Office affairs!

January 7th, 2009

This guy meets a cute, horny lady in the office and one day she invites him to her place. She turns out to be a really horny bitch and she won’t let the guy go until she’s fully drenched his cock…

Things I’m gonna tell you about started a few years ago, when I got a new job where I once passed my internship from the college days. There was a small office with two large windows, it was actually spacious to seat 6 or 7 people. The staff bored me stiff, one old lady with so fucking sly and cunning face, also 3 guys, cute and smart but loved hitting the bottle, there was also a milf woman who always seemed a bit nervous, and finally one widow of 40-42, she was foolish generally, not interesting at all, but knew her job very well. At the very first time I didn’t care a fig on the personnel I worked with, I didn’t give a fuck on all of them. I thought I didn’t relish the prospect of being promoted at this pissing and boring place. As for me, I was just trying to live my own life, and never joined our staff’s office activities, I just shut myself off all these people.

Once in the evening, we had to stay late in the office: there was a plenty of things to do, so, I decided to drink some tea and put on an electric tea kettle. When water boiled up, the widow approached me, as the kettle was on my side. At this moment my cellular mobile phoned and trying to get it quickly I accidentally collided with her so that I had to apologize. We got into a conversation, and then, as the day wore on, we all moved to go home. I lived in a few hoods from my office, thus, I had to be on time till the last bus gone, suddenly, she suggested going home with her and drinking some tea, or may be something heavier. I didn’t mind, anyway I didn’t know what to do that night.

On the way to her apartment, I never stopped drinking beer, and in half an hour we finally reached her place of living. She laid the table, cooked some late dinner, we ate and drank some cold vodka. Then I said I was tired and it was time to go home, it was late, tomorrow there was a new work day, so on and so forth. She said that she wouldn’t let me go home in such condition, so she let me sleep in a hall! After I finished my wash up and brushing teeth; I got into the prepared couch in the hall room and immersed into a sleep immediately. In the middle of the night I wok up with a blast of blood in my veins, I felt like something wet and warm was touching my cock down there. I raised the counterpane and saw this widow mature babe, my workmate getting on her knees in front of me and sucking on my dick! My cock got hard-on in a second, and she really enjoyed it. Moonlight lit the hall; nevertheless, she didn’t seem like a bored woman with tons of troubles in her personal life. In the moonlight she seemed to be sexy adorable horny woman who wanted sex and I could give it to her. Though she seemed as old as my mom, I wanted her very much.

With that I grasped her hips and put her on her knees, she set her elbows on the bed’s edge and my cock thrusted in her pussy with a force! She cried out, I just wanted to tear her fucking hole up. She was moving her ass towards me, I was like impaling her on my dick. She was crying so sweetly and softly, twisted, let me touch and squeeze her nipples, thrashed like fish in the net. I pulled out and came in her ass; she rubbed my hot semen all over her ass crack and licked it all off her hands. Then she turned to me and began to suck me off, and trust me, guys, after what seemed like ten minutes I had my cock get erect once again! This mature slut knew how to give a great blow job! She turned around and I pulled in her ass once again. I slid perhaps two or three times, after that she cried and fell on the couch with her breast, I bent over her and went on banging her fucking ass. I was drilling this mature ass hole with my cock, so that she shoved her hand under her pubis and set to masturbating her clit. I was watching my shaft slid in and out of her hole, the sight was so exciting that soon my balls exploded one more shot right in her arse. At the very last second she squeezed her ass hole muscles what put me over the edge!

We spent the whole this night in having fun and teasing one another. I had not been able to sleep recently, so I had to go to my work tired and in a very sleepy state. The only thing I realized as clear as a day, she really loved anal sex and that was I should have paid much attention! On my way I dropped in at a sex shop and bought some lube. I had been excited and anxious the whole day, we kept exchanging glances all the time. Next, when she went to the ladies’ room, I followed her so that nobody noticed me and slipped inside right after her. She gave me surprised look and asked if I was gonna watch her piss on the toilet. I said it was all right, then, she settled on the toilet sink and the sound or running urine fell on my ear. This turned me on a lot; I turned this slut around and fucked her cunt. She cried out but shut her mouth at once so that nobody heard her voice. That was one of those moments when two individuals had sex in some very strange or unusual place and they were supposed to be very careful upon doing fuck as others might see them any time. After that I applied some lube on her ass and pulled in, it slid inside easily; her ass seemed to be very wide for my cock this morning. It took us about half an hour to fuck like that, al this time she kept on masturbating her clit and came more than three times! When I was close to cumming, I put her on her knees and made hr swallow my cum. After that I wiped my cock with the side of her skirt and was gone. She hardly lost her mind of being fucked by a guy who was several years younger than her.

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