touch my pussy. – I asked him.

He said it wasn’t the time yet. He bent his head and began caressing my neck with his tongue. His tongue was getting lower. He sucked into my nipple. He was sucking and biting it. I was moaning. I whished I could cup my hands round his neck! Then he bent even lower and licked my pussy once. The sensation was so strong that I couldn’t handle it anymore and grasped his hair.

-Bad girl now you’re gonna be punished.

He pulled off his pants and I could see his cock. I had never seen a bigger one in my life. I was afraid it would tear me. I was trying to push him away, but Robert was pressing me tight. One mighty thrust, and his dick was in my twat. I sighed, but didn’t feel pain.

-You’re the first who could get all of me inside.

That was the last thing we told each other. My pussy was well lubricated, so he had no problem with frictions. Robert was getting wilder and wilder, moving faster. He got his hand between our bodies rubbing my clit. We came in several minutes together.

It was incredible. Robert has never been rude to me since that night. His desire to have me was the main reason for his aggression. Robert turned out to be very careful and gentle. In a while our chemistry turned into love, but that’s another story.

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  1. upekshitha Says:

    i like meet you………….

  2. Kyle O Savage Says:

    I would like to hear the rest of the story.

  3. steve Says:

    Hot that was a good story

  4. its me Says:


  5. Ngwazi Says:


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