December 21st, 2007

Imagine your boss is a perverted freak who loves girls to be natural, what does he mean by being natural? Well, you better read and see it for yourself!

Chapter 1

I’ve been working for my boss as his administrative assistant for 10 years now. I’m not a great assistant, but my hands and tongue are really frisky and skillful. My boss seduced me as soon as he hired me, it was long-long time ago. He told me to stop shaving my armpits and my pubis cuz he liked it all to be natural, it was turning him on. I’d been shaving my armpits and my bush every other day before. But now I have a very hairy bush and no less hairy armpits.

Anyways, I wanna quit. My last task is to find a woman to replace me. So, there were lots of girls who applied for the job, but most of them failed to pass medical examination, which aim was to see if they suited the boss. Most of them shove their pubis and armpits.

I came to boss on Friday and told him about the situation with applicants. He was sitting in the armchair, I put off my dress to show him my hairy armpits. He was leering at them as all the last 10 years, actually. I got on my fours in front of him and unzipped his pants. I sucked on his dick, while my hands were jerking his stem and his hairy balls. I licked them then. He never said a word to praise me, as usual. He didn’t even say a word about my hairy armpits. Frankly speaking he touched them only a couple of times in the very beginning of my “career”, saying how pretty they became when I stopped shaving them.

So, instead of praising me he said three friends of his arrived from Europe to sign a very important contract, and I had to take care of their entertainment. He came in my palm. I got back to my work then.

I went to the hotel in the evening. We went to a club. I had a surprise for them. I invited a strip dancer from Turkey Samira to dance for them. The guys didn’t seem to be thrilled with her dance. I did the following. I came up to Alex, the youngest guy among them. I hugged him and put his hand between my hips. Two other guys Ted and Collin were watching us kissing. Alex was fondling my hips. He looked at me inquiringly when he realized my legs weren’t shaven at all. Meanwhile, Ted was massaging my shoulders, and Collin was feeling up my heavy boobs. He pulled off my dress and stared at my hairy armpits.

-Wow, real jungles! – He said. – Maybe I should shave you?

-Try and you’ll have to forget about your contract, – I said laughing.

-I’m kidding. I like it. Is your twat also hairy? – He pulled off my panties and saw my hairy bush.

Ted bent his head to lick my nipples. He was staring at my armpits all the time. Alex was kissing my lips, I felt his hard knob through the pants. Collin was caressing my hairy legs with his tongue and then he got to my crotch. He saw my wet slit. He licked his lips and sucked on it, thrusting his tongue in my pussy. I was holding his head, pressing my wet twat against his face. Then I unzipped Alex’s jeans and stuck my hand in his briefs. I took out the cock and sucked on it. Alex was moaning with pleasure, enjoying my skillful tongue. I was sucking his 10-inch dick at its full length. Meanwhile Collin dressed off (that was great!). I saw his muscular hairy body. He started screwing my cunt. I stopped fondling Alex as I couldn’t help but cry:

-Collin, you have such a huge cock! It’s great!

Collin never stopped entering my twat till I felt his balls hitting my hairy crotch. I was jerking Ted’s hard prick, while he was licking my sweat armpit. Collin was drilling me harder and faster. I felt like cumming, so I sped up sucking the cock, impaling myself on the dick simultaneously. When I was on the very verge of cumming, I stopped licking the cock and started jerking it with my hand. Alex followed Ted’s example and started licking my armpit.

-I’m cuming!!!! – I cried out finally.

He took his cock out of my cunt and started tossing off. When Ted and Alex came in my armpits, Collin came on my hairy pubis.
Samara, the dancer, was all eyes staring at us. She wanted to take part in the fun too. And here we go. She was absolutely nude, her firm boobs were swaying over her (surprisingly) hairy pubis when she came up to the guys. Collin’s flaccid dick started throbbing, getting larger. Samara got on her knees looking at his phallus. His red throbbing knob was right in front of her face.
-I can’t even imagine how one can suck on such a big dick, – she murmured.

-Wanna try? – Cillin asked her.

She nodded. A huge cock was swaying in front of her face. She was looking at it closely. The dancer was more than amazed – could such enormous dicks exist at all? Her boyfriend back in Turkey had a dick that was apparently half as short as that one. But Ted was sitting by her side, and his dick was even longer and thicker than Collin’s!!! Could that all be possible?

She was moaning, rubbing her face against Collin’s thick cock. Samara was fondling the dickhead with the tip of her tongue and squeezing the heavy testicles with her hand. Collin thrust frontward and entered her mouth. Samira choked on his dick when the dickhead hit her throat. Meantime, I crept up to her and pressed my mouth against her wet slit, licking it. Samara was licking the cock, getting more and more aroused. Collin showed her the tempo of licking.

Her lips were pressed against the thick stem, while her tongue was moving to and fro on it. Ted was left alone, he wanted to ram her mouth too. Samara started giving head to both of the guys. Alex was ready to fuck again. He entered my sticking out butt. He did it with one mighty thrust, so it hurt me. But soon I forgot all about the pain as I was getting real pleasure helping him fuck me and licking Samira’s snatch at the same time. She was sucking Ted and Collin simultaneously.

The guys came together. Alex erupted in my rectum. Yeah, it was an incredible and unforgettable night. Later I asked Samira if she had friends who didn’t shave armpits and were great dick suckers. The girl said she had a couple of girls and gave me their phone numbers.

Chapter 2

The next day I went to the office to call those gals Samira told me about. All I knew about them was that they had very hairy armpits and they were great suckers. I called two friends of mine – Mike and Ryan to come and help me choose the best applicant. Mike had a giant penis, it was 11 inches long and some 3 inches thick. When boss went on a business trip we often had a lot of fun. Mike loved me to suck on his stem, my tongue was driving him crazy. Ryan had a smaller cock but it was also huge, anyway.

The first girl was Sheila. She was 18. She was a short gal, just 5 ft high. I asked her if her armpits were hairy enough for the boss to like them. I was amazed when I saw her nude. She had real hairy jungles of black hair in her armpits and on her pubis. Mike and Ryan liked her too, I saw huge bulges in their pants.

I had to see the other girls too, so I asked the second applicant to come in. Rebecca was a bit older than Sheila, but she was as brave and spunky as Samira who strongly recommended that I picked her. She was wearing a top, so as soon as she opened the office door she raised her hands for us to see long hair in her armpits. Well maybe I should have stopped and see who of the two girls suited us more, but I decided to see the rest of the applicants as well. There were three girls waiting: Tracie, Cheryl and Kristin. I loved their armpits. But… Cheryl and Kristin were blonds, and my boss loved brunettes. As for Tracie I guessed he would like her. So, in short, three girls were picked up for the second round.

It was turn for Mike and Ryan to shine. They pulled off their pants and were wearing just their briefs. I got on my knees before Mike and took out his 11-inch-long dick. I was fondling his huge balls, licking the stem. The girls were watching me attentively. Ryan came up to me from the rear and took off my dress. They girls seemed to be pretty surprised when they saw my extremely hairy armpits.

No wonder I’ve been working for my boss for the last 10 years. I haven’t shaven my armpits and my pubis for all this time. Ryan took out his thick cock for me to jerk both of them. I was jacking them off and licking the dickheads. I could hardly get Mike’s cock in my mouth it was so giant that I thought my lips would tear apart. The girls couldn’t get how come I managed to suck it at all. I gave the girls a sideways glace and saw Sheila masturbating her pussy, while Tracie and Rebecca were staying numb.
Anyways, Sheila came up to us and opened her mouth to suck on Ryan’s throbbing cock. His 2-inch-thick dick hid in her mouth. It was a difficult blowjob for her. I saw her choking on his cock at first, but then his balls touched her lips, meaning she managed to get it all in her mouth! Mike was fucking my mouth. His giant phallus filled my mouth but it made me really hot. I was watching Sheila giving head to Ryan and decided to give her a hand. I reached for her clit to fondle her slit, while she was licking Ryan’s swollen balls.

Mike got his dick out of my mouth and gestured to Tracie and Rebecca to come and join us. Rebecca licked her lips and said:
-Are you just teasing me or you want me to suck you?

She sucked on his cock.

-Yeah, babe, – Mike moaned, -suck my huge dick. Now raise your hands, you hairy bitch and show me your armpits, slut!
I didn’t like it. His task was to see how well they could suck, but guess he got too excited about all those hairy gals around him. But, surprisingly for me, Rebecca liked his manner; she raised her hands and showed her sweat armpits. Mike thrust deeper and his dick got in her mouth at full length. Ryan was standing by their side, trying to poke his cock in her mouth too. Rebecca seemed insatiable, so she had to deal with both giant penises at once.

Then Ryan started fucking her twat. She was impaled on two huge dicks. She came very soon. But Ryan never stopped drilling her, watching her bucking with pleasure. I was envious of their fun. I asked Tracie to come up to me and started kissing her. Rebecca was still sucking Mike till he came, but she was milking him till he drained.

Everything was just the way I liked it. I was sitting between Tracie’s legs. She was sitting on the table edge, her bush was right in front of my face. I was busy with her cunt. Her clit got swollen and I started sucking it like a lolly. Tracie squeezed her hips, her hands were playing with my hair in the armpits. I looked to aside and saw Sheila sucking on Mike’s flaccid dick, while he was caressing her armpits.

When Tracie came I focused my attention on Rebecca. First I was licking her erect nipples and then I got to her wet pussy. I needed a dick to make her feel another orgasm, so I asked Ryan to come up. But he was busy drilling Sheila. I looked at Tracie. She jumped off the table and started licking my wet twat. Her hands were holding my cheeks tight, she was fondling the hair round my anus with her fingers. Then she stuck her tongue in my asshole. I needed a dick to feel really good anyway. I wanted a man to fuck me. Ryan helped me out. He entered my snatch, he was holding me tight with his hands round my waist, making me feel his every thrust better. I didn’t last long – his dick in my cunt, Tracie’s tongue in my ass made the bright orgasm even stronger.

I was bucking, crying out different nasty words. Then I told Ryan:

-Get your cock under my armpit, you like it right?

He did. I felt his dickhead get swollen and then he filled my armpit with his hot semen. Though he’d come his knob was still hard. I looked at it. Did it really get in my twat at its full length? I was asking myself. I felt Ryan wanted to get his dick sucked, so I told Tracie to suck him well. When she packed her mouth with his cock, Rebecca got on her knees behind her and pressed her face against the hairy snatch. Tracie moved her hips wider apart for Rebecca to be more comfortable to lick her. No matter how Tracie tried she couldn’t suck on Ryan’s dick at its full length, so she was jerking the stem as well.

I was still semiconscious after the orgasm. But then it happened, Ryan pushed Tracie away and pounced on me. He was holding my head tight, poking his cock at my lips.

-Suck my dick, you hairy bitch! – He cried.

He was rubbing his knob against my face, while his palm was deep in my armpit. I had to give up. I parted my lips letting his head get in my mouth. He was pulling my sweat (really sweat) armpit hair. He was swaying his hips frontward thrusting his dick deeper in my mouth. The taste was salty, but I liked it. I felt the smooth and hard cock in my mouth, I felt it pulsing. It was turning me on. I guessed his dick got even larger in size than before.

I was enjoying myself sucking him, licking the stem and the balls. Ryan was toying with my wonderful hair. Meanwhile, Sheila and Tracie were talking about Mike’s giant shaft and Rebecca was licking his enormous balls. It was clean Mike was on the verge of cumming.

Ryan got his cock out of my mouth and stuck it in my armpit again. It was the other armpit that time. The cock was sliding easily as the hair was all sweat, he came in less than a minute. The eruption was great, lots of cum dripped on the floor.
So, it was time to choose the one we would hire. All of the girls had really hairy armpits. But I thought Sheila had more hair than the rest of the girls (taking into account she was just 5 ft tall), the amount of hair made her look even shorter, so it felt like her pubis hair was about to reach the floor. I’d never seen anything like that before. Her snatch and her ass were also very hairy. Her gorgeous black hair started right at her navel.

Well, I picked her, as for the other two girls, I thought boss would test them himself and see.

Chapter 3

I picked Sheila to be the new assistant. I told her she met all the requirements. I told her to come on Monday and put on the sexiest dress she had, but not to show her armpits till the boss asked her. Though he was really drawn to girls with hairy armpits he almost never touched the pits, unfortunately. He only loved to look at them. What he needed was a blowjob twice a day, at least. I’ve been pleasing him for the last 10 years, but it’s time for me to retire.

Sheila was apparently nervous when she got in the office. Boss looked at her. He asked me to dress off or ask Sheila to dress me off. The girl undid my blouse and started kissing my belly. I felt her hands on my hips. I looked down and saw her fondling my legs and my bush. She was standing on her fours in front of me; her fingers were toying with my bush under my skirt. I wasn’t wearing my panties, it made her smile when she found it out. I looked at my boss as if asking him whether he wanted us to continue or he wanted her to suck him. He waved his hand – we could continue.

Sheila’s tongue touched my slit, it was caressing the swollen lips, and then it slipped inside. She was rubbing my clit with two fingers while licking the twat. I couldn’t help moaning loudly. It made her work harder. I was cumming, pressing her face at my cunt. I never let her go till the last drop of my juices fell in her mouth.

Boss told her to come up. He was sitting in his chair, but his pants and briefs were lying on the floor. He had the largest cock I’d ever seen. It was almost 10 inches long when it was half flaccid. Sheila’s small hand clasped his stem, and his dickhead hid in her mouth. Boss moaned as she started sucking him. She was fondling his head with the tongue and the lips, her hands were jerking the stem. His dick got 12 inched long in a couple of minutes. Sheila stood up and dressed off.

Boss was amazed by her pits. It was something incredible, his 12 inches could hide in her hair. She was raising her hands slowly. Then Sheila licked his enormous cock and kissed the head. I was looking at her head sliding up and down between his hips. He was moaning loudly, swaying his pelvis, thrusting his knob deeper in her throat. He was holding her head with his hands.
I was gushing. My cum was streaming down my legs. So, I got on my knees by Sheila’s side and started licking my boss’s balls. Sheila sped up, her fingers were masturbating her pussy. She liked what she was doing. She liked to feel a giant cock in her mouth. Boss asked her to raise her hands to see her marvelous armpits.

We were pleasing his stem together. Then he took the cock out of her mouth and ejaculated on our faces. I licked his knob, and Sheila milked his dickhead till he drained. Boss moaned:

-She’s such a sucker. And her pits are just great.

He approved my choice, it was my last task. I can quit now.

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